Nexus 10 review from an iOS user’s point of view


For many Android users, they would rather lick a toilet seat than to so much as touch an iOS device. I’m sure Google appreciates the dedication, but unfortunately that can leave some of us with a good amount of… bias. While it’s great to read a review of a new Android device from a devotee, it can also be just as valuable to get an opinion from the other side of the fence. Perhaps that’s why I found this review of the Nexus 10 from iSource so refreshing. No blind fanboyism. Just a pure, honest opinion, from a techie who has an affiliation with Apple products and has owned every iteration of the iPad (even dabbled with the Nexus 7 in the past).

While he largely had great things to say about the tablet, issues arose from Samsung’s less than premium build quality, and overall inconsistencies within Android’s UI that eventually pushed said reviewer back to his beloved iPad. I get it. I do. Small issues for someone like myself but I believe he made some pretty valid points. With the Nexus 10 you’re getting 3 things: an awesome processor, amazing display, and great price. For some, that’s all they need. My favorite snippet:

“I have been asked the question, “How could you prefer a platform that doesn’t offer as many options or customizations as Android?” before. Just remember that this review is from the perspective of someone who is an iOS user, and is happier with that experience. Even though I am a tech professional by trade, have been interested in mobile technology for close to 20 years, and have owned at least one device running just about every major mobile OS ever produced, that doesn’t mean that I am automatically required to run Linux via a command line and carry a 6” phablet running the latest version of Cyanogen to keep my geek status card certified and stamped. Believe it or not, some of us tech enthusiasts actually PREFER simplicity and a clean look and feel. But, again, that’s just me.”

Still, Android users will be quick to point out how much more a power user can do with the Android OS, a testament to its superiority but honestly, that’s not for everyone. And if it’s not — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Personally, I could never leave Android and believe it or not, I also like peanut butter in my pepperoni pizza. Just because your palate isn’t advanced enough to handle the complexities of the two flavors exploding in your mouth doesn’t mean you’re any less of a person. It only means you like something simpler, and that’s okay. I’ll never understand all the hate towards people who simply prefer an OS that’s different or more “simple” to use (sometimes simple is good), and although I’ve sent a jab or 2 the way of an iOS user in the past and will continue to do so in the future, I mean no ill will by it and it’s always in good fun.

For those that thought the ending of this review was predictable, let me remind you of another post from a member of iSource who reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and at the end of the day, fell in love with it, making it his daily driver. It happens. So, if you’re an Android user who was thinking of purchasing the Nexus 10, or perhaps mixing things up with iPad, you may want to check out the review for yourselves over on After you’ve checked it out, let us know if you agree or disagree with this man’s review.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I like being bias. I’m loyal to a fault.

    1. I’m not sure who you referring to but there are multiple uses of the word. :-P

  2. Hm. Instead of a toilet seat, try licking the back of an iPad in minus Celsius degrees. Not safe. Not at all. :-)

  3. I don’t hate people that use Apple. I just hate Apple.

    1. i dont hate apple, i hate apple microsoft and nokia. i hope Linux steps its game up. So i can move to linux

    2. Don’t! If anything/anyone, the mindless fanboys are most deserving of it.
      Then again, mindless fanboys of any kind (iOS, WP, Android, etc) are probably all just as bad

      1. Then i’m really bad.

    3. Apple deserves to be hated:
      Apple censores your personal emails.
      Apple eBook price fixing lawsuit
      Apple iOS Apps Leak More Personal Info Than Android
      Apple lets your kids to easily spend parents’ money, beware
      FBI files: STEVE JOBS was a lying, power hungry, mad man
      $1.2 million fine in Italy
      40% of iOS popular apps invade your privacy without any permission.

      see here:

      and still an iConboard you cant seriously use (even default app choice or free copy is missing!!):

      how could any one buy such an inferior and overpriced product?? :) really only a stupid person

      all are just facts from print

      1. Narrow minded Fanboyism is the problem, which you sadly personify. Google/Android have made as many or more bad headlines as Apple, the fact you can’t see both sides is a ‘you-problem’.

