Game for Fame: Beat our Super Stickman Golf 2 high-score to win a $50 Google Play gift card [Contest]


It’s time for another round of Game for Fame!  Sorry for making last week’s so difficult.  Being in just our 4th week of this contest series, we’re still learning too!  We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience for  our beloved readers.  Of course, you can always hit me up in the comments with more suggestions.  We have tweaked the contest (once again) to start offering it on a Wednesday – Sunday at 11:59PM starting next week.

Due to the short turn-around time from last week’s contest we are still verifying last week’s winner of the Auralux contest, but I’ll be sure to post the winner in the comments as soon as everything gets confirmed.

A quick review on the concept: we play and review an Android game and if you can beat our high score (and prove it), you’re entered to win.

This week we’re offering a $50 Google Play gift card again!  Let’s get to this week’s game!

Today we’re taking a look at Super Stickman Golf 2 by Noodlecake Studios Inc. Watch the Super Stickman Golf 2 review below then beat a -5 under par on the first level to enter the contest.  Make sure you follow ALL of the directions to ensure your entry is eligible.

How To Enter:

Selecting a winner:
  • Everyone who shows proof of beating high score AND posts their promotion of our contest via a link to social media in their comment, as explained above, will automatically be entered to win
  • We’ll select one random winner from those who have beaten our high score
  • Winner MUST show proof that:
    • The high score is actually theirs
    • They completed one of the social posting requirements (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube) prior to being selected as a winner.


  • The winner must be 18+ years old and be a resident of the United States.
  • Contest entries will be accepted until Sunday, April 14th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • The winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Neverstill Media staff based on randomly drawing a winner’s name from amongst the valid entries
  • The winner will be contacted through the social media outlet used to promote the contest within 24-hours of the close of the contest.  If no response from the winning contestant is received, the prize will be forfeited, and Neverstill Media staff will identify and contact replacement winners until the requirements are met.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. If multiple entries are submitted, Neverstill Media will choose one – at their sole discretion – for inclusion in the contest. If the multiple entries are excessive, entrant may be banned.
  • Neverstill Media reserves the right to disqualify anyone from this contest for any reason at their sole discretion.

Ok, there are the rules…now FORE!!!!

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  1. Yeah, first to comment! Oh, wait…sigh. Good luck everyone, enjoy the game…it’s really good!!!

    1. Golf is all backward. You try to get your balls in the hole, and keep the stick in your hands? What ever were the Scottish thinking?

      1. I so want to feed into this…but I must remain “professional”. :)

    1. Your Twitter link is bad. Please re-post it to be qualified for the contest.

  2. That is a complicated direction! Will do this when home then, my best is -20

  3. My score was -17 under par. Here is my screen shot from my Galaxy Note 10.1 and my G+ post

  4. I like the idea of the contest, but not going to spam my social media.

      1. I appreciate where you are both coming from…but we need publicity too. A single tweet OR Facebook post really isn’t spamming. (I’ve also heard people who have Twitter accounts just for contests…just a thought).

        1. I’m not slamming the contest for requiring it, by any means. I know you need publicity, too, as do most of the contests that one finds over Twitter and the ilk. I just don’t appreciate it when people spam this sort of thing to my feed, and so I try to refrain from doing it to them. Personal preference, nothing more :-)

          1. Completely understandable. I’m actually just not a big fan of social media at all. Until about six months ago I didn’t have a Facebook account at all. Cheers!

          2. Yea like your feed is SOOO important. Besides its a choice, you dont have to do it.

    1. Please fix your social media post so that I can see it and verify your entry into the contest…thanks!

    1. Please fix your social media post to match the instructions above to be properly entered.

  5. “…beat -5 under par on the first level…”

    Seems like a double negative, which would really mean we have to beat 5 over par. Just sayin’ ;p

    1. LOL. True, I’ll have to work on that. :) That’s why I only ever get one article a week out…it takes the editors and entire week to fix my horrible grammar. :)

    1. Please fix your social media post that I can see it so I can verify your entry into this contest. Thanks!

  6. Last time i got excited about this contest. I downloaded the pinball app, and not only did I fail to beat Phandroid’s score, I couldn’t even get to half! LOL

    1. Don’t worry, you’ll probably be able to beat this one on your first try!

  7. -18 on my first try. Maybe this one was just a tad *too* easy? :)

    1. LOL. It’s too easy, it’s too hard. Kidding of course. I had to make up for last week! Plus, bottom line is it gets everyone playing an awesome game!

    1. And here is the screenshot

    1. Glad to hear it! :)

  8. *sigh* Another US only contest. Just as soon as Canada gets the ability to redeem play store cards, the contests pop up for Americans only. Makes me sad.

  9. loved this game

    update* got a better high score now. This game is a blast! keep posting more addicting games for us. -21

    1. I’m trying! If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

  10. Well, not bad!!!!

    1. You need to link you social media reference to be qualified.

    1. I need a screenshot or a picture of your score for you to be entered into the contest.

  11. -17! The original Super Stickman Golf was one of my favorite games for Android, and this is a fine sequel.

    1. Please fix your social media reference so that I can view it if you want to be qualified for this contest. Thank you!

      1. Didn’t realize the post was set to Friends of Friends. Changed to Public. Please let me know if there are any more issues!

  12. Just a REMINDER, if you are chosen as the winner I will be contacting you Monday or Tuesday through the social media method you posted by!!!! Please continue to check your social media after the contest. Thank you!!!

  13. -18 with a clean ball.No power ups here

  14. -18 under and clean ball.

  15. Marat here with a -20

    1. Need your social media link to be eligible.

  16. Got a – 27 but only a resident of Australia :-[

  17. Pleased to say this wasn’t as difficult as last week’s to complete, that took hours!

    and image

  18. :-)

  19. Loved SSM1, so this was fun to play. The new portal level is my favorite.


    Additional photo proof in the G+ post.

    Curious though. Who won last week?

  21. Allan here and I too got a -29

  22. Hi my name is Angel and I beat your high score.

    *Hi Angel*

  23. Here’s my effort….. and my post….
    Good luck to all!

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