LG could be working on a Nexus 5 after all, device shown to Google CEO Larry Page [RUMOR]


lg nexus 5 by milannoartworks

It was only a few days ago LG officially announced the white Nexus 4 and in our post, we talked about CEO Kim Wong’s firm denial of rumors that his company was working on a follow up device. As we stated before, this wasn’t your typical “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation,” PR response. Mr. Wong went as far as saying that the Nexus 4 gave them the traction they needed and that another stock Android device simply was no longer desirable for the company. Ouch.

But, according to UnwiredView, some things may have gotten lost in the translation. Apparently, Wong never said LG wouldn’t make another Nexus device, simply that they just didn’t need to. Sounds like semantics, I know, but bear with me. A Korean site is now reporting that not only has LG in fact been working on the rumored Nexus 5 — currently locked down and currently undergoing testing inside LG’s R&D department — but that it’s already been shown to Google CEO Larry Page (likely during his visit a few weeks ago).

While Nexus devices are more a marketing move for an OEM than anything — the report mentions LG has sold around 3 million Nexus 4’s to-date, not necessarily bad, but not too great either — keep in mind they also get early access to Android code. In this fierce mobile market, anything that can give you a leg up on the competition (especially fellow Korean rival, Samsung) could be worthwhile for LG.

Curious to hear your guys’ thoughts. Now that we have options like the “Nexus Edition” Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One both running stock Android — would you find (another) LG Nexus worthwhile? Going by Google’s current naming cycle, what if this Nexus 5 was an LG Optimus G Pro variant?

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HTC may provide a way for current HTC One users to switch to a stock Android “Nexus Experience”

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  1. It will most likely be another clone of the Optimus G(2) with no bezel and the buttons “on the back”.

  2. I have a very bad experience with LG’s phone, so I’d say no more LG Nexus please.

    1. They are no longer the bad company they used to be. I had an awful experience as well, but the quality of their new phones are pretty great.

      1. I see. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe it’s worth to take a look after all
        It is kinda difficult for me to overlook those experiences I’ve had though, but looks like things have changed over the stiff competition. Thanks again man, I appreciate it.

  3. But…But.. Didn’t they say themselves that they’re not working on the Nexus 5?

    1. They said they didn’t NEED to make another Nexus. If they did it now, it’s just because they want to.

      It’s like when you tell a girl, “Baby, I’m not with you cuz I NEED to be, I’m with you cuz I WANT to be….” Then she falls into your arms. O_o

      1. Yeah, and when “she” falls into your arms, she breaks.
        Lol, I had to.

      2. Chris, I missed you in the cast of “Machete Kills” when I watched the trailer yesterday…

  4. I have no interest in an LG Nexus, but I sure like the picture – gorgeous phone!

  5. Okay, iphone 4 and 4s were made out of glass. Though fragile, did it stop them from selling tens of millions of units? No. I like the build quality and choice of materials of the LGN4, also with the production hick-ups out the way, there is no reason as to why an LGN5 should not sell. Lastly all of the phones run the same stock android! So it is a matter of hardware! Amoled vs oled vs lcd, 4.8, 5.2, 5.6 screens! The more the marrier! I want to see another LG Nexus device. Why not?

  6. Well, as long as the new Nexus model remains a $300 phone, who cares if it’s LG again?

    The Nexus 4 was pretty damn great (as long as you carried it in an armored case).

    And, at $300, you could realistically upgrade every year.

    If the Moto X or Nexus 5 are affordable, and are either packing an A15 processor or have better battery life, I’d happily trade up from my Nexus 4.

    1. Nexus 4 already has a quad A15 processor, however the new generation phones have 1080p screens, at twice the pixels of Nexus 4, Snapdragon Pro has much weaker graphics, than Snapdragon 600 and Snapdragon 800 ( which has UD / 4k capabilities.) This means it will run cool at 1080p / fHD, a quarter the pixels and will be very good at gaming, also it’s likely to be 4G.

      1. Nope. Quad A9. A15 would be ridiculously fast at quad core.

        1. Think, the Nexus 7 had quad A9, LG Optimus G and N4 had quad A15, 6 months later, A15s being 40% faster because of better micro architecture. Snapdragon Pro also had a faster CPU clock frequency, so your N4 is twice as powerful as a Nexus 7, with 2.5 x the RAM, one exquisitely beautiful beast you have in your hand. But now we want more, as mentioned above. Don’t worry people get figures wrong all the time, I’ve done it myself and I’m a dip elect comp tech net admin spec.