        – Streetview cars stealing wifi data
        – Manipulating code to bypass browser privacy settings
        – Scanning entire copyrited books without permission of the copyright owner, then fighting for SEVEN YEARS saying that was ‘fair use’.
        – Type ‘google antitrust’ into Google (ohhh, the irony), and get comfy, cause you’ll be a while…
        – Android called one of the ‘most closed open-source projects in history’
        – Cutting corners just to hit release dates:
        Andy Rubin on Honeycomb ”It would have required a lot of additional resources and extended our schedule beyond what we thought was reasonable. So we took a shortcut.”
        – And, of course, the best for last: If Eric Schmidt wasn’t in a trusted position on Apple Board of Directors to take all the ideas from what is now iOS, Android would have started life as a Blackberry competitor, and not had the significant head start it did.

        To clarify, I am not here to slander Google/Android. I am just pointing out to the narrow minded that most companies have a shady side, ignoring it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The new mobile Blackberry, Windows, Android and iOS are all good, people just have different needs and experiences.

        – I had an Android phone, but there were issues I couldn’t get over. I am not sure it will eve be what I need, but I am still open minded (which is why I am here).
        – Microsoft needs to really stand out to get me to even entertain them again… Which they haven’t
        – The new Blackberrys are impressive, as they add apps and remove bugs they could be a real contender again
        – For me, it’s iOS for now. While I don’t (natively) have the customizability of Android, the stability is far more important, and Jailbreaks are available across all devices if I feel the need to tinker.

        1. These problems are by farest less important than what I wrote ;-)
          I described direct money stealing techniques and fascism, you just smthg not so much important…. You dont read much, right? :-)

        2. youre funny: “Android called one of the ‘most closed open-source projects in history'”

          how you can this, product for free, compare with “Apple eBook price fixing lawsuit”

          or “40% of iOS popular apps invade your privacy without any permission.”


        3. “Cutting corners just to hit release dates:”

          ??? what the hell is this? how this could be compared to a sin by Apple “FBI files: STEVE JOBS was a lying, power hungry, mad man”

          youre just a funny boy :)

  4. One problem that I NEVER see addressed though is the lack of file system. I use my N10 for work. I also carry a 4S (issued by work) that I use for work email, and my personal Note 2. Everytime I see another professional out on the road with an iPad and we start talking, I always mention the lack of productivity from zero access to file system. And every single time, they all nod their head in agreement but continue to use the iPad. No thanks. Everytime I get a work email on my 4S with an attachment, I forward to my gmail so I can actually do something with that attachment. No mater how pretty, or whatever an iPad is, it can never match a Nexus 10 in terms of file manupulation, editing, and access by all apps, as well as file organization

    1. That’s the biggest reason why I don’t own an iPhone…lack of access to the file system. My best friend got an iPhone when I was still pro-BlackBerry (I’m now a GS2 user) and every time I pick up his phone to “play around”, it gives me the feeling as though I’m wearing a straight-jacket.

    2. File system available if you Jailbreak. Not a big commitment, opens up plenty of new doors

      1. But a rudimentary feature such as that should come ‘out the box’ not having to soft mod it.

        1. some could say the same about rooting…

          1. No, not at all – root is mainly for monkeying with the main Android system itself (custom recoveries etc) you can get file mangers on Google play with no root prerequisite. Only people without any prior knowledge and mainly in the iOS scene would say that.

          2. i was not referring to rooting as a whole, perhaps i should have specified. Perhaps the main reason for rooting, (updates?) is a rudimentary feature that should come out of the box. But people simply shrug it off by saying “just root.” I feel that to be in the same ball park as the statement above.

            -current nexus 4 users, previously owned evo lte and evo 4g

          3. Now that sounds more to the point – the debacle known as Android updates:

            there’s only 2 variables here:
            The carriers want tocontrol their income flow by making sure people keep paying the £€¥$’s for new updates (surprisingly in the form of a new phone)
            While at the same time trying to look like they are aiding in getting the update ready by testing etc

            The Handset makers want to put THEIR mark on Android by making their own custom skin and thus burdening themselves with the task of making updates, getting bored and releasing a new phone that surprisingly has an updated version of what they were already working on with slight tweaks.

            My rule of thumb: if it isn’t a nexus you wish to get, make sure cyanogen are supporting the device you are thinking of getting :)

            Apple seem to dodge this by controlling every aspect of it’s OS with no carrier interference – this is also why there is no Nexus 4 on Verizon: the Galaxy Nexus is YET to receive 4.2.2 officially.

