Dragon Mobile Assistant update brings intelligent driver mode, email dictation, and readback notifications


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If Google Voice Search/Now just haven’t filled that Siri void for you, you may want to take a look at Nuance’s Dragon Mobile Assistant, fresh off the Play Store with a brand new update.

All new for version 4.0 is the ability for Dragon MA to detect if you’re in a moving vehicle, after which it’ll “intelligently” switch over to Driver Mode on the fly. No fiddling with settings or buttons — it’s all hands (and eyes) free. In fact, you can now customize Dragon’s wake up command to something like, “jelly donut” or “beer farts.” Whatever you like.

They’ve also added email dictation for sending out quick electronic mail, and better readback functionality with the addition of notifications, upcoming appointments, messages and even your Facebook newsfeed if you like.

Sounds like a pretty full-featured update, one that I’ve just downloaded and installed. If any of you have already given the app a shot, let me know how you’re liking the latest update and/or if you prefer one of the many other options available on the Play Store.

[Dragon Mobile Assistant on Google Play]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. “This item is not available in your country” (UK)

    1. Ditto for Japan.

  2. I wake mine up with …DRAGONZORD!

    1. I named mine Trogdor. :P

  3. Giving this a shot.

    1. Ugh.. Just tried it. It didn’t know ANYTHING I was saying just about. Google Glass is so much more accurate :/

      1. Lol, well that’s disappointing. Still gonna try it out since I just downloaded it.

        Can’t wait to try Glass out for myself someday.

      2. Yeah but does Google Glass work over an eye patch? :)))

  4. I just wish someone would make one that works well with A2DP Bluetooth! None of these voice command apps (including Google Voice Search) seem to do well at all with that. I don’t know what/how Microsoft did it with Windows Mobile back in the day, but that was still (by far) the best voice command I’ve ever used. The best part was when you initiated the device to call someone, it would ask you if it found the right person first, prior to actually calling. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried Google Voice Search and it started calling the wrong person, causing me to have to end the call immediately.

    1. What kind of Bluetooth are you using? A good quality Bluetooth device will make the difference. I have a Blue Parrott B250 XT+ which is probably the best one on the planet and it works fine with Google Voice…I drive a (very noisy) truck for a living. I also have a Jawbone Era which I found to be second to my Blue Parrott and I’ve tried lots of different Bluetooths…it works good with Google Voice as well. Haven’t bothered with any other voice assistant apps including Dragon since using a good Bluetooth with Google Now / Voice because it just works and even in my noisy work environment…it rarely mistakes my voice commands. Also, my handheld devices included a Galaxy S2 for almost 3 years and now I have the Nexus 4.
      …just sayin’.

      1. I’m using a Jawbone Era…LOL. I also have tons of family/friends with unique names, not just plain “John, Joe, Jane”. I think I’ve only had it work properly 1 / 20 times (if that). I just resigned myself to not using it anymore, at least not while I’m driving.

  5. I filled the void with bon bons. It was easy. Thanks tho Chris!!

  6. i actually like this thing so far. been playing with that and waze for the past day and a half

  7. Blows keeps saying something weird happened try again later no matter what I say. Uninstalled. Galaxy s2

  8. I gave it a shot yesterday and my battery life suffered hardcore. I was down to 45 percent of battery in less than 2 hours with this. Uninstalled until that gets sorted out.

  9. I just tried Dragon yesterday and it performed very nicely. The major problem was battery consumption. It took my battery down to 32% in just 2 hours of playing – and I have a Razr MAXX HD, which has superb battery life. I normally get 2 days out of one charge. I had to uninstall Dragon and just hope that there is an answer for the battery problem.

  10. Same problem with the battery, uninstalled until fixed. Couldn’t really use it due to the fact that my battery was already half dead to begin with.

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