          1. This is not correct.

            A9 is Tegra 3 and equivalent to the S4 Pro.
            A15 is Tegra 4, Exynos octa and Snapdragon 600.

            Qualcomm’s A9 equivalent (S4 Pro – Nexus 4):

            Qualcomm’s A15 equivalent (200/400/600/800):

      2. “… at twice the pixels of the Nexus 4…”

        What phone is getting 640 ppi? The n4 is 320ppi.

        1. Yes nearly that, Nexus 4 1080p x 720p, Samsung Galaxy S4 and several others 1900p x 1080p, N4 777.6 kp, S4 2.052 Mp, looks like it’s 2.5x the pixels, because of the smallness of screen and number of pixels, it’s well into the 500s. Twice pixels doesn’t actually mean twice the PPI, as you can see above, area increases the pixels by the square (eg. 2×2=4, not 2,) 720ps have been around for ages, I could be slightly wrong, but I am pretty sure I’m in the ball park, my Galaxy Nexus is 720p, my Nexus 7 is 720p. Although the Nexus 10 has an upper figure of 2,600, it’s 10″, so the pixel density at 4 times the surface area is actually lower than the new fHD 5″ screens. Samsungs 13″ 3, is it 200 or 600p, is closer, by 2018 expect to see 4 billion 3D UD (4k x2) 6″ and similar devices. 900 million android activations, Sammy expects to sell 60 to 80 million GS4s this year at 1080p.

      3. Correction — The Nexus 4 has a quad-core A9 processor (actually Qualcomm’s equivalent, which is Snapdragon). A15 is the new generation Arm CPU.

        1. Repeat N4 quad A15, N10 dual A15, PRO means A15, Exynos 5 means A15 (from dual to octo core.) Actually octo is 4xA15 and 4xA9 for low power operations, like 5th core in Tegra 3, is the lower frequency processor. What would be the point of releasing a phone with the same specs as the tablet you released 6 months ago, that’s not how progress works, one of the reasons A15 is 40% faster is because it has Java embedded into its micro architecture.

          1. Qualcomm doesn’t adhere to ARMs standards, instead, like Apple, they adapt them.

            So, unequivocally, it is NOT a pure A15.

            You may argue that it is an “A15-class”.

            But, the reality is that the Snapdragon S4 Pro lies somewhere *between* the A9 and A15 in both performance and feature set.

            It’s better than an A9, but not equal to a pure A15.

            That’s the best way I can explain it.

            See here for more details and a chart:

          2. You may at last be close, it may be something like the new A12 standard, from N4 to N5 and N7 to N7/2, will take us into 1080p, dramatically better graphics, full A15. I’m particularly looking forward to more and faster RAM (LPDDR3,) than on my Nexus 7, 6 x as many GPUs, Qualcomms integrated 4G wouldn’t be bad either.

    2. Don’t drop it, simple as that.

  7. It looks nice. I like my Nexus 4 but will think about upgrading to either Nexus 5 or something from Motorola with 5″ screen and stock android at a reasonable price and long battery life.

    1. I’d love to see one of these Nexus with a bigger screen, like 5,5 or 6 inches.
      A Galaxy Mega with S4 specs running pure Android.

      1. Noooo thanks. I don’t understand the fascination with gigantic phones. I’m a big guy (6’4″) and 5″ is the threshold for being able to use the device in 1 hand or fit it in your pocket without feeling it every step you take.

  8. Looks like a beautiful device. Even though I just purchased the N4 a month ago, I will decently will but the N5 if the price is the same. I’m a Nexus whore. Just who I am and what I like.

    1. It’s just a random rendering of the device. It probably won’t look like this though.

  9. If the phone looked like the picture? You bet your ass another LG Nexus would be worthwhile!
    I mean look at that thing!

    1. And it most likely won’t be looking like the picture above.

  10. well this just made me cross off the nexus 5 from my list of potential phones. do not want lg anything

  11. I like that

  12. The S4 and One are much more appealing in my opinion.

    1. True, the HTC One sold 2 million more phones in one month than the vaunted N4 sold since it was introduced proving that there is no real market for a low priced but handicapped (no LTE, super fragile) phone.

      1. S4 and HTC One get marketing… N4 gets 0 marketing. 3 million units sold is pretty solid for a phone that has absolutely no commercials or advertisements. As for handicaps it depends on carrier. On Tmobile LTE barely exists, so it wasn’t a deterring factor. Big reason One and S4 are crap is the gimmicky bloatware that makes the phone run as slow as a Nexus One from many many years ago, but they sell because of advertising.