          4. Oh i know, im not ignorant to the reasons, i’m just saying that the same exact argument could be said. Also, getting a nexus isnt a viable option for everyone since it’s pretty limited in its carrier selection. So many are “stuck” with the likes of skinned android devices. So unfortunately, there is no easy way out for everyone.

          5. That’s where, if they really wish to get that Me us experience they will start reading, learn to root their device, flash their first ROM :)

            I started on the G1 – left as it was, got a HTC desire Z, it came with Sense (ugh)
            I saw the US counterpart (G2) came with ‘vanilla’ gingerbread: it looked glorious (back then)

            So I started reading on XDA – lo and behold. Somebody was making AOSP ROMs. So I followed a root guide and made my phone a nexus per se.

            I think the main reason people keep stuck though. Verizon’s grandfathered unlimited data. This is why T-Mobile are upping their game.

          6. not only that, tmobile is fine for me. But plenty people don’t have tmobile coverage. They have only access to Verizon or ATT. Lets hope the Motorola X can help with this.

            Also, i have a nexus but its stock. A lot of people have no interest in rooting or trying to figure out how to root. I paid a friend of my mine in food so he could root my Evo for me lol.

          7. T-Mobile is beginning national rollout soon from what over read (I’m T-Mobile here in the UK)

            Let’s Hope that no nexus 4 learned Verizon a lesson and hope ‘X’ is for all.

          8. I get what you are saying, but the point is that even if your handset is not updated, you can have more features and do more with your device without making root compared with an ios device that get all the updates. You can do more, like have a file system with your optimus G that will probably be stuck in 4.1.1 than with your Iphone 5 that will get ios 7 and will not get a file system witouth jailbreak.

          9. That’s fine and all bit not everyone needs file system. Just like not everyone needs updates (my mother doesn’t know the difference between jelly bean or ICS on her gs3) I’m just saying it’s the exact same argument. So if we can defend every deficiency of skinned devices by saying just root, we cant really be mad when someone says just jail break. That’s all i meant.

          10. I left rooting behind long ago. I find that placing a launcher on your phone, for example, holo or nova, is just as good as staying up to date. Then you just wait for your next phone upgrade. Rooting can break your phone.

          11. Since the majority of devices are gingerbread or higher it doesn’t matter at this point. I’ve talked with people running gingerbread and asked if theyes are happy with their phone they all say yes.

            my tech friend with a sgs 2 which has jellybean available is staying with gingerbread. It works.

            And he’s right. Gingerbread still does way more than ios. Froyo still had way better notifications and sharing and complete access to your files.

            is built for more user access and freedom and control from the ground up.

          12. I understand what you are saying but that isn’t at all my point, in not arguing android vs iPhone. There are plenty of users who are happy with iphone4 or 4s with or without updates just as there are plenty if people who are fine with gingerbread or ics. I was just saying it’s the same argument but just pointed at a different feature. You might think file system is not important, others might think updates are. That’s preference, but the underlining story is still the same

      2. Yes You do gain features by jailbreaking. However, out of the box android is way more feature intensive. And if you do root, You don’t lose access to Google play. If you jailbreak, your stuck using third party apps.

        1. Jailbreaking took me 10 minutes, was ridiculously easy, safe & free. Stuck using third party apps? What do you mean?

          1. 1) once you jailbreak you void your warranty.
            2) once you jailbreak you can no longer get apps from the official app store. (iTunes)
            3) it’s ridiculous that you have to jailbreak to deal with the shortcomings of ios. It still is not as well built as android.

            droid is built more like a desktop os. If you want to use a different browser you can make it the default app. If you don’t like the stock launcher you can change it without rooting.
            you get access to your filesystem after you jailbreak but you still don’t get proper backgrounder services. Drop box on android will upload files without me having to open it, as will any number of other services.


            droid blows ios away when it comes to sharing. You can share from any app with sharing hooks built in. The New Nfc services take that a step further and let you share locally from almost every app.

            android is better than ios. Apple is playing catch up.

          2. 1. Technically, yes. Never heard of anyone getting pinched for it, though.
            2. I used to jailbreak, so I know that this is completely false. The App Store still works. It always has. I don’t know where you got this bit of info from. Check your source on that one.
            3. Ok. I don’t share that opinion, but ok.

