May 30th, 2013

lg nexus 5 by milannoartworks

It was only a few days ago LG officially announced the white Nexus 4 and in our post, we talked about CEO Kim Wong’s firm denial of rumors that his company was working on a follow up device. As we stated before, this wasn’t your typical “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation,” PR response. Mr. Wong went as far as saying that the Nexus 4 gave them the traction they needed and that another stock Android device simply was no longer desirable for the company. Ouch.

But, according to UnwiredView, some things may have gotten lost in the translation. Apparently, Wong never said LG wouldn’t make another Nexus device, simply that they just didn’t need to. Sounds like semantics, I know, but bear with me. A Korean site is now reporting that not only has LG in fact been working on the rumored Nexus 5 — currently locked down and currently undergoing testing inside LG’s R&D department — but that it’s already been shown to Google CEO Larry Page (likely during his visit a few weeks ago).

While Nexus devices are more a marketing move for an OEM than anything — the report mentions LG has sold around 3 million Nexus 4’s to-date, not necessarily bad, but not too great either — keep in mind they also get early access to Android code. In this fierce mobile market, anything that can give you a leg up on the competition (especially fellow Korean rival, Samsung) could be worthwhile for LG.

Curious to hear your guys’ thoughts. Now that we have options like the “Nexus Edition” Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One both running stock Android — would you find (another) LG Nexus worthwhile? Going by Google’s current naming cycle, what if this Nexus 5 was an LG Optimus G Pro variant?

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