Minuum wants to change the way you drunk QWERTY with new keyboard app for sloppy typing


When it comes to Android, if there’s one thing we can boast about as users it’s the sheer amount of keyboard replacements we have at our disposal. So many in fact, I haven’t been able decide on just one, switching between keyboards multiple times throughout my day to suit my mood. Well, Minuum is another new keyboard application that will soon be making its way to Android devices (of all shapes and sizes) and it looks to solve a few problems facing keyboards today: drunk texting, and the ancient QWERTY layout.

Wait a minute, you guys already know you should never drink and text. But if you should ever find yourself in that situation, Minuum keyboard might help out with that. Touting a new layout that’s perfect for “sloppy” typers, Minuum does away with the traditional QWERTY layout we’ve been using for hundreds of years, opting for a new and improved single row QWERTY. It sounds crazy, I know. But Minuum promises more screen real estate for viewing chats with friends, and an auto-correct engine that could beat the best of ’em.

The other benefit to a keyboard of Minuum’s size is the ability to type accurately on super small devices, things like Google Glass or maybe even a smartwatch. While that’s all good and dandy, I’m still not so sure how the keyboard will perform in real world usage. I type on my computer the old fashioned every day single day and rewiring my brain to type differently on any device seems like it could be real a challenge. Still, we wont have to wait much long to check out Minuum for ourselves. The keyboard replacement has been successfully funded on Indiegogo hitting $31,000 of its $10,000 goal with 29 days left to go. Looks like a lot of folks want to type different afterall, huh? How are y’all feeling about it?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Hmm… It’s different, but I’d like to try it. Hopefully they’ll have a demo available at the Play Store soon so I can try it out

    1. Yeh, the saving on screen real estate is worth the shift away from swiftkey, but only if it allows for just as fast and accurate typing. Hoping to find that out in a demo version.

  2. saw this yesterday… wonder if it will take off… kinda doubt it.. many people have tried to reinvent the keyboard…

    1. Well, if the $20K it has gotten from the kickstart is any indication, this could be a huge hit.

  3. I think I’ll stick to my pocket sized “typewriter”.

  4. I think it will do well. Considering I saw a similar post last night about this keyboard. I went to the IndieGoGo website and it had about $7400 of it’s goal. Today it had $30,000. I can only imagine how much bigger that number will be in 29 days.

    I wouldn’t mind trying it out.

    1. The problem is, all these people backing it have yet to try it out. It might not be as functional as today’s keyboards, and worse of all…. it might suck completely :/

      1. Well..that could happen.

        What makes you feel it might not be as functional as most keyboards now?

        I initially thought that, but after watched the demo video it really did seem functional. I really like the idea and I feel it would be neat to not lose that screen real estate. I just think it will take a few days to get used to. But the best part is supposed to be the auto correction. So even if you terribly mess up, it should, in theory, know which word you meant to spell!

        P.S. We have the same first name :D

  5. Please take all my riches!!
    If I can find a keyboard that can filter in my loss of a physical keyboard, I will cry. Every keyboard I use seems to think that I’m typing “Tue”, “NY” and “Ibdontnlikebthis”. -_- Oh, and that’s “The”, “my” and “I don’t like this”. Those are just a few woes. And since they’re actual words, they don’t get corrected. =.[

    And does anyone else have that issue where you’re texting and if the previous word was auto-corrected, if you quickly try to hit shift, the letters will capitalize then go back to being small. It slows me down so much. I try to type “Hello the Key…” but if “the” was auto-corrected and I’m texting too fast when I hit shift to capitalize the “K”, the words would become upper-case then go right back to lower-case. Saw this on ALL stock Android and Jellybean Samsung keyboards.

  6. I like the looks of this. If and when it debuts on Play I’ll buy it, even if it doesn’t suit me it’s nice to support developers doing their best to promote innovation where it counts.

    1. Good for you! Every article about Apple vs Android litigation garners lots of commenters ranting about “stifling innovation”. Yet, when something truly innovative comes along, folks are talking about how it might flop, how they’re happy with what they’ve got (ie, it isn’t necessary), etc. Hey, it’s “innovation”! Why isn’t everyone in the cheering section?

  7. The title of this article annoys me

    Minuum wants to change the way you drunk QWERTY with new keyboard app for sloppy typing

    1. Based on that (and the last paragraph of the article), it seems that Chris could benefit from this keyboard!

  8. Hmm…Minum is drink in Malay. Minuum would be how you say it when you’ve had a few too many.

  9. Minuum + Myo + Google Glass = ___???___ (fill in the blank)

  10. If you back them, you can expect a beta in June! AWWW another GREAT reason for summer to get here faster!

  11. omg this invention is tight!

  12. Looks very interesting. I would like to try that, as it makes very valid points about the problems, current keyboards have. If the sulution is as good as the analysis of the problems, this might be a great invention.

  13. Man, another one? I’d rather have more development on voice recognition. I bet my text to voice is much faster than even this. With that, and speaktoit, I barely use my keyboard on my phone. More accuracy, and bluetooth connecting, is all that I need from voice rec.. There are so many other ways to connect, without using keyboards now.

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