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HTC One Google Play Edition DSC01018

It’s been in the back of every ROM flashers mind since the HTC One Google Play edition was announced, “Exactly what is keeping HTC One users from simply flashing the official Google Play edition ROM onto our Sense devices and converting them into a GPe device with (semi) direct updates from Google?” Well, 2 things actually — the official GPe bootloader and recovery which, as it just so happens, are both readily available for the flashing thanks to some crafty developers from XDA.

Before you run out and flash these to your device, keep in mind that we’re still missing one key component: the actual GPe stock ROM. But don’t worry, it should be provided soon enough. In the meantime, you may want to bookmark the thread on XDA, as well search deep inside yourself and ask if it’s really worth giving up Sense 5’s wonderful software features for speedier Android updates (especially with Android 4.2.2 for Sense just around the corner).

[via XDA]

Thanks, Nickerrides and everyone who sent this in!

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