Apr 30th, 2013

Glass Getting Started Past

Looks like Google is officially going full steam ahead with Google Glass — or, as we say in the hood, hard in the paint. There have already been a few walkthrough videos popping up online and attempting to show off Glass’ user interface which, up until recently, has been all but a mystery to most of us. To better give users a better idea of what the future will be like looking through Glass, ‘ol Googs took to the official Project Glass YouTube channel and uploaded their first video dubbed “Glass How-to: Getting Started.”

The quick video shows off the Glass homescreen, a timeline of cards that show everything happening in the world right now, or things that have happened “in the past” (ie, photos, messages, etc.). Awesome stuff. I can’t say I’ve been this excited about a new product since… well, the HTC One. Anyone convinced they’ll be picking up a pair of Glass when/if debuts next year?

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