  13. I really like the above pic,very sharp and a great looking next Nexus. Even though I love my N4,get rid of the glass back.

  14. People people PSA PSA! The ABOVE PHOTO IS A USER RENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT THE ACTUAL N5!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Captain Obvious.

      1. Its obviously not obvious because majority of the comments are believing that it is not a render

  15. I just feel that the nexus line will eventually get buried by all the Google editions by Samsung, HTC, and eventually Motorola’s new line.

    1. Not as long as the Nexus line stays $300/$350 and all these other “vanilla” versions stay $650/$700. Nexus usually has specs comparable to the top tier phones already on the market in the year it comes out, but like half the off-contract price.

  16. My little sister just received her N4 from Google on may 24.. It couldn’t make or receive calls.. Left a bad taste in my mouth and it wasn’t even mine. I want a nexus but if the next one is LG, I’m cool.

    1. it cannot make or receive calls because you need to insert a sim card into the phone first.

      1. Can you hear me now????!!!!

    2. And if the SIM card is bad (happened to my wife’s G Note II), then you will get the same.

  17. I was under the impression that all the OEMs make a pitch for the new Nexus phone and then Google decides who to go with. Are we sure that isn’t what going on here?

    1. that’ll still continue

  18. Only 3 million Nexus 4’s sold in all this time? And at half the cost of other high end phones?
    Where the hell is the incentive for anyone to produce these things?

    1. the manufacturer producing these receive early access to the latest android code versions, as well as a gigantic publicity boost.

    2. I believe this is all Google’s fault with the Play Store Ordering issues. Plus, it is only available on T-Mobile. I switched from Verizon, and am happy, but I am going to go on a limb and say not a lot of people wanted to switch.

      1. Its available for AT&T as well Google only works with GSM

        1. Nope. Remember the Nexus S 4G.. The WiMaxx failure of a phone.. That was on Sprint.. Which is CDMA.. They just have had more GSM phones than CDMAs.

          1. Actually I should have been more specific Google doesn’t like doing work ith anything other than gsm because they cause multiple problems thats why majority of the first release devices are GSM and are updated first. Any non GSM nexus isn’t really a nexus

  19. Samsung, LG, HTC, Nexus or “Google Edition” doesn’t really matter, don’t really care…
    As long as it has the right features.
    A quality build, “plastic” or metal again doesn’t matter as long as its durable.
    Appropriate Size, 5″ or smaller, it needs to fit in my hand comfortably.
    Fast processor, current S4 comes to mind but a newer phone may need a newer processor.
    Fast GPU, again current S4 comes to mind.
    At least 2 GB RAM.
    At least 32 GB storage.
    MicroSD card slot.
    Wireless Charging
    Extended battery
    AOSP, no OEM overlays or bloat.
    Quality screen; AMOLED or SLCD, doens’t matter too much although SLCD does do better in bright sunlight.

  20. If it is all glass, then I am not interested. If Chavez can break his, then no telling what I could do.

    1. I think LG (and Google) have learned their lesson. I think the fact that they’re giving away free bumpers with the N4 is telling of that…

    2. Chavez didn’t have a full body case of course he broke his… be smart don’t use a bumper… It will only protect drops straight down…

  21. All this is is LG leaking their Nexus 5 offering nothing more. It’s not supposed to happen but it did. Do to this Google will likely not go with LG now but that wont affect me much as my Optimus G is bad arse and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on the G2!! If there is one thing LG does is make a great looking and extremely fast phones and the Optimus G is no exception as it is way faster then my friends S4 he just bought LOL.

  22. I see no reason that there shouldn’t be a new nexus every year, I don’t mind LG my N4 has been good to me since November. I’d still get a nexus 4 today over the One or S4 simply due to the unbeatable price why pay double for a bit faster CPU and LTE (when there is WiFi around every corner) and HSPA+ reaches 18 mbits/s on Rogers.

    1. Not really WiFi around every corner where I am at.

  23. That sure is a pretty render, but I’ve learned my lesson by proxy about glass backed phones. I actually think I prefer the route that Google seems to be taking with “Nexus Experience” versions of top selling phones. Seems the true Nexus phones always got just a bit shorted on the hardware side.

