Upcoming Sprint “Unlimited, My Way” and “My All-In” plans revealed


Sprint Unlimited My Way and My All-in plans

With T-Mobile shaking up the wireless world this afternoon, you may be wondering how the other 3 big carriers plan on following up. Well, when it comes to Sprint, we may have a good idea. The boys at PhoneArena managed to get their hands on a Sprint doc showing the company’s “new” plan options.

More of a rebranding, Sprint is calling it their “Unlimited, My Way” plan, which allows customers to purchase an individual plan with unlimited talk and text for $50, adding a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th line for $40, $30, and $20 respectively. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay an extra $30 per line if you want unlimited data. If you’re feeling like unlimited data is overkill for your family, Sprint is also offering a slightly discounted 1GB plan for $20 as well. I guess options are good, right?

For those of you who really want to go all out, there’s the “My All-In” plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 5GB of mobile hotspot for a cool $110. I suppose the real value lies in their new family plan options, but even then, this is more or less clever wording with little-to-no discount overall. Sprints going to have to do better than that with T-Mobile hot on their heels.


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  1. How appropriate that a carriers plan is named “ALL IN”…………

    1. I may be the only one, but I don’t get what you’re trying to say.

      1. It’s what’s heard being asked after opening/paying your monthly phone bill……….

        1. Hmm… Are you talking about when the voice ask you if you want to pay the full amount or partial amount?

          If I’m still wrong, I think I just ruined your joke and you can stop explaining. LoL!! Thanks for trying to help, though. =.S

        2. that’s called the “Bend Over” plan.

          me? i’m dumping Sprint and jumping to AT&T Go Phone $60/Month Prepaid Plan soon. and i’ll pair it with the next new Nexus direct from Google. Freedom! Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If they aren’t talking about improving their coverage I don’t care.

    1. Amen.

    2. Every time I’m on LTE on Tmo, even if it’s just a trickle amount I get at least 5Mbps. I noticed this because it’s like that at my friend’s apt. He gets a trickle amount of Sprint LTE. He’s getting 1Mbps. I don’t think so. That’s 3G in disguise. LoL!!

      LTE may be spread around on Sprint, but it doesn’t mean you’re getting those good LTE speeds.

      1. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

        with their crappy coverage,
        horrible sales reps at their walk in stores… they can have the god
        mode plan if they like, i’m never signing up for a 2 year plan ever!

      2. My wife’s Sprint LTE phone hit over 30Mbps the other day. At the same place and time I only hit about 6Mbps on my Verizon LTE phone. If only we had a TMobile phone, we wouldn’t have that problem… we’d be lucky to get 3G on it here.

      3. I get around 10 and my nephew on t mobile get 5. So what your point. Sprint has way better service in Michigan then t mobile.

    3. Yeah I’ll be happy when the LTE upgrade is complete. In places that I actually get it, it sure hauls ass =)

      1. 800Mhz LTE is coming later this year too, so it will also have significantly better coverage. I get 6-20Mbps and sometimes up to 30.

  3. with their crappy coverage, horrible sales reps at their walk in stores… they can have the god mode plan if they like, i’m never signing up for a 2 year plan ever!

    1. God Mode Plan? Maybe we’re being a bit drastic. I mean, not everyone can have the God Mode Plan.

  4. I was hoping for plans in general. I wish they didn’t take away their gold customers privallge away from upgrading every 6 months. They need to improve their coverage as well. They’re at a really slow speed to a point it’s at the same as not having coverage.

    1. Actually, one slight correction, gold premiere was every 12 months, not every 6 months.


  6. Curious to see what’s offered for Family plans!

    1. It’s already in the add. $50 for the first, $40 for the second, $30 for the third, $20 for 4-10. Unlimited data is $30 per line, but you can pick and choose what data each line gets, whereas today every line is unlimited and there’s no option to save money by paying for less data.

      1. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t even put 2 and 2 together. So, in essence, they’re getting rid of the family plans all together. Well, if I’m forced into one of these new plans, then I might just be switching providers. And if they pull a Verizon and try forcing one of the new plans to be implemented, when upgrading, I’m definitely switching! I’d rather have limited landline minutes (as it is now), than go with how the pricing breakdown works on the new plans.

