Jun 18th, 2013

Dragon Mobile Assistant banner

If Google Voice Search/Now just haven’t filled that Siri void for you, you may want to take a look at Nuance’s Dragon Mobile Assistant, fresh off the Play Store with a brand new update.

All new for version 4.0 is the ability for Dragon MA to detect if you’re in a moving vehicle, after which it’ll “intelligently” switch over to Driver Mode on the fly. No fiddling with settings or buttons — it’s all hands (and eyes) free. In fact, you can now customize Dragon’s wake up command to something like, “jelly donut” or “beer farts.” Whatever you like.

They’ve also added email dictation for sending out quick electronic mail, and better readback functionality with the addition of notifications, upcoming appointments, messages and even your Facebook newsfeed if you like.

Sounds like a pretty full-featured update, one that I’ve just downloaded and installed. If any of you have already given the app a shot, let me know how you’re liking the latest update and/or if you prefer one of the many other options available on the Play Store.

[Dragon Mobile Assistant on Google Play]