  24. I don’t really care anymore, now that I can choose the phone I want and trust that there will be a Nexus version! As soon as the new Android version is released, the Nexus S4 and One will also get it relatively soon. It all comes down to hardware.

  25. nexus 5 is what iphone7 will be like once copy it then state to ip it.

    1. ??????????????????

  26. I like my Nexus 4, but I’d rather see someone else give it a go.

    Edit: One other thing. If I could make a request, bring back the curved glass. I know I know it was samsung that did that I’m just sayin!..*coughs in Brick Tamland’s voice* Add LTE this time *cough*

  27. Micro SD, Micro SD, Micro SD, Micro SD, Micro SD, Micro SD, Micro SD.

    1. as much as we all want it.. not going to happen. just hope the lowest tier is at least 16gb this time

      1. I agree, 16GB has to be at least the LOWEST storage option today. If Google is not going to support SD fine, offer larger internal storage than 16GB and 32GB. I wasn’t aware storage manufacturing cost were so high.

        Overall I’m not happy with Google’s aggressive push to cloud storage. Having your media files and other data on your device is so much more convenient than relying on WiFi and Data coverage. I believe Google mentioned something about security reasons for not providing Micro SD support for the Nexus 4, I don’t quite understand that but ok. Just bump the storage to 64GB.

        That’s another thing, what’s the deal with manufacturers sticking with these very specific storage options, 16, 32 and 64 GB? So strange. Forgive me folks for this bit of rant. Champagne problems right? Hehe…

        1. Lol.

        2. theyre 16, 32, and 64 because of how computers and binary work..

          1. Cheers.

    2. Ain’t gonna happen, Ain’t gonna happen, Ain’t gonna happen, Ain’t gonna happen, Ain’t gonna happen, Ain’t gonna happen, Ain’t gonna happen.

      1. Haha…

        1. they just need a 32 gigbite version thats all no more 8gb nexus. internal storage is important to users.

    3. Why? I thought I would miss it, but I don’t. Not at all.

      1. I’m on the opposite end. I thought I wouldn’t miss it, but I definitely do. I can only load several movies and shows on my phone at a time, which means I have to constantly plug my phone into my computer to transfer additional videos for the gym and for my commute.

        1. I have Netflix, so I don’t think about that. Although I can stream all the porn from my home based Cloud… :)

      2. That’s great, no sarcasm here but that’s good that you can enjoy the device with that amount of internal storage without a need for further space. There’s just many, many more users out there, me included, that rely on the flexibility of extended storage through a Micro SD slot.

        Videos and music can take up a lot of storage, then you have those great games like Modern Combat and others that require some sizable space. 16GB Nexus 4, take away the space needed for the OS and other apps and your not left with the advertised space. That’s another discussion right there.

        When I fly to Bahrain and other places during the year it’s nice being able to carry dozens of TV episodes or films on a couple Micro SD cards to enjoy during the trip. It’s just that convenient.

        More power to those than can enjoy the storage the device comes with. I just wish Google and others would provide the option is all. Samsung and Sony shouldn’t be the only ones offering flagship devices with that option.

        1. I am not sure what your argument is about though… There are many phones out there that have MicroSD, but you are complaining about the one which will never have it.

          I would like more space too, but at 16GB, I have no issues, but I guess I am not flying to Bahrain either.

          Google (and Apple) want to drive people to their Cloud Based Solutions. In a couple of years, it will most likely be all cloud based, which is where ChromeOS comes in. I believe that there will be a convergence, and if you are not into the Cloud, not sure what you will do.

          1. Their aggressive push to cloud storage wont alienate me and others. I’m sure we wont have a future where our flagship devices will not be able to store anything on the device unless you use cloud services.

            But my argument is that the options out there that do offer Micro SD support are few when it comes to the TOP Flagship phones. Phones like the Nexus 4 and HTC One. Flagship. That’s what I’m talking about.

            It’s great that Samsung continues to provide consumers with the option, along with the removable battery. Sony is continuing that as well with the Xperia Z. If you have only 16GB and have no issues, awesome. It’s just not awesome for many other consumers out there.

        2. I’ve got a Nexus 7 with 32 GB flash, with the new 1080p screens, folks are going to want a 64 GB, or even 128 GB option, Microsoft tablets already offer that, but are too expensive and the OS sucks up the storage on the 64 GB option.

          1. That does make me wonder if we’ll soon see Android phones and tablets with ‘iPod-size’ storage options. 128GB? That’s lovely. Thanks for that thought!

