HTC T6 leaked as HTC’s upcoming “phablet” device


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As tipped by the-one-and-only @evleaks, we may have discovered the codename for HTC’s upcoming phablet Android device. The HTC T6 has appeared in a Linux string — as discovered by HTCSoku — and will come in a few variants: Cassiopeia, Columba, Delphinus, Crater, and Eridanus. These will support a wide range of wireless networks as detailed in the image below.

HTC t6 linux match

While not revealed in this “leak,” the device is rumored to come equipped with a display between 5 and 6 inches. Because of the 6 in the codename, this is leading some to suspect it will have a 6-inch display (or even 5.99-inches). Keep in mind HTC’s previous flagship — the HTC M7 (One) — wasn’t exactly packing a 7-inch display, so we don’t think the codename has anything to do with the display size (I’ll continue holding out hope for a more traditional 5.5-inch display).

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  1. The HTC ONE is cool w/me.I actually would like to see more of the same in a 4.3″- 4.5″ model.

    I was considering getting a GN2 or GN3 (whenever it comes out),but,I picked up the HISENSE SERO 7 PRO this weekend ($149 @ WALMART) & it has pretty much filled that need/desire for a phablet.

    However,I’ll definitely take a look if such a phablet from HTC arises,especially if it comes w/an improved/customizable BLINKFEED.

    1. How do you like yours? I got mine and i am so impressed by it

      1. AWESOME!

        BTW,it will accept a SANDISK 64GB SDXC,just format it to FAT32.

        1. One question though. How come you are not waiting for the next Nexus 7 and just got this instead?

          1. Good question:

            #1: SD CARD slot & HDMI out.

            #2: You’ll never win the waiting game,there’s always something better on the horizon & @ the price-feature set you’d be hard pressed to find a better all-around bargain.

            #3: WAL-MART:no-hassle returns along w/two inexpensive warranty options above & beyond the standard mfgs 1yr warranty (WAL-MART CARE) $15/2yrs for mfgs defects & $28/2yr total comprehensive coverage. $ZERO$ deductible w/both plans.

            #4) For all the flashoholics,development is alive & well over @ XDA-DEVELOPERS,w/ROOT/RECOVERY/ROM already available.
            A very inexpensive alternative to tinkering w/your daily driver phone,especially if development on such is @ a dead-end/non-existent.

    2. I just looked at the specs. I’m blown away. At that price with what you’re getting!?

      But I play a lot of games, and apps don’t do so well when running from the SD card. =.(

      But I will look into this.

      I’m a dolt. The Ouya is out. I keep thinking about getting a device to connect to my TV and play games. LoL!!

      1. It’s not bad,but,if you’re a big gamer,I’d wait for the next NEXUS tablet,as I’m sure it’d be better spec’d & would provide a superior gaming experience compared to the SERO 7 & would be worth spending the extra $ for such.
        Development may lead to overclocking capabilities & might improve the gaming experience.(Already rooted & ROMMED,I’m guessing overclocking is just a matter of when,not if.)

        I use mine for videos/news reader mainly & it’s plenty powerful for that.

  2. How about you people phuck off trying to push the term ‘phablet’.

    1. You people?

      I’m sorry the lingo here isn’t up to snuff w/your sensibilities……………

      1. He’s right, who the hell says phablet other dbag journalists? Other than here and the asshats over on cnet noone uses that word. It’s either a tablet or a phone. And at this point only Samsung makes a tablet that also funtions as a phone and I don’t even believe it’s actually for sale anywhere.

        1. If the GN8 came in a 4.3″ form,what would you call it?

          1. The Galaxy Player. =.P

          2. With phone call capabilities/radios,like the International GN8?

          3. The Galaxy player is the 4-5 inch “tablet”. They technically already made it. Though if they throw in calling capabilities then it would still be the Galaxy Player.

            I was just trying to make a joke. I guess I didn’t do such a good job. I like the word “phablet”. I was thinking PDA device. How PDA’s used to be that big and had a stylus. As you may know, that is quite redundant, though.

          4. I got it,I have a sense of humor too.It’s hard to tell @ times in such forums.It was more of a dig @ SPOKEN WORD & his opinion on the term PHABLET….. :-)

          5. I guess it’s the lack of emoticon usage. But okay…

            I’m imagining you as a person with a serious tone even for your sense of humor. LoL!!

          6. LOL Indeed….! Once had to explain to my parents why a teacher wrote down in the comment section of a report card that I was a good student,but…….. insists on being the class clown @ all times….. ;-D

        2. LG Optimus G Pro

        3. Samsung isn’t the only one that makes tablet with the phone function.
          Asus Fonepad 7″ tablet,ever heard of it? It’s available in UK’s carphone warehouse for around 180£ sim free.

          If you don’t like the term phablet,well,it’s your problem.
          Why won’t you come up with something better?
          What is the point of calling “us people” names just for using this term?
          Get a life….

