Apr 2nd, 2013

With the announcement earlier today that Amazon Cloud Drive for Windows and Mac has finally been updated with the ability to sync your Cloud Drive folders between computers, there’s never been a better time to check out the Amazon Cloud Photos app for Android. Sure, the app wont let you upload anything other than photos, but the fact that everything will be synced and easily accessible across your computers, finally makes Amazon Cloud Drive a viable Dropbox/Google Drive alternative. Well, once they drop the whole “Photos” part from their Android app.

As it stands, Amazon already undercuts the competition as far as pricing, offering 5GB of free Amazon Cloud Drive storage, or paid options ranging from 2oGB for $10 a year, 50GB for $25, 100GB for $50, 200GB for $100, and… you get the picture. Not too bad at all. Amazon Cloud Photos for Android can even auto-upload photos taken with your Android devices ala Dropbox. You can download the free app via the link below.

[Google Play link: Amazon Cloud Drive Photos]