T-Mobile updates HTC One sign up page, now throwing in a free HTC car dock


And here’s another HTC One update. It looks like T-Mobile has updated their HTC One sign-up page with another deal for early adopters. Now, Magenta is throwing in a free retro looking official HTC car kit/dock (while supplies last) for anyone that signs up on the page by April 4th, buys the HTC One by April 26th, and if they trade-in their current device by May 31st, will receive a bonus $100 VISA card.

Remember, T-Mobile is offering the HTC One for only $100 with one of their super low, contract-free monthly rate plans. Of course, you’d have to opt to pay for the phone over the course of 2 years at $20 a month. Still, it’s one of the better deals we’ve seen being offered for the One so far.


Chris Chavez
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AT&T HTC One priced at $250, officially goes up for pre-order this week

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  1. will buy either ATT one or Tmobile one unlocked. gotta sell my s3 first.

    1. I literally just sold my Galaxy S3 to my brother (so it’s still technically in the family). Paying the difference and getting the One 64GB version on AT&T.

      1. Dude. You SOLD a phone to your brother? Why did you not GIVE it to him? It’s your BROTHER. :-

        1. Money speaks, my friend.

          1. Not when it comes to family… At least not in my mind, anyway. Each their own and all that, I guess.

          2. Well, if my brother is capable of paying for his own stuff, then yeah, I would expect for him to pay for what he wants… but I’d give him a “family discount” … lol

        2. I mean dang dude. if he bought the S3 off contract for say $500, he can’t just give that away. Especially since it seems he plans to take the money from the S3 and use his own money to buy the HTC One off contract!

          1. That’s cool… And if it were a phone that came out, say, two months ago, then yeah, I might tell my brother to shoot me a fair amount. But an S3? A year later? Nah, my brother wants it, it’s his.

            That’s just my thing, tho. I am not going to kill anyone for something like this.

        3. I would do the same. Ain’t nothing free around here lol

        4. You must be his brother……………

          1. Alright… That was funny. You win.

          2. I’m sure the mark-up didn’t exceed the “Standard Family Discount” of 10% over MSRP,that’s what familys’ for……… ;-)

        5. I gave him a good deal, man. O_o

          1. Ok.

  2. Car dock is a good deal and will probably cost around $50 without this promotion.

    I just checked and they will give $100 for my ancient G1 that has been collecting dust. If I go this route I’ll send that in instead of Nexus S or Nexus 4. Score.

    1. I know what you mean. HTC takes back your phone and gives you the $100 gift card or the value of your phone. What ever is higher. I wonder if the type of phone matters. =.P

    2. Where did you check? The HTC website ( just shows the bare Amazon AWS site with no HTML loaded yet!

      1. I signed up, got an email with a code, hit the link, entered the code, entered in phone (g1) and it gave the minimum $100 value, then hit “save quote”.

        1. Cool beans! I signed up when they first started with the original promo, so I guess I’ll have to redo it.

          1. Yep. Search your email for “htc one registration” and you should find your first thank you email and that will contain a code too. Or sign up again with a different email address.

        2. Same fore me. If I go with the HTC One than they will take my OG Evo for $100.00

          1. just before I saw the draft that said $7646, I be certain that…my… neighbours mother was like realey earning money part-time from there labtop.. there brothers friend has done this for only 13 months and just now repaid the loans on their place and purchased a great new opel. go to…….. BIT40.ℂom

  3. <———–Sighned up ,can't wait keeping my s3 …….gonna look on craigslist for a g1 for under40 , so lets see new phone new car dock 100 visa card ……with win win win…… : )

    1. Might wanna check out the details first. I’m sure there are a heap ton of phones not eligible. :p

      1. Haven’t seen any details yet but I’ll be sure to look out for that , maybe you could put that in an overload for those details …; ). Thanks for looking out

      2. I’m more than sure my E4GT is eligible. LoL!!

  4. Apparently all sorts of promotions are necessary in order to sell HTC’s smartphones, cause HTC smartphones don’t sell themselves.

    1. It’s called marketing. You know, like how Samsung spent around a billion in marketing to sell the Galaxy S3 because, like you said, “smartphones don’t sell themselves.”

      1. Yep.

    2. You do know that Samsung actually offered flip covers for the S3 and Note 2 as a promotion right? Cause, you know, Samsung smartphones don’t sell themselves.

  5. I always wanted the One X car dock, but not bad enough to shell out $60 plus shipping for it.

  6. I don’t know why people keep harping about the $20/mth financing cost of phones on T-Mobile. Considering their plan costs are $30/mth cheaper or more you still come out far ahead, and that’s with unlimited everything!

  7. problem is, it’s tmobile

    1. to some, to others, Tmobile > the other 3 carriers

    2. If you live in a major city, as most people do, AND you want to save a little money, t-mobile’s just fine – especially the uncarrier plans.

      If I wasn’t locked into AT&T for another year I might switch (in NYC). I could get way more service (a 2-line “unlimited” family plan VS limited single-line) for about the same $80/mo

  8. Yay: HTC charges $50 for bumping up to 64GB from 32GB when if you had a sdslot you could just add a 32GB class10 microSDHC card for only ~$25 (or a slower one for even less).

    (Still waiting for sandisk to release their 128GB microsdxc cards…)

    1. At least that’s better than Apple’s $100 to go from 16GB to 32GB.

      Thoough, yeah, SD slot would be a plus.

  9. I hope T-Mobile sales the phone outright for 580. I want to keep my grandfather plan.

  10. They can offer me all the docks they want but theres no way im getting this “disposable” phone. S4 plz hurry up

    1. Why would you dispose of this phone!?!! :O

      1. If your battery dies (not drained but dead) or needs fixing, good luck trying to repair it without further damage to it esentially making it a “disposable” phone

        1. I mean, the HTC warranty covers 12 months, I doubt anything will happen to a phone after that. Even then, HTC would more than likely help you out especially if it’s a simple battery issue.

    2. Lol, your gonna get that bloated god awful TouchWiz crap.

      1. …in exchange for that bloated god awful Sense crap?

  11. This sounds cute

  12. Must i pre order to qualify?

  13. Aaah, no credit for the tip. :(

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