            I don’t have any desire to have a desktop OS on a phone. Tried that with Windoes Mobile many years ago, and left it behind.

          3. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

            1-Warranty is not voided. If you need to return your iPhone for any reason, simply restore in iTunes, no record of being jailbroken stays on phone.

            2-FALSE. Again, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You can use ALL your apps in the Apple apps store and jailbroken apps.

            3-You don’t have to jailbreak. It’s not about shortcomings, It”s a choice, and you don’t have to make it. Not everyone wants to tinker. Some/most people are completely satisfied with stock Apple OS.

            If you want a desktop OS, that’s your choice, it certainty doesn’t make my choices any less relevant.

            Proper background services? Again it’s a choice, and I don’t think that yours is any less important to you than mine is to me. I am happy with my choice to use an iPhone.

            It’s remarkable to me that every debate has to end with Mine is better than Yours. Mine is much better to me. Yours is much better to you. If you want to comment on overall choices–the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S were the top two selling phones in the US last year–fact. Does that make your choice to use a Droid any less important to you. I’m guessing no.

            I can agree to disagree without throwing your OS under the bus. You should try it, it would make you sound more credible in your statements.

          4. Yea “stuck to using 3rd party apps?” where does clown come up with this nonsense. I don’t even have an iPhone and I know it takes 5 minutes to jailbreak and completely opens up the phone while still working perfectly with the App store.

          5. The 1015 error was caused by people editing the host file on the pc, in order to downgrade iOS version. Then they forget they did it, and try to upgrade to latest iOS and iTunes can’t find Apple servers. Apple app store has always been open to jail breakers. I have jailbroken every iOS device I own. iPod, iPad, and iPhones since ios 2. It’s easy and gives me great custom ability on Apples superb hardware. I also have a nexus 7 which I like too. Both have pros and cons. Older android hardware was no where near Apple. It’s better now but most of the older stuff was junk. My iPhone 4 lasted 3 years, still had full batt life. It sold on eBay for $300 at the end and paid for my new phone, can an old droid phone pull that off? I love the S3 too, just different not better or worse, biggest gripe I have is paying for apps on two platforms, keeps people from switching.

          6. I’ve used iOS. it’s a crippled operating system (without voiding your warranty).

            Are you happy with that? Fine use it. I’m not trying to stop you. jeesh.

          7. I dont find it “crippiling” at all, i just like to jailbreak my phone–sometimes. Thank you for granting me permission to use my phone.

            Again, Apple has no way to know to know if you were jailbroken unless you were stupid enough to bring in a jailbroken phone to be serviced. Warranty stays completely intact if restored to a backup in iTunes–you should know that if you used iOS like you say.

            As your proof, you are actually posting a link from an article that is 2.5 years old? Yes, it’s true, Apple doesn’t want you to jailbreak your device. I’m sure it is worked into the TOS. The real issue with jail breaking for them is not the apps or tweaks you put on the phone, it’s the process of getting them there in the first place. Jail breaking is achieved by finding security holes. Hence why it often takes months to get a new Jailbreak after an update to iOS comes out.

            As for the Macrumors link you used, another current read (2/2011) the individual didn’t know what he was doing and jumped to the popular “conspiracy theories.” Apple is in the business of bricking iPhones that makes sense.

        2. Its a work issued device. No jailbreak.

        3. BS. Jailbroken iOS has full access to Apple App store. Don’t lie.

    3. I just had this conversation with a friend. He has an iPad, and is an musician, but he cannot get his music onto his iPad and retrieve it. I was showing him my ASUS tablet, and he got excited. He is now going to get a Samsung Galaxy Note for his music.

  5. I honestly think it just depends on how people’s minds work. Many people seem to have this misconception that the iPhone and Apple mobile products are more “simple” to use than Android products. My 70+ year old mother thought otherwise. After wanting an iPhone for multiple years, I finally purchased that for her when it finally got released on Sprint. After the 30 day trial (before the policy changed), of course, she tells me that she hates it and wanted her old phone back (Samsung Epic 4G…GS1 for Sprint). Unfortunatley, it was too late…that phone was sold already. 1 year following that occurance, she has been swapped to a Photon Q and prefers the simplicity that Android experience gave her over iOS. Goes to show you, it all depends on how a persons mind works.

