Jun 6th, 2013

Deus Ex The Fall mobile game Android

Yesterday, Eidos Montreal teased gamers with a mysterious Vine video showing what looked like the beginning of a trailer for an upcoming sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Having only the name to go by — Deus Ex: The Fall — gamers assumed this would be a next-gen console sequel to Human Revolution. They were wrong. Very wrong.

As it turns out, Square Enix has announced today that Deus Ex: The Fall will be a side-story to Human Revolution, released solely for mobile devices. That’s right, you can expect to play The Fall on your favorite Android device in the near future. A collaboration between Eidos Montreal and and Square Enix’s mobile division, Deus Ex: The Fall includes characters from Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect, and picks up directly where that story ends.

Deus Ex The Fall

Visually, the game looks great. Not quite mirroring its console counterparts, but in mobile terms, it looks fantastic. The game makes use of touchscreen controls by way of dual onscreen analogs to control movement, and tapping on the screen to either lob a grenade, or interact with the environment by taking cover. The Eidos seems to have done a great job at recreating the FPS/RPG stealth action from the console, allowing players to jump and experience all features that Deus Ex has been known. Expect lots of player choices where in the game, every action has a consequence. Intriguing.

Deus Ex: The Fall will be releasing first on iPhone/iPad this summer for $7, and unfortunately, Square Enix Mobile would not commit to an exact time frame for the Android release (but hey, at least its been confirmed, right?). We’ll be sure to stop by their booth and give you a hands-on during our E3 coverage next week.

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