        4. There has to be some naming convention to distinguish them as a hybrid tablet/phone. Do you have a better idea?

      2. Sorry, by ‘You People’, I mean journalists trying to push this lame moniker.

        Other than that, I stand by my idle flamebait.

    2. Please, give us your suggestions? Would you call this a phone? Some would call it a PDA, but you see the redundancy in that.

      1. I’d like to think that in the future the fact that these things can make phone calls is irrelevant, and they’ll all be ‘tablets’, regardless if it’s 3.5″ or 10″.

        Not going to happen, while carriers ultimately decide the success and failure of internet services on devices they lock down. But the term ‘phablet’ is just thickening up the buzzword soup and making acceptance/understanding harder.

  3. Just put something to counter the multi screen of Touchwiz and the S-Pen of the Note line. I am up for a phablet from HTC. Their One looks sleek. I don’t care if I have a Snapdragon 600 over the Exynos Octa.

    1. No doubt,the HTC ONE is smooth w/the SNAPDRAGON 600,not a single stutter or F/C after a month of use.

      I imagine the sound system on such a PHABLET (YOU’RE WELCOME joeyjojojuniorshabadoo & SPOKEN WORD) ;-) , would be on par w/some of the high-end tablets (SONY XPERIA Z/MOTOROLA XYBOARD).

      Uh oh,now that I think about that possibility,I may have to reconsider my 1st statement here…………………… ;-)

      1. Now, I just would like a timeframe. It feels like HTC is finally doing the right things to sell phones. Have four potential devices: one for the Android Purist, one for the budge conscious person, one for the person who likes big screens and tablet esque functionality, and one phone that is all rounded.

    2. Well HTC came out with the Flyer first but Samsung made the idea work. It really should be a standard (note that even if it is a standard doesn’t mean that every tablet must have it. Just that Samsung shouldn’t be the only place to go for it). Stylus is something that really differentiates android tablets from the iPad.

  4. Although I hate the word “phablet”, if this comes out on Sprint, it will be my new phone.

  5. Why do i feel like most of the comments on this page are spambots? Anyway Im looking forward to a new tablet. Would be nice to upgrade phone and tablet at same time. Probably gonna pick up the HTC One and pass the N7 off to the wife at first chance of upgrade :D

    1. Since I currently account for almost half of the posts here,gotta ask:

      Where are you coming from w/the SPAMBOT reference?

      I don’t see it,people are just relating their experiences/opinions/wishes……………..

      That’s kinda what the comment section is for & all present comments,whether you agree w/them or not,are on-topic or close enough to it,IMHO. :-)

      BTW,in case you’re wondering,I do not work for WALMART/HISENSE/HTC or any subsidiaries,if that is what you’re referencing. ;-)

      1. LOL that’s exactly what I was referencing. The fact you responded with an actual response, directs me to think otherwise :D. I thought it was an advanced BS version of that damn bot that makes XX amount of dollars in an hour and wants you to click on a shady link -_-.

        1. I hear ya,you’d think DISQUS would be quicker to rid the discussions of such BS,unless they’re the ones responsible for the spamming.

        2. I think Kolio is a pretty cool guy. Eh posts with Disqus and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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  6. Have some speakers just like the HTC One and I can see me getting this phone. Oh, and 32GB standard. 16GB is not enough for anything!! You can’t put no apps on that. LoL!!

    1. Isn’t the HTC One 32GB standard?

      1. I meant if they make a 5+ inch variant. Make 32GB standard, even if they have expandable memory or not.

        1. Ohhh okay, I gotcha. Make 64 GB standard since they made it AT&T exclusive for the One. :P

  7. I remember when a phablet was a phone over five inches now its been pushed to six.

    1. Yep, and I also remember when some Android phones were in the range of 6.0-6.3 ounces while having 4.0-4.3″ screens. The Note isn’t much heavier than that while having a 5.3-5.5″ screen… one of Samsung’s hat tricks is achieving such a high screen-area-to-weight-ratio with its Galaxy S and Note phones.

      That the HTC One is 10% heavier than the S4 doesn’t matter too much since both are pretty lightweight (though you can slap a high capacity battery in the S4 and still be lighter than the One). But if the HTC 6 ends up being 10% heavier than the Note III while also having a smaller screen and smaller battery (like the One has vs the S4), that might be more of an issue with a “phablet” class device.

  8. always feel the need to show off something huh Chris?

  9. Well, if they do make a bigger one they’ll have room for that microSD card they said they couldn’t fit last time.

    1. Word brother. It would be nice, although I might grab the phone even w/o the microSD slot with 32Gb+. But it will be a total WTF if they don’t put one in and add one to Chinese/Japanese versions of the phone.

  10. HTC has no reason to not have microSD card now.

  11. this is bs. the problem with htc is that they’ve diluded their name with too many phones and don’t have enough man power to support them all. i thought they were on to something when they release the one x, one s, and one v until they signed too many exclusivity deals and then kept adding other generic phones to their line up. then they gave the impression that they’d focus on just one phone. the One. now they’re making more phones. they’re already struggling with staff support. the htc one is their last chance and they need to treat it as such.

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