        1. It really comes down to how many lines you have. If you only have 2 lines, then the new plan price matches the 1500 Everything Data Plan, so if you’re on the 3000 minute plan, it’s actually less. It’s when you add lines that it gets more costly ($30 vs. $60 for 3rd, or $50 for 4+). However, I’m sure they’ll say that the apples to apples comparison is with the Simply Everything plan where the its $100 per additional line.

          With being able to have up to 10 lines vs. 5 on the current plans, it might be possible to pool together with some single relatives.

  7. Sprint sucks. I’m trying to ditch them as soon as possible. Especially now that even TMO will have hundreds of networks up and running within the next six months. Sprint turns on maybe 10 markets every 2 months? With Ohio nowhere to Be found. It sucks not having any fast data but hey, it is what it is.

    1. Sprint does currently suck, I have to agree whole heartedly, but they are working very quickly on upgrading every single Sprint tower (well 99% of them) to be multimode towers that will do it all from voice and LTE on 800, etc. Come end of 2013, when most of their network is well on the way to being built out, it will be a totally different experience on Sprint. Chicago is a pretty major market that is far along with their upgrades and it’s amazing with coverage there now. check out http://www.s4gru.com become a member for very little $$ donated and check out their in progress and accepted sites maps. Impressive amount of work going on. I have experienced the future in Chicago, in crowded areas like around Wrigley on a game day and still had decent speeds with LTE and could send texts, etc. The future is going to be good for sticking it out with Sprint.

    2. Sprint is rolling out significant LTE but it is odd there is very little in OH.


      1. yesterday TMO announced 116 LTE markets (True LTE not the 3G+ stuff) with 77 being in the top 100. Sprint has like LTE in 88 markets with about half in top 100 markets. SMDH…

        1. The ‘market’ term is irrelevant. Tmob may be in a market but with minor coverage. Sprint is killing them in overall coverage, and that’s before 800Mhz is turned on (coming later this year). But it is strange that Sprint is lacking in a few large markets, like Phoenix and OH cities.


          1. Yeah, those aren’t the most accurate maps. I just pulled up my home address, and I have 4G service there, but the map shows “NO coverage”. I just don’t think it’s accurate.

            Coverage maps at RootMetrics may be better.. But.. with a technology launch where armies of engineers are sent out to perform a technology upgrade, it’s possible that many maps haven’t been driven and updated yet. Likely Verizon’s maps on Crowdsourced websites like Sensorly would be updated first because they have a lot of customers.

          2. RootMetrics is crowd sourced data also.

      2. TMo is 3 years ahead because they are focused on Fiber to the Cell Site.

        This costs more, but increases overall speed in the area. If over 1000 sq miles, one company had a fiber optic line, to service that area, and another company used a DSL line, which do you think will be more consistent, and could offer a lower price for its customers?

        Sprint is actually using more repeaters where they can, but it just means they’ll have to upgrade all their microwave hardware as well as towers.

  8. As they are the only two providers offering unlimited data your right, Sprint needs to improve their offers and keep up or stay ahead of Tmo.

    1. I am all the with Sprint. I don’t believe for a second any other carriers can offer you what Sprint does.
      As No_nnickname90 said T-Mobile cheaper which, they offering $80. a month unlimited plus 500mp for tethering.
      I am interested to know how much T-Mobile charging for 5GB tethering a month.

      1. With T-Mobile’s smart phone plans, tethering is included in each plan with the exception of their unlimited 4G speed plan, you only get 500MB/mo.

        I’m on their 2.5GB 4G speed plan and haven’t reached the cap yet, but I have wi-fi coverage at home and at work.

        1. Yes the WiFi at home is what saves it doesn’t it? Good for folks who don’t travel far from home on a regular basis.

          1. The 2.5GB plan works best for me, but if I wasn’t on Wi-Fi, I would be on their unlimited plan.

  9. Hmm… $110 for unlimited everything with 5GB of tethering.
    Tmo: $80 for unlimited everything with 500MB of tethering.

