Samsung officially gives us our first REAL glimpse of the Galaxy S4?


Remember that leaked Galaxy S4 image in the wild from earlier today? Well, it’s looking a lot more legit after seeing this. Samsung’s official Twitter account is giving is our first real glimpse of the upcoming Galaxy S4 — well, the corner of it anyway — and it looks…. just like the Galaxy S3. I tweaked the image’s contrast to show more of the device (that’s why the quality looks off) and as some have pointed out, the phone no longer has speaker for listening to calls. I suppose it’s possible Samsung anticipated we’d tweak the image and released only a very generic image of the Samsung Galaxy S4. No one knows for sure.

In the past, Samsung teased the Galaxy Nexus in a similar fashion, showing us only the curvature of the device, so it would only make sense if this is really the S4 and not Samsung teasing the S4 by showing us the S3. What do you guys think so far? Don’t forget to tune in Thursday where we’ll finally get to see all 4 corners of the device.


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  1. I think that may actually be the S3 in the image. The leaked photos from earlier showed a smaller bezel on the sides.

    1. I think you’re right, kinda as if the new GS4 is above to its left shining down on the older generation.

    2. Wait- why would Samsung tease the S3? O_o

      1. It’s their twitter account. They don’t always get things right lol

        1. I mean, that’d be a pretty big eff up but I guess anything’s possible.

          But tell me, even if the S4 looked almost identical to the S3, would you care at all?

          1. Yes. I don’t want the same exact device. I actually liked the leak shots we got earlier. It was a more refined design in my opinion.

          2. The shots leaked earlier look exactly like this, the only difference is the missing speaker grill and the smaller top bezel

          3. And smaller side bezel, roundness of the leaked images from earlier are rounded more like the Note II and not the S3.

          4. Smaller side bezel too on the leaked pics

          5. Lines up perfectly. http://i.imgur.com/TPqigPi.jpg

          6. Interesting… I suppose they could have wanted to tease the S4 by showing a generic image of a Samsung phone, thus using the S3 and removing identifiable features (speaker grill, ambient light sensor, ffc).

          7. well yes……same reason hitler got mad when the iphone 4s was announced……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxn6Ag0mmhs

      2. They aren’t… O.o

    1. Apparently wii don’t need speakers anymore. =./

      1. Works for me. I never use the phone app anyways.

  2. Can that really be it though? No speaker or visible FFC?

  3. I stand behind my comments that the earlier photos weren’t the Galaxy S IV. One of the screen shots of the software the device was running reported it was running on a Linux kernel version 3.4.5 – no version of Android runs that kernel version. 4.2.x runs against Linux 3.0. Not even Cyanogenmod runs against the 3.4 tree. As such it’s highly unlikely the software build was legit, and that of course casts doubts on the hardware in the photo also.

    1. Actually there are a few devs on xda who have a working version of the 3.4 kernel running on devices. invisiblek has one for the d2vzw that I’m running as we speak. So maybe the earlier leaks were accurate sadly.

      1. I could get Android up and running on a 3.8 tree kernel if I wanted to. Doesn’t mean a major manufacturer is going to copy me. It’s highly unlikely that Samsung decided to ship a kernel from a whole other tree with Android – that’s the kind of change Google makes for new versions of Android, not OEMs. While it’s technically possible, yes, you’re right, it’s highly highly highly (IMO) unlikely.

  4. Can’t the phone just keep the same design? Ya’ll be trippin’ to much.

    1. The same exact design for a new version of the phone? That sounds… familiar. And creepy. O.o

      1. Its not the exact design, smaller top bezel, no speaker grill, and all we have seen so far is the top left hand corner of the device lol

  5. Samsung have never been strong on design and build quality, but very good at marketing and the still implementing the holy grails (for some) of SD cards and removable batteries. HTC on the other hand have been innovating but can’t grab the headlines quite so well. Shame that, they have some great hardware, and the recent sense versions have been light and breezy.

    1. I’m guessing the HTC One doesn’t have removable storage? Every time I search it, Google always brings up post about the HTC One (Place letter here). I can’t search the HTC One. =./

    2. Imo, HTC lacks in software, (i.e. Sense) but have great hardware. But, I’d rather have great software and lacking hardware (as far as aesthetics go) than lacking software and good hardware. Plus, I can’t go without an SD card, so if Samsung sticks with it, I’ll be going to Samsung again.

  6. Where is the speaker?

    1. desperate Apple has sued the crap out of competition.
      NO ONe can have speaker holes ANYMORE.

  7. It’s a 5″ Galaxy Tab!

  8. so it’s not going to have a front speaker or front facing camera? not buying it. We’ll see thursday.