  6. I read his review. It’s glaringly biased and full of Apple fan-boy’ism. Not a fair review of the product at all.

    1. What points did you disagree with?

    2. Glaringly? It’s an opinion.

  7. I carry both my MacBooks on my Asus-laptop bag. Otherone of the Macs has Windows 8 as Bootcamp on it. I have the Lumia 920 Windows Phone and the Nexus 7.
    My favourite OS of all time? Windows 8. By far.

    I mean, OSX is nice for work, I like the fact that I can find all kinds of stuff on my Nexus 7. But lord if I’d find even one app that’s not a game and even close to as nice as their Windows 8 counterparts. But that doesn’t exist, since Android is the counterpart of old Windows. The Windows that I ever so disliked in all it’s engineer-likeness. Still not enthusiastic about Windows 7.

    The Nexus 7 also reminds me a lot of Vista. A lot of tastelessly chromed up, engineer fashioned looks and functions and heckloads of lag. The whole OS is like a laggy hell compared to Windows 8 or especially Windows Phone 8 which feels like stepping on to a piece of heaven after the hellishly slow and stuttery experiences with the Nexus 7.
    Even though OSX is my go-to OS for high reliability and plain work-ecosystem, it looks boring as hell, and god I do miss all the good apps and the slick usability of Windows 8 while using OSX.

    My problem though, is that no-one makes as nice hardware than Apple used to. I mean touch-screens are cool, but the Nexus 7 smells like chemicals and looks dull. Apple these days makes the boring chromed up crap as does everything. But lord if someone made simple, clear white plastic devices, like the white MacBook, I’d buy it instantly if the innards were great. Oh, well there comes Nokia with their gorgeous white phones. If they made tablets and laptops, I’d propably become a full-on Nokia guy.

  8. Peanut butter on pepperoni pizza huh? Alright dude I’ll try it on a slice..

    1. I’m telling you man… it’ll change your life.

      1. Peanut butter on a bacon cheddar burger. I honestly thought I had died and gone to heaven. I’m giving this pepperoni pizza one a try next.

      2. Next you’ll be saying barbeque sauce is good on a zinger. :-P

  9. Yeah for me I couldn’t get an iPhone because of the Apple image. I just picture trendy types with their bold frame glasses and skinny jeans sitting at a cafe.

  10. I hate this cop out of “it isn’t for everyone”. There is a superior OS and there is an inferior OS. One has XXX features. The other has XX features. One is open. One is closed. One has a wide range of form factors. The other does not. One is versatile and unified across form factors (phones/phablets/tables). The other one is not.

    1. Did you even bother to read the review?

  11. I almost made the switch to an iPhone. I got tired of manufacturers adding their own “themes” to Android causing problems and having to wait for updates. Then, screwing up features that worked fine when they finally released their updates. I want something easy, smooth, and decent. No “Sense” or “Touch wiz”, and no… I don’t wanna root. I got myself a Nexus 4 as one last shot before giving an iPhone a try and have been in love with it. Its smooth, quick, and I don’t have to jump through hoops to get what I want on it.

    Its easy. And that’s all I want.

    And yes… I love gadgets. But you don’t always need bells, whistles, and ways around it to be happy.

    1. I’ve considered making the 4 my next Android purchase. It looks solid. I wish I had waited and gotten it instead of the Nexus 10.

  12. Hello everyone. I’m James, the writer of the review over at iSource. Feel free to come over and comment on the original review if you want to discuss anything specific about it with me. I would love to hear from you.

    I do, however, have a question I would like to pose to the Android audience over here:

    Does anyone here that has tried both devices prefer the Nexus 10 to the Nexus 7?

    I personally found the 10 to be quite inferior in terms of app presentation, build quality, and value. For the record, even though Android is not my primary mobile OS, I really liked my 7. I sold it to a family member (who is very happy with it) to buy the 10, which probably has something to do with my soured opinion of it. It was a bad trade for me, in all respects. However, I would be interested to know what Android users think about this.

    Thank you!

    1. I really don’t mind plastic that much (although both are plastic I slightly prefer the Nexus 7 texture) and find the app selection to be mostly fine as most of the apps I use now have tablet UIs. I find the performance and display to be much better than the Nexus 7 but ultimately I just prefer the 7″ form factor. I feel that at the point where I’m carrying a 10″ tablet, why don’t I just bring a light notebook?

