Official: LG’s next flagship will be powered by the Snapdragon 800 processor



Last year, we watched as HTC got the jump on Samsung when the One X released ahead of the Galaxy S3. This was followed much later by LG with their Optimus G which may have been late to the party, but came packing a much higher-powered processor. Seems we might be seeing the same situation this year.

While we still don’t know what LG has planned for the next followup to their G Series flagship, we now know exactly what will power it: a Snapdragon 800 processor. In a joint press release, LG and Qualcomm announced the news this evening, which was more or less LG’s way of reminding the world, “Hey, don’t forget we have something big planned for later this year.”

Other than the processor, LG failed to reveal anything else of the device (not even it’s official name) but they did boast that it will be “the industry’s best smartphone by which all other devices will be measured.” Qualcomm promises their latest Snapdragon processor will be capable of 75% better performance when measured against the Snapdragon S4 Pro, delivering “eye popping” graphics thanks to its more powerful Adreno 330 GPU. All this while further improving battery life.

There was also something in there about 4K video support but you get the idea. This thing is going to be a beast. As a big fan of the original LG Optimus G, I’m excited to see what LG has in store for the series.

Chris Chavez
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  1. now if they can start launching these devices in the US at the same time as everyone else and not months and months later then they would have a chance. i for one would love a new flagship device. this sensation is on its way out. fubar no matter what rom is on it. need a worthy succesor.

    1. That’s kinda been the trend lately (global near-simultaneous releases). I’m thinking LG is preparing this for the next Optimus G…

  2. Good.. Good.. Keep talking about your next big thing, and make people not interested in buying your product now..

    1. They kinda have to. Samsung (LG’s biggest rival) is getting ready to announce some new devices tomorrow morning. The LG Optimus G is already old, and this is LG just trying to make some noise to remind people they’re still in the game.

      1. Is the Optimus G pro still rumored for sprint too? There were a ton of stories like 2 months ago then nothing.

      2. Kinda thinking about G Pro, which they are still advertising heavily.. Really, I guess it is only a year ago optimus 4x was released, and they are announcing their 4th flagship in a year..

  3. If they support Sprint 800Mhz LTE, might be my next phone.

  4. Just no glass back please.

  5. Just throwing this out there…but wouldn’t 4K video on a phone be pretty pointless? Our eyes can only pick up so much of a difference on a screen that size. I understand you’d probably be able to HDMI or WIFI Direct it out to a TV, but it just seems gimmicky.

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