Jul 10th, 2013

Sprint Unlimited My Way and My All-in plans

With T-Mobile shaking up the wireless world this afternoon, you may be wondering how the other 3 big carriers plan on following up. Well, when it comes to Sprint, we may have a good idea. The boys at PhoneArena managed to get their hands on a Sprint doc showing the company’s “new” plan options.

More of a rebranding, Sprint is calling it their “Unlimited, My Way” plan, which allows customers to purchase an individual plan with unlimited talk and text for $50, adding a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th line for $40, $30, and $20 respectively. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay an extra $30 per line if you want unlimited data. If you’re feeling like unlimited data is overkill for your family, Sprint is also offering a slightly discounted 1GB plan for $20 as well. I guess options are good, right?

For those of you who really want to go all out, there’s the “My All-In” plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 5GB of mobile hotspot for a cool $110. I suppose the real value lies in their new family plan options, but even then, this is more or less clever wording with little-to-no discount overall. Sprints going to have to do better than that with T-Mobile hot on their heels.