LG Optimus G Pro sells 1 million handsets in South Korea


LG Optimus G Pro 1 million sold 2

Straight from the horse’s mouth, the LG Optimus G Pro has officially sold 1 million devices in its homeland of South Korea. A testament to the demand for l larger handsets in Asian countries, this 1 million milestone was achieved after nearly 4 months since the Optimus G Pro was released, making it the fastest selling LG device to date.

This translates to around 8,000 units being sold everyday. Not the fastest selling device, but enough for LG to let the world know about it. While we’ll have to wait before we hear how the device is doing globally, we’re guessing that with its top of the line specs, gorgeous IPS display, the Optimus G Pro might be doing well for itself in other regions as well.


Chris Chavez
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