Jun 28th, 2013

Soundwave banner

Seems there’s a social network for all our media these days. We’ve got Vine for video, Instagram for pictures (and now video), and now there’s Soundwave for our music. The beautifully designed app recently hit the Google Play Store and allows users to share and discover music in fun new ways.

First off, Soundwave is able to tag and share the music you’re listening to in real time. No buttons to push, no Android intents, simply play your favorite music on your device and watch as it shows up on your activity feed. Like any other social network, you can follow your friends, celebs or athletes, and keep tabs on what everyone else is listening to. With Rdio and Spotify compatibility, it also works fine at tagging music from your all-you-can-stream music services (even Play Music All Access).

Soundwave for android

Other neat features include being able to see what’s currently topping the charts, what’s the most liked, and even the most disliked (cough, Justin Bieber). Ever wonder what songs are being played in your area? There’s a map view to quickly scan and see what people are listening to in your city, street, or building.

Clicking on a friends song will play a clip, and you can even watch music videos via YouTube, buy directly on Google Play, or jump straight into Rdio to begin playing the full song. We’d love to see this functionality in Google Play All Access (devs, if you’re listening). The best part about Soundwave is it’s completely free and ready to download right now in the Google Play Store. If you’re into indie/alternative/electro/pop, look me up!

[Soundwave on Google Play]

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