    This price assumes you bring your own phone to either carrier. I don’t see how I’ll benefit on Sprint. Another reason I left Sprint to go to Tmo.

    Price if you buy a phone? Varies on Tmo. Ranging from $80-$100. The only better deal with Sprint is the 5GB of tethering. You get 2GB of tethering for $10 on Tmo. But wait, you would be paying $90 if you finish paying off your phone or bring your own device.

    Sorry, them prices ain’t good Sprint. Not for that lack luster coverage.

    1. T mobile is the worst. Half of Michigan is roaming for t mobile. T mobile is the smallest for a reason.

    2. Sprint has 800Mhz coming later this year which will leave Tmob the only carrier without coverage depth. Tmob will become the discount carrier, Sprint will become the unlimited carrier with better coveraage.

      1. I know. That 800Mhz will help a lot. But you have to understand frequencies to know what Sprint will have to do. WiMax uses like a 2.5Ghz frequency. That means it’s hard to penetrate walls. So you would need more towers to aid with that. The good with more towers means less stress on one tower.

        800Mhz can easily go through walls. This means you would need less towers, but then more people would be using one tower. This means your speeds would be slower since more people are on one tower. Unless they make plenty of towers. But the idea is coverage and if one tower can give you coverage, then I think he company would be satisfied with that.

        1. Sprint will overlay 800/1900/2500 so can benefit from all where needed. They will have depth and capacity. Triband phones are coming later this year. Providing enough backhaul is the real challenge.

        2. Keep an eye on the 600MHz auctions, which are coming up.

  10. Here in Austin their signal is inconsistent and Sprint continues to lose people and become a non m.f. factor and i left them for tmobile prepaid.

    Ian B

    1. I’m about to do that here in gainesville florida. I almost left last month and they finally got lte. Where I get lte its great but when I don’t its like dialup speeds. Forget that its called 3g. They should change the icon on my phone to 1k. They have been improving and they are lucky I am still under contract. Once my contract etf goes down below 200 I will reassess their network. If its still the same crappy speed unless i’m on lte I will be paying etf and getting tmobile. I just have to test tmobile first. Trying to find a cheap tmobile phone I can try it on.
      Right now I’m on the family 1200 minute plan. With my work discount and unlimited data on every of my 5 lines all with smartphones after taxes my monthly bill is around 262 every month. so far no one can beat that pricing. so if data improves I am golden.

  11. With T-Mobile, I’m paying $100/mo for my wife and me (I’m not going to make you all jelly and include my 15% discount through my employer) for 2.5GB of 4G data (throttled after 2.5, but I haven’t reached that yet due being on wi-fi at home and work). It would be $20 more for unlimited 4G. Now, Sprint wants $50 + $40 + $30×2 = $150 and that would put me on a contract. No thanks, Sprint.

  12. So for each extra line you pay 40 or 30 or 20 respectively, ok I understand that. But then it says you have to pay another 30 on top to keep unlimited? If thats right isn’t that moving backwards? They are basically charging the same as verzion except that you get unlimited instead of 2gb. Am I missing something here?

    1. If you look at their current Simply Everything Family Plan, it’s $210 for lines 1 & 2 and $100 each for lines 3-5, assuming all smartphones. 5 Lines would be $510

      With the new plans, it would be $150 for lines 1 & 2, $60 for line 3 and $50 for lines 4-10, so they are actually cheaper than what they offer now. 5 Lines would be $310, considerably less.

      I suspect, however that the bulk of their current Family plans are the 1500 minute variety. With nights starting at 7pm and Any Mobile Any Time, I don’t see that many people needing truly unlimited calling since they essentially have it, anyway. I’m in that category. I mostly call my wife and we never come close to 1500 minutes. That plan is $150 for lines 1 & 2 (coincidence? I doubt it) and $30 for lines 3-5, assuming all smartphones. 5 Lines cost $240, so going past 2 lines gets more expensive.

      My own case gets complicated in the future. I have four small children. Eventually they’ll all get phones. At today’s plans, I could only fit 3 of them on my Family Plan and would have add an individual plan to it. At my current usage, the 400 minute plan would suffice, for $80. That would make $320 for 6 lines.