    4. 32/64GB options, 32/64GB options, 32/64GB options, 32/64GB options, 32/64GB options, 32/64GB options, 32/64GB options… :P

      1. Hehe… Nice. I like that Mr. Chavez. I’d put down some cabbage for a 64GB Nexus phone today. Multiple choices = consumers win.

      2. They’re NOT going to do that because they WANT YOU to rely on GOOGLE Cloud services.

        1. bbbut, I can’t have unlimited data to reliably rely on these uber services, and fast enough data connections aren’t reliably available in every square inch of the world

    5. My $50 Android TV JB 4.1.1 HDMI dongle, has a micro SD card slot, can’t be that difficult.

      1. I would hope it wouldn’t it be.

    6. Use the cloud.

      1. Rather not.

        1. Then shut up!!!!!

          1. Civil discussion.

          2. I would be civil if people would understand that if they had an sd card of 32 and 64 gigs an LTE radio, a1080p screen and everything else that the N4 doesn’t have that they would have to pay $500 or better for this awesome phone. Google has said from the beginning that these were left out to keep the pricing where it is. But apparently this was missed by everyone.
            People can’t appreciate that they have a great phone with great specs for a low price. They need to get over it.

          3. That’s more like it. No need for random expletives. I would say that many consumers do in fact appreciate these modern devices and are aware of Google’s intentions for pricing their devices the way they do. It’s just that there are those who would not have a problem paying a premium price for a truly premium phone and one that offers expandable storage

            Like I said in one of my comments, these are champagne problems. Hardly a serious discussion that should bring out such strong emotions. We’re fans of Android and tech in general discussion mobile phone subjects. Bit of fun, bit of fun.

    7. Not going to happen microSd cause lag and by not having it is cost efficient. No nexus has had it in a while i think N1 was the only one actually.

  28. Basing the Nexus off a previous flagship is a fail or setup for short coming. Make your own device. You might as well have made an Optimus G Pro with stock like you did with the One & S4. Have your own design and base. One phone, LTE, all carriers, & Google should control the updates. Very simple. Apple does it. Carrier excuse are no longer an excuse. And make the camera have quality features with quality video and picture taking ability.

    1. Basing the Nexus hardware on another device is a cost efficient way for Google to make a hardware platform. For example, Google wants to add NFC to Android. They tell Samsung to make a Google version of their device with NFC even though Samsung won’t add it for another year or two. Samsung gets early access to the next Android version as a reward. This method works.

      No Nexus device was based off a previous flagship. At the most, the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus were released right between Galaxy S releases (so Samsung was basing the device off the current flagship). HTC’s Nexus One was ahead of the curve and the LG Nexus 4 had the same SOC as every flagship that year.

    2. Google does control the updates but because not everyone is GSM that is tough to do, and android is open source not closed source like apple. What you may think is simple is actually very complicated. The only way for google to have full control is gsm and completely unlocked. There has never been carrier specific exclusive nexus besides the Galaxy Nexus which google has learned from.

  29. I don’t mind LG. Just make it a 5 incher this time!

  30. Nexus 4 design is better than this up coming curvy nexus 5.

  31. Meh, anyone but LG please. I’m not entirely unhappy with the N4, but the parts I am unhappy with are due to LG’s shoddy production process. They just don’t produce quality, and I honestly don’t think they’re capable. Whoever makes it I hope it comes with more options than just 8 and 16. 16gb is SO small, I can’t even put a 1/10th of what I want on the phone and cloud can suck it, it’s not a valid solution to my storage problems.

    1. Personally, I feel you are wrong on every point, let me explain…

      The N4 is a beautiful phone, built with quality materials and very sturdy. The only downfall is the glass back, which cracks/breaks easily.

      The options of 8 and 16 were most likely Google’s. I have the 16GB version, and I have so much space left it is amazing. The cloud is where you need to be, if not, it may be time for you go move to a feature phone.

      I believe that the N4 is the best Nexus to date, and was a huge accomplishment for LG and Google. Quality over crap.

      I bought my N4 on the second go around with the Play Store Fiasco

      1. 2 words: light bleed. Every LG phone i’ve ever bought bleeds light around the edges. If the thing I stare at every day has defects then I consider the whole thing a flop. If you don’t believe me look up G2x light bleed, there’s tons of photos of it. THe n4 was no different. It’s disappointing that after 2 years they still can’t perfect their display manufacturing process. I own 2 N4s, and both bleed light.