    1. LOL! I’m guessing Samsung knew people would tweak the image to show more of the device, so they released only a generic image with the rest of the details removed.

  9. Stupid Samsung. Looks way to close to the S3 for me. Skip.

  10. Unless that is a tablet ?

  11. Mmm, pixel-tastic! Even if it’s a real mock up from Samsung, who is surprised? It’s a rectangle with rounded corners… What will really matter are the specs, performance, and actual screen quality.

    1. I agree, though it would be nice if they fixed some minor design flaws too. Like the headphone jack, it’s supposed to go on the bottom, not the top. Plus a camera button on the side would be a cool thing to bring back.

      Also I know it will never happen, but the whole physical center button with capacitive buttons on the sides is kind of annoying. They would never give it up, because it’s part of the brand image, but would be nice to just have all touch buttons.

    2. Don’t forget battery life

  12. looks smooth~

  13. Maybe the Samsung logo is a speaker grill…

    1. back SAMSUNG’s logo is Qi charging circuit,

      Verizon logo is Home button,

      and a rear camera is just a window for our beloved green Robot)

    2. That would be much smarter than what HTC did with the One.

  14. Plastic…meh

  15. looks like every other cheap plastic samsung phone. Why would they change it?

    1. lol, so piling phone components into a shell made from recycled beer cans isn’t cheap?

  16. Samsung !!! Just looks like S3,Time to recruit people who “THINK DIFFERENT” . All the Samsung phones looks the same !!

  17. Samsung seems content to stick with an uninspiring design. I’m sure it will be a solid phone in terms of specs, but after the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z, the bar has been raised in industrial design and materials. This phone will perform well, but no one’s going to fall in love with it.

    1. Pretty much how I felt about the S3 when I owned it. It performed well enough, I just didn’t enjoy looking at it.

      1. Funny thing is that people used to say similar things about HTC designs… That they all looked the same and were ugly/uninspiring. This was back around the time of the Sensation /Evo 3d.

        1. and that is why they didn’t sell very well.

      2. totally agree….if the s4 is a carbon copy of the s3, i’m definitely giving htc my money.

        and btw, couldn’t this twitter pic just be a potential galaxy player (styled after the s3) that they’re announcing alongside the s4?? I would laugh if they tried to fool us with a picture of something else lol

    2. I know there are a lot of people who feel like a phone should be beautiful. I just don’t get it, though. It’s a tool — a gadget. The screen needs to be high quality, and the interface needs to work well, but the aesthetics of the device itself? Meh. Do you care how beautiful a wrench or a remote control is?

      1. There is some truth to what you say. But ever since the original razr and everybody started carrying cell phones around, it became an accessory. Do you care what your watch, shoes or wallet look like? A lot of people nowadays do.

        1. I can sort of see someone caring about their watch or shoes. Those are visible all the time. But you put your phone in your pocket or, if you’re a woman, your purse. It’s not something that others see much.

      2. May I ask which phone you have?

        1. Nextel i560…. lol

        2. I have a Galaxy S3. I chose it for specs, not aesthetics. It’s not an ugly phone, I guess, but that’s not why I chose it.

      3. A car needs only go from point A to point B. But aesthetics of a car play a significantly pivotal role in the purchase decision.

        You can apply the same philosophy to televisions (Sony), computers (Mac), apparel, timepieces, eyewear, etc. Wireless devices are certainly foremost tools but they also serve as status symbols and a reflection of its owner’s personality in some sense which is simply a reflection of capitalist society. There’s a reason that the iPhone sells so well…and it not just for its ease of use. Its because of its aesthetics and the status that it carries.

        This may be laughable for some but if it weren’t true, we’d all be using white-label Linux computers, picking up the latest Chinese mobile device and driving a Toyota Corolla.

        1. A car is a more understandable aesthetic statement to me. You drive around in it, and everyone sees it as you drive around. a smartphone/cell phone sits in your pocket (or purse, if you’re a woman). You take it out to make phone calls or send a text/email. Its function is much more important than how beautiful it is, because you’re the only one who’s going to see it, most of the time. That’s why it’s odd to me.

          1. I would argue that depending on your lifestyle..more people see you with your phone than in your car. I go to dozens of business meetings, social events, conferences, work activities, the gym, family gatherings, etc. where my device is out in open sight.

            Believe me…other people notice what you are using. I have a colleague hanging on to his Blackberry and people make comments all the time…”you’re still using a BB?”, “i didn’t realize BB was still around.”, etc.

            Design is second only to function. We’re very visual creatures and the tactile connection also derives an emotional response.

      4. well can it be beautiful and powerful at the same time?i think we already saw two of them on htc one and sony xperia z.