      Under the new plans, it would be $360 for 6 lines.

      1. I just calculated my costs and for my everything plan 1500 is only $110 for first line and $20 for every extra line. Then you have to add $10 premium to every line. After all that my monthly price before taxes its 240. For the same thing with the new plans including keeping unlimited its $290 a month before taxes. My everything plan is different than the ones that are offered now.

  13. OK Correct me if my math is wrong, but isn’t this a price cut for a family plan?

    Currently, their Simply Everything Family is $210 for the first two lines + $100 for each additional line with no tethering.

    To get the same here it would be $50 for the first line, $40 for the second, plus $60 to get unlimited data on both lines. That’s $150. As you add lines, the savings increases. Instead of $100 per line, it’s $60 for the third and $50 for each after that.

    Also note it says lines 4-10. Until now, the limit on a Family Plan was 5 lines.

    Now the rub here is how many people actually get the $210 Family Plan. Between Unlimited Nights and Weekends starting at 7pm and Any Mobile Anytime, my wife and I never come close to the 1500 minutes we have on the lowest available Family Plan, so we won’t see savings until we start letting our kids have phones.

    1. The current mobile hotspot plans are 2GB for $20 and 6GB for $50. So the 1GB for $10 is essentially unchanged from a cost/byte standpoint. The All In plan essentially works out to 5GB for $30 which is a slightly better cost/byte price. $6/GB vs $8.33/GB on the current plan.

    2. There’s not much of a discount if you’re on the 1500 minute plan. after taxes and all that jazz, my bill for that plan comes out to slightly under $170/month with an 18% discount through my employer. Under new plans: 50+40+30+30 = 150….once you add taxes and whatnot I’m sure the cost will be the same.

      1. I was mainly comparing to the current unlimited everything plan, but I did point out that it was a wash on my 2 line 1500 minute plan. I was mistaken, however that additional lines would be cheaper. Currently, it’s $30 for lines 3-5 and that includes unlimited data. With the new plans, it’s $60 for line 3 and $50 for lines 4-10.

        It is still cheaper than the current unlimited everything Family plan, where addtional lines are $100.

  14. Notice how the fine print says to lock in Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data for the life of the line of service? Is this an indicator that this is a temporary promotion or just leaving themselves an out to eliminate unlimited data at some future date?

  15. For the most part, the plans are worse. I hope they don’t mandate moving to the new system.

    Though I’m curious if they’ll change the employee discount. Right now my 23% discount only applies to the main line, but the wording says “anything over $29.99”, which means it would apply to the data plan on these new plans.

    TL;DR: The new plans could potentially be better if you have employee discounts.

  16. T-Mobile is still better.

    1. Wait until Sprint turns on 800mhz later this year.

  17. Sprint should wait until getting 800Mhz rolled out later this year before triggering new plans.

  18. Sad thing is, my current plan is $30 cheaper than those….

    $110.00 Data Everything Family w/1500 minutes + $20 for 3rd Line + $10 x 2 for Premium Data = $150/month (before tax, discounts, etc.)

    or the new plan:

    $50 1st Line + $40 2nd Line + $30 3rd Line + $30 x 2 for Unlimited Data = $180/month (before tax, discount, etc. – 3rd line is a Rugged Kyocera Basic phone that doesn’t use data)

    Though, looking on Sprints site right now, they show that my plan is $149.99….I wonder when they raised that? Oh well, 4G just made it to Kalamazoo, MI (not fully, but downtown and some surrounding areas) and my god, the speeds are amazing :) and service is great.

    I’m not sure I would want to pay the costs of Verizon or AT&T…Tmo might be an option, but I don’t just spend my whole life in populated cities and highways…

    1. Part of that is that the $20 for smartphone data is now rolled into the 149.99 price

      1. Thanks Carl! – The math makes sense now :)

  19. If it becomes reality, it will directly pass on a 27% discount to those who are currently using $109.99 plan. This plan will boost customer base. http://www.telecomvibe.com

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