        I’m glad 16gb is enough for you, but I have over 30gb of music that I can’t store on my phone. You may say the cloud is the solution, but I say data isn’t available everywhere, and data caps exist that prevent me from using it whenever I want. If i’m on a train that’s going through tunnels, no data. If i’m in my car in the middle of nowhere where T-Mobile isn’t covered, no data. What good is that cloud doing me and my music collection then? As far as app storage, if you like to install video games there’s so many now that are pushing into the 1 – 2gb range now. If you have 5 games loaded up that are 1 – 2 gb you’ve almost ate through the entirety of the storage. Not to mention that cloud storage has a cap before I have to pay for it monthly. I’d rather pay for that storage up front inside my phone.

        Your statement that its time for me to go back to a feature phone is absolute nonsense. How would it be time for me to go? Feature phones do nothing that a smart phone does and has even less storage than the N4. Completely ridiculous statement. I want more storage so I can do MORE with my smartphone, and you tell me a feature phone is more up my alley? What world do you live in?

        1. Dude they say the iPhone is selling very well or do you already have one? Hmmmmmm!!!!

    2. Then don’t buy it and move on.

  32. Since there’s so much discussion on cloud storage. 2 things will need to happen, first data must come WAY down, and cloud storage will have to be damn near free. It will not be mainstream until both happen. It’s FAR from mainstream now. Less than 5% of cell phone user’s use it.

    1. Though you may not realize it a lot of apps are starting to utilize cloud storage like with gaming specifically tie it with your facebook account and continue on your other device instead of restarting only a matter of time really.

  33. actually, LG does NEED another Nexus device to redeem them after the terrible product shortages and subpar build quality of the Nexus 4.

    1. Did you say subpar build quality? You are showing your ignorance and your hate.

      1. How can you say nexus4 is high quality device for that price!? Yeah,nice phone… with cheap materials. It simple, if the price range of nexus is in the category of other well known device, you can say it’s very well made.

        1. So what do you have to say about the S3, S4 or Note 2? They are made out of plastic if you wanna talk about cheap materials. The N4,s build quality is one of the best with top specs for less money. I think that’s why so many people as yourself hate on the N4. I have an N4 and I love it. Maybe you should talk about what you have and it’s shortcomings.

          1. It’s a self explanation, you can figure it out by your own understanding! Don’t get hurt, though I’ve xperience that when I bought my galaxy nexus, some components are cheap. Right now I’m writing it by my htc one, upgraded from gnote2 @ tmo. :-)

      2. I’m not ignorant nor would I expend the energy to “hate” a device. LG’s Nexus sports a body built with glass of which the back is of dramatically inferior durability in the product’s build. Look around the internet…there hundreds of owners with shattered phones. Even Chris Chavez’s N4 shattered dropping it a couple of inches. And the N4 is missing LTE. The screen isn’t the best either…which is tolerable from the perspective of keeping the price down below $300.

        I suspect you own a LG N4 so are only showing your own ignorance.

        1. If you read my post I said that I own a N4. You still haven’t said what phone you own. It seems like you are afraid to. When the iPhone was made with glass it was a thing of beauty. FYI you could go on YouTube and you will see that the N4 is one of the best made phones on the market. Yes the N4 is fragile, so what. Buy a case and you’re good to go. For some reason as I stated before you are biased and probably wished you had one. The fact is that the N4 is one of the top 5 best phones out regardless of what you think.

        2. How many of them don’t have cases on them when they dropped? sounds like a personal problem. I have one of the cheapest thinnest cases on my N4 dropped it multiple times not a crack. Chris’s situation was that he didn’t have a case and dropped it on the shifter. You are completely ignorant in this regard if you have never owned an N4 and going off of hearsay. N4 missing LTE has nothing to do with build quality. The screen not being the best has nothing to do with build quality. If you look on the internet for ANY phone you will find lots of shattered devices… Your argument is moot. A lot of rugged phones with metal backs drop like the motorolas and shatter the front screen. Would rather a shattered back or front glass?

    2. Most of nexus device have subpar hardware likes camera, battery, low volume.
      Subpar phone for subpar price.

  34. Resemblance of Samsung captivate.

  35. I hope this is not the nexus 5. I hate the overly round corners, curved top and bottom. It is ugly as bat, and should be banned.

    1. It would be completely pointless. I think it’s going to be more square/rectangular like the S4, so the size of the screen can expand without having the phone’s overall size increase.

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