May 23rd, 2013


Shazam update iOS home

Shazam has long been my go-to application for quickly identifying new music from the world around me. Today, Shazam has announced a brand new update for their iOS app — coming soon to Android — and it introduces some new media and social features to their application, making it more than just an app for tagging music.

How many times has this happened to you: you hear an awesome new song at the mall, movie theater, or playing on the radio and by the time you unlock your phone, go to your apps, and select Shazam — it’s too late. You’ve missed probably the only opportunity in your life to nab some great new music (this is an unacceptable situation with my level of OCD). In the latest update (only available on the iPad initially), Shazam can now run in the background, auto tagging music and media as it plays around you. Whenever you get a spare minute, just open up the app and see what has been tagged, saving important media to your favorites for later. Of course, this can be turned off in the settings and I’m curious to see how they implement this feature for smartphones (most likely an ongoing notification).

Shazam update for iOS

The homescreen has also been overhauled, showing you in real-time TV shows and movies that have been tagged by other Shazam users. They’ve also introduced a map for easy viewing of what people are tagging in your city, state, or country. All of Shazam’s social aspects still remain. The tab to see what your friends on Google+ and Facebook are tagging is still present, although once again spruced up with a new UI.

Seems like a pretty solid update. Shazam didn’t go into specific on when we can expect the Android version of their popular app to go live in the Play Store. Only a vague “in the coming weeks” time frame was given. We’ll keep you updated.

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