Droid Combat Mission Alpha (D:COM) now available for Android devices


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It was yesterday we told you guys about Verizon’s newly activated DroidLanding Twitter account. An account Verizon typically uses to promote a new device release followed closely by a scavenger hunt contest, but this time might be different.

With no mention of a new DROID device, DroidLanding has instead been teasing a new augmented reality game for Android devices dubbed D:COM. Renamed “Droid Combat Mission Alpha” for its release on Google Play, the game is made by developer MunkyFun and has been made available for iOS devices for weeks now. If the developer sounds familiar, that’s because these are the guys that did the original Verizon scavenger hunt game “Bionic ARena.”

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For reasons unknown, Verizon has been plugging the game via DroidLanding, even releasing an impressive ad spot via YouTube. Today, D:COM has been made available for Android devices and from the looks of it, seems like a near direct port of the iOS version. Of course, you’ll find Verizon branding in the menus, but other than that, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around Verizon’s involvement. Somethings definitely up, we just don’t know what… yet.

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I gave the game a spin and yes, it’s pretty fun. Something like Pokemon meets Mech Warrior, you take control of towering mechs in location-based battles facing off against opponents locally, or the computer in campaign mode. You can soup up your mech by adding more powerful weapons and parts using coins (nodes). New mechs can also be purchased using nodes, and you can lightly customize mechs by changing their color. Run out of nodes, and either battle more enemies or…. yup, purchase more nodes via in-app purchases. Droid Combat is a freemium game.

If you guys want to give Droid Combat Mission Alpha a spin, you can download it right now in the Google Play Store for free. Hopefully this is just a hint of things to come.

[Download DROID COMBAT MISSION ALPHA on the Google Play]

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  1. IAP… no thanks

  2. It is kind of fun. Probably not going to play it long, but for sheer amusment.

  3. Does not let me download because I’m in another country… T_T

  4. They quoted Teddy Roosevelt…

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