      1. I agree with you on the laptop comment, to a certain extent. After I got rid of my Retina iPad (which I used with any number of keyboard cases or docs), I picked up a Chromebook that was on open box clearance. I ended up keeping it, and i like it a lot more than I thought I would. It certainly has its limitations, but it is thin, light, has a good keyboard, and has relegated my work laptop to just..well, work. I prefer the large iPad in a lot of ways, but for just surfing and writing reviews, it is a bad ass little device.

    2. I prefer the 7 inch factor. 10 is too heavy for long holding. Especially to read. Nexus 7 fits in my pockets (some pants and cargos). And if i am correct, N7 has Quad-core and N10 is dual core..idk wahtever i just prefer the N7.

      1. A lot of 10″ tabs are heavy. However, one thing that I did give the Nexus 10 credit for was being thin and light. I just wish they had used some higher quality plastic on the back.

        1. James,

          First off, thanks for the review. I understand that build quality is something that is easy to place a numerical objective value on in order to rank items, but is it really such a factor in today’s society. I could be completely wrong here, as I’m just guessing, but isn’t it rare to see any mobile device in today’s society not in an aftermarket case anyways. I mean, how many iOS devices do we actually see that wonderful build quality just floating around naked? The same goes for any device.

          Personally, I never “cased” my iPhone 4 when I had it, and it suffered minor scratches etc because of it, but I was fine with that. I don’t case my GS2 now, and I have no problems, but the majority of society does “wrap it up for safety,” so why do we worry about the “higher quality plastic on the back?”

          Is it because a higher quality plastic or external case on the outside somehow makes us feel like we are getting a higher quality design and function on the inside?

          Just curious.

          1. Part of it is the price vs build ratio. For example, I have the Samsung Chromebook. I paid $200 for it as an open box item. It has a plastic exterior, but I personally like it a lot better than the build of the Nexus 10. It was also $200 less, to boot. That’s a great value to me. A worthwhile trade-off. The Nexus 10 didn’t feel like a good a value, and the build quality was a big factor in that. Bear in mind that is the plastic had been higher quality or felt better, I would not have complained so much. I though Asus did a fine job with the Nexus 7 build.

            Case or no case, durability is also a concern. That said, I usually do put skins at least on the screen. I also typically use cases with my iPads. However, I’ve never severely damaged a device by dropping it, so I haven’t been burned before.

            Also, I do prefer the feel of a sturdy, aluminum back to plastic. I’m not holding my Chromebook in my hands all the time, so I don’t notice the plastic so much. A tablet tends to stay in yours hands a lot more. But, I also realize that this is just a personal preference. Several people have mentioned that they don’t like the feel of aluminum, and I get that.

      2. Understandable why you like the N7. But don’t confuse the whole dual core vs quad core scenario. The dual core processor in the N10 is the next generation, which blows away everything else currently available in any (purchase-able) android device, while the Tegra 3 in the N7 is a (powerful but) budget processor. The N10 is still faster than the N7, even with four times the pixels to push.

    3. I’m about to go buy a Nexus 10 next week after my Xoom is sold on Ebay.

      I prefer the 10″ form factor for tablets. I don’t get tired holding it, and I feel that 7″ is just too small and too close to my phone’s size screen to really be different. Furthermore, I’m much more productive on a bigger screen like the N10. I can have my G+ feed, my Gmail, my Calendar and GDrive widgets all on the same screen on a 10″ screen but I can’t do that on a 7″. Its simply a matter of being able to do more with more real estate. Furthermore I use a tablet as a media consumption device, and I don’t want to watch a movie on a little tiny 7″ screen on a flight. My eyes would cross.

      I’d like to know what you mean by “app presentation”. I don’t get these weird terms that iOS people use to describe their crappy OS UI. :P

      1. I was referring to the way that some apps, which were obviously designed for use on a smartphone, scale up to a 10″ screen. That, and the fact that some of them will not rotate into landscape. The DirecTV and ESPN apps, all of which I use often to watch games, shows, and sports highlights on my iPad, suffer from this. All three of them are universal apps with tablet-specific, Retina-compatible interfaces included on the iOS side. It’s particularly annoying when you are trying to watch media with apps that do not work well on the platform. Couple this with the fact that Amazon won’t release its Instant Video app for Android at large, and the media side of the 10 left me flat. Considering that I got rid of my Retina iPad a while back, that’s one of the things I was looking forward to on the 10.

