HTC One Google Play edition bootloader and recovery bring us 2 steps closer to full GPe conversion


HTC One Google Play Edition DSC01018

It’s been in the back of every ROM flashers mind since the HTC One Google Play edition was announced, “Exactly what is keeping HTC One users from simply flashing the official Google Play edition ROM onto our Sense devices and converting them into a GPe device with (semi) direct updates from Google?” Well, 2 things actually — the official GPe bootloader and recovery which, as it just so happens, are both readily available for the flashing thanks to some crafty developers from XDA.

Before you run out and flash these to your device, keep in mind that we’re still missing one key component: the actual GPe stock ROM. But don’t worry, it should be provided soon enough. In the meantime, you may want to bookmark the thread on XDA, as well search deep inside yourself and ask if it’s really worth giving up Sense 5’s wonderful software features for speedier Android updates (especially with Android 4.2.2 for Sense just around the corner).

[via XDA]

Thanks, Nickerrides and everyone who sent this in!

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  1. Oh… How nice.

    1. Still wish HTC could/would provide an easy to use flashing tool to switch between Sense 5 and GPe Android. :/

      1. I don’t see this being too far off. We are making great progress with the manufacturers on the AOSP front.

        It’s just too bad the source isn’t available and we can’t build it ourselves.

      2. i agree..the only flashing i ever did on my own was on my HD2 with Android 2.3 ….it was a nightmare!! it was never stable and i did not know how tweak roms to work…kernels?partitions?HSDP? a TOOLKIT would be heavenly..All manufacturers should do this…

        P.S. By the time i got 2.3.4 stable on it…ICS was released. facepalm

        1. Jordan I will say this though..the HD2 Windows Phone NEVER actually got a stable version of Android created for it so all owners were stuck with this crappy dual boot option which really wasn’t an option because the Android side of it didn’t work well. now a days these newer phones are getting a LOT more attention from the development community so any HOT, new smartphone you buy will without a doubt have a very stable ROM for it within a week. I LOVE EVERYONE OVER AT XDA AND ALL YOU DEVS OUT THERE THAT JUST CAN’T LEAVE PERFECT ALONE….we can always make PERFECT better.

      3. I honestly never see that happening. Just my two cents.

      4. Isn’t it already a reality I though I read somewhere on flip board that it was the Japanese version that let you choose between either sense or aosp

      5. The holy grail for me would be dual boot. Why not give us the option when we hit the on button??

  2. Did devs stop baking WiFi Calling into roms? The XDA guys ported it to the Nexus One even… then nothing.

    My dream is stable stock android on my Galaxy S 4 with WiFi Calling. Is that too much to ask?

    1. I don’t get it what EXACTLY is WiFi calling and what are the benefits? Totally n00b question even though I’m pretty big into developing and have successfully ROOT’d my Toshiba thrive, Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and HP Touchpad (all running some type of Jelly Bean) no one has ever explained WiFi calling to me.

      1. Only T-Mobile uses it in the US but basically all calls and texts go through WiFi with the use of your regular phone number. So any WiFi network in the world is your cell tower, your phone behaves as normal so you use the same dialer and sms apps as you regularly do. Advantages are reception in buildings as well as no international roaming charges when you travel abroad to contact people back in the US.

  3. Maybe a dumb question but, there are already GPE roms on XDA. Are those based on a leak and not the official rom?

    1. I think those are from the Google S4?

    2. There are, but those wont receive direct updates from HTC/Google. In order to do that, you need this GPe recovery, bootloader, and if I’m not mistaken, a FULL system dump (from what I understand, the others were only pieces?).

  4. Disclaimer: I know very little about the technical side of ROMs, bootloaders, kernels, etc.

    Is it possible to just take the unlocked bootloader and apply it to the VZW version? In other words, is there a way to get an unlocked bootloader on the VZW version, but also keep the HTC customized software/firmware that adds additional functionality and supports hardware like the camera?

  5. Hey Chris, can you find out some info for me? i remember a few months back after HTC announced the GPE that they would provide a way for those with a regular HTC ONE to get the GPE through a download or something like that. They def said there would be a way to get it. I dont mean ROMS by the way. Im not gonna get it unless its an official download. Any info ?

  6. I wish HTC would enable the damn ir transmitter in the GE ROM….

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