May 29th, 2013

Google Play Music 5.0.1041J update

Google Play Music has just seen an update in the Play Store and it looks to fix up some issues Google seems to have forgotten to include when it was released a few weeks ago. Today’s update brings the version number up to 5.0.1041J and finally gives users the option to not only remove albums from their libraries, but delete unwanted tracks as well.

There’s also the handy option of sharing tracks with your friends on Google+, so help create some buzz on your favorite artists (the new Vampire Weekend album “Modern Vampires of the City” — get it). And where at first it looked like they fixed the pinning of All Access music to my HTC One, it still hangs about half way through and aborts. Maybe next update, Google?

If you’re like me and were having trouble getting the Play Store to recognize the update, try uninstalling then reinstalling the updated app. Cheers!

[Google Play Music on Google Play]