3DMark is now available for Android devices, another benchmark to validate your smartphone/tablet purchase


Benchmarks are a funny thing. I think we’ve mentioned it close to a hundred times how, in real world usage, they don’t really amount up to diddly squat. Well, let me clarify that — they can give you a general idea of a mobile device’s performance, but they’re not always the bible truth in gauging the “speed” of a phone or tablet to the end user.

Be all that as it may, Futuremark has just released an Android version of their popular 3DMark benchmarking application and while this wont tell you how “fast” your Android device is, it will accurately measure the graphical performance of your phone or tablet objectively, showing you the frames per second your smartphone is capable of pushing using Futuremark’s intense graphical demos. The best part is you can see how your device stacks up against iOS or Windows devices, giving you not just another way of gauging the size of your manhood, but single handedly validating your device purchase in the process. Check out the trailer followed by the link to the Play Store. What score did your phone or tablet get, bro?

[Google Play link: 3DMark]

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  1. 10864 LG Nexus 4

    1. Thats impressive…over 9000! But I call BS! :D

  2. Good things it free! Paying for 3DMark software is like paying for WinZip….if you do, you automatically go to heaven!

    1. Every time someone pays for WinZip or for 3DMark, a kitten is viciously murdered. Are you a cat killer?

      1. I paid for WinZip once at CompUSA years ago when I had Windows 95!

        1. You murder!

          1. *murderer

      2. I don’t like cats. Let me go pay for WinZip…

  3. I can finally compare my gtx 690 to my note 2 performance.

  4. cant remember the last time i ran a benchmark. they’re pretty much irrelevant these days if you know what you are buying.

  5. I got 5510 on my T-mobile GS3. 2822 on extreme.

    1. On my TMo S3 I got 5752 & 3252

  6. play store says not compatible with my galaxy nexus. say what?

    1. it seems that i have encountered the same issue.
      oddly enough, it has no trouble with my old Galaxy S+ running CM10 :|

  7. ts doesnt show my score , i have a galaxy s3 and after the video it just trow me to the “run test” screen

    1. I paid for WinZip once at CompUSA years ago when I had Windows 95!

  8. Is it actually accurate? Because I ran the test and my N4 had scores at least 10 to 15% higher as the average Nexus 4. My phone isn’t overclocked. The scores were also higher than the ones for the Galaxy S4 or HTC One which both should have more processing power in the GPU and CPU department. Or is stock JB and lower pixel count the reason for that?

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