    3. If it has a removable battery, micro sd card slot, and gets good rom support and is powerful enough, I’d give it a chance. Industrial quality materials would be nice, but the overall design is the same for all phones. They are all flat rectangles with sharp to fairly curved edges. They all have 16:9 aspect ratio screens now, aside from the lowest of low end, and have the same general features, front and rear camera, flash, etc. There isn’t too much variation.

    4. AGREE 100% after those two is really hard to beat them design wise.

  18. its just a render anway. S3 one too. S4 supposed to be square-ish just like the leaked cases suggested. cant wait. for thursday

  19. Mmmmm. Can we see Kate Upton’s little toe again?

    1. That’s what I was thinking. It would deff bring something new to the table and a game changer in terms of screen to bezel ratio.


    2. Oh man that would definitely put Samsung ahead of Apple. but it has to work perfect and not break easily before a company will put that technology on their flagship product. I personally can’t wait till I can get bone conduction on my phone

    3. with wireless charging and bone conduction mic and speaker you could actually make phones waterproof and feel safe about it

  20. that’s obviously the Galaxy S3S

    1. I agree, that just can’t be the s4 I’m tired of the round corners. So bring on a more sharp shape.

  21. Voice is no longer a issue. A camera at the bottom captures every word and relays its in natural voice to the other party. Called Smart Voice.

    1. No, it’s Smart Speaker: you don’t know where it is, but everything works perfectly.

  22. It’s the ultimate in reverse marketing – build disappointment in the lead up to a device so that when it’s unveiled and looks nothing like all the leaks and renders everyone is blown away!

    Or at least, I hope that’s how Samsung is playing it.

  23. It’s blue-ish.
    SAMSUNG will show GS4 on March 14.

    GALAXY S4 teaser ads CLEARLY show something METAL that will be either SILVER or BLACK.
    2 color options.
    And digits “4” on those ads HAVE VERY SHARP EDGES promising something really well designed.

    SAMSUNG, it’s time to drop plastic and show something WOW.

    1. Samsung won’t drop the plastic, so don’t get your hopes up.

    2. If you see the teaser Video with the kind, when he opens the box he says “my favourite colour” while holding a Aero (black and white) bisquit in his hand. Maybe, I say maybe blackish and whitish??

  24. So they’re going to “pull a htc” and give us the GS3 + but call it a full upgrade? Please..

    1. OR GS3S, HAHAHA!

  25. I don’t understand why some people don’t like this, its basically going to have the same dimensions as the S3 but a larger screen which means less overall bezel, the build quality also isn’t as bad as everyone is insisting it is, its going to have glass in the front, aluminum on the sides, the only thing plastic is the battery housing which the HTC One or the Xperia Z have.

    1. It is not that People don’t like the gs3 design is that we already had the gs3 for while this is a brand spanking new device why be like apple and brig the same design on a new phone? but i am really hopping that Samsung have a surprise for us and this is just disguise that is being use here.

  26. Just what I thought a dark device,it reminds me of my sg3 but a little different.

  27. Maybe they are gonna use bone induction for the earpiece?

  28. if that’s the real design, snoozefest on Thursday.

  29. Its So! Sexy. ツ
    Says the Samsung fanboy…

  30. Final nal in the coffin for Samsuck

  31. I must say, nothing about this picture is exciting to me. It’s hardly even a picture. I know, it’s all to stir hype, but still. This does nothing for me.

  32. Why the question mark at the end of the statement?

  33. All Samsung phones look the same…there it’s no need to frantically wait for leaked pics of the s4 cause it’s going to look the same

  34. That looks like an SIII…..FOOHWTS! They must be really excited about the new design or hoping with the SIII and NOTE 2 images they fool us enough so we say hey its bezzel less and don’t look like a past device with slightly better specs.

  35. For the record I LOVE fan droid you guys are the very first I open for the latest in tech. I feel you really should incorporate the like a comment or dislike in your app.

  36. It looks like the S3.

  37. All the comments on here show that android fans are never happy.

  38. i had the s2 then the ugly s3…no way im buying the s4 if it is the same lame design..!!

  39. HTC is looking better and better every day, i knew it was going to be tough to beat HTC design as it is the sexiest phone there is right know.

  40. Yall sum ungratefull mofos…the galaxy s2 and 3 was very successful phones…they were designed perfectly well…i rather the rounded edges then squared like…unless u combined them both (roundish,squarish) then that’ll look pretty nice…i guarantee all the ppl on here that said they wouldnt purchase this device if it resembled the gs3 will either be a fool or bluffing…this phone is gonna pack a hell of a punch when it comes to specs,soft n hardware…i have the gs3 now n i will be grabbing the gs4 once it drops.

  41. Galaxy s3s

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