Review: Pacific Rim for Android, now available on Google Play [VIDEO]


Both lifelong Power Ranger and anime loving fans will no doubt get a big kick out of Pacific Rim, which hits theaters nationwide starting today (pre-screenings yesterday). I was lucky enough to catch the movie last night, and to be blunt: just about lost my damn mind. Towering robots getting ripped apart by vicious monsters — this isn’t just the movie of the summer, it’s probably the best summer movie of all time (yes, I just went there).

Upon leaving the theater and having a quick cigarette (I don’t even smoke), I wanted more of that post-apocalyptic universe Guillermo Del Toro had so lovingly created from my childhood dreams. That’s when I quickly jumped onto my Android device, and downloaded the official Pacific Rim game.

Brought to you by Reliance Games, you may recognize them for their work on Reel Steel and After Earth (as well as this 2012 big booty “super models” calendar). While those movies didn’t fare so well in the box office, Pacific Rim will be different. Much different. As their latest official move tie-in available in the Play Store, it seems Reliance is banking on the movie’s upcoming success with Pacific Rim’s steep $5 entry fee.

Unable to resist, I bit the bullet and forked over the cash if. I have a fever, Phandroids, and the only prescription… is more Kaiju. Also, in an effort to help our readers make a more informed purchase, I’m hear to share my thoughts on whether or not you should spend your hard earned money on Pacific Rim, or if a #3 whopper meal would be a better investment.


Pacific Rim for Android featured

While fun for the first minute, Pacific Rim quickly became a mindless button mashing screen swiping, monster killing extravaganza. Sure, there is a little added depth outside the arena where you can purchase extra Jaegers, weapons, and upgrades. But ultimately, the Infinity Blade-like gameplay fell short. There are special combos, but watching the same cutscene 3+ times in a single bout begins to lose its cool factor. Same applies to the finishing moves. As a fledgling Pacific Rim fan, you might want to save your $5 and pick up the action figures instead.

[Pacific Rim on Google Play]

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  1. Short, sweet and to the point. Now I want a whopper.

    1. But how do I eat such a big burger when I have these tiny hands?..

  2. Chris.. I don’t remember seeing this in that Pacific Rim movie you tweeted. I think I saw the wrong movie 0_o

      1. Ya that’s the one.. I hope they don’t make that a game! >_<

      2. LMAO omg this is ridiculous! you win haha

  3. So you went out for a cigarette, but you don’t smoke? Makes sense bro.

  4. Loved the movie, but would have loved to have seen Jax (I never remember movie names) ride a motorcycle in a tribute to SOA. LOL

  5. Pacific Rim was so good. Saw the pre-screening and I’m gonna go watch it again Sunday. Its magnificent.

  6. Loved the movie, but would have loved to have seen Jax (I never remember
    movie names) ride a motorcycle in a tribute to SOA. LOL
    Click here

  7. Waiting for Evangelion! :(

  8. I’m surprised. This doesn’t appear to be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. I would think that it would have no problem running it. Is this a case of a limited whitelist of devices or is there a problem running on the Galaxy S4?

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