        All that said, the apps I mentioned aren’t as cumbersome and don’t look as poor on the Nexus 7. The interface isn’t as intuitive as the iOS versions, but they are much more functional on the smaller screen.

        1. That is mainly because a) they’re shoehorned iOS ports
          B)lack of true use of Android API’s and features (because they can only code in objective c etc) creates either a lacklustre affair or an oversized phone version.

          Google has many guides on dynamic sizing, fragments and tablet apps – but this sometimes mean more effort by the app creator(s)

          1. Makes sense. Since market share alone hasn’t fixed this, what do you think is the solution to spur developers to up their game? Would you agree that Google needs to get involved in showing off the features of the Nexus line through some flashy apps that really take advantage of the hardware in a big way?

          2. There’s the Android Developers website, YouTube channel and documentation available to follow with the Android Design Guidelines. It usually just boils down to “let’s just port the iOS app to save time and just skim over the cracks – it’ll be fine”


        2. Direct TV was updated yesterday for proper tablet layout on N10

          1. Irony. I just sold my 10 this morning. One app wouldn’t have made the difference, but it’s good to hear that some devs are doing their jobs.

    4. I gotta agree with you. I have used both quite a bit and settled on the 7. The size is just perfect and maybe it was that size because there was a screen that fit all the criteria google wanted and they built it around that and it was just chance but. It is just perfect in every way. The app layouts look perfect. the screen quality is superb and the battery life is exceptional. The nexus 10 is great in it’s own right but I also own an asus vivotab rt and tho the screens are the same size the design makes it feel slimmer more compact etc. It all comes down to the shape I guess.
      Thanks for the review tho. I do enjoy seeing our devices put up for hazing against someone from across the os pond. It helps open our eyes!

      1. Thanks, Lawrence. I would agree that the 7 seems to be built with the current Play store in mind. It feels much more versatile to me.

        It’s always good to get opinions from different places. And if you’re truly into technology, then you should be willing to try everything that’s out there and give it a fair shake. My review of the 10 may not seem fair on the surface, but I just really didn’t like the device after using it for a month. My opinion grew more negative the longer that I had it. Now, if I had done a Nexus 7 review, it would have read much differently.

        1. I own an Htc onex+ a macbook pre 13inch a windows 8 asus vivotab 10 with dock and the nexus 7 lol I think every “os” has it’s one perfect device and in my opinion I have the perfect setup. Even tho integration is rough at times I have smoothed it out with google drive and hotmails skydrive. I don’t use the icloud of course because it only wants to talk to ios or osx 10 but yeah. users need to see every side and the only reason I have this option is because I work for att so I get to play with everything and decide!

    5. So, from what I can tell, most seem to favor the Nexus 7. And peanut butter is good on everything. Thank you for your responses.

    6. I want a 10 for specific uses where I feel the 7 falls flat. I think. Having never used the 10 I don’t know if it’s actually better for:

      web browsing
      viewing photos
      and other similar uses where 7 just doesn’t fit everything I want to see.

      Can anyone comment on whether things like magazines are actually more readable/enjoyable on the 10? My experience on the 7 is that I can zoom in to read the text and sort of see photos, but it’s just too small to have the “feel” of a paper magazine. Is the 10 better for stuff like that? If it works like the 7 but fits more on the screen then I’m in.

      1. Better?

        Magazines: Yes.
        Web browsing: Definitely yes!
        Viewing photos: A super yes!
        Everything else: Yes… Other than size and weight… (and price)

        If you can get one and don’t care about the size and weight difference, then get it! The Nexus 7 is great, but the Nexus 10 is just that much better! If you want it for the screen, you will not be disappointed! I’m an amateur photographer (among other things) and I edit photos and then transfer them to my Nexus 10 and tweak them there, because I know they’ll look good after tweaking them on this awesome screen…

        Also, front-facing stereo speakers FTW!

        If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask…

        1. Thanks for the response. The 7 is perfect for books, email, and some of the news feed apps that are well optimized for a 7″ screen, but I think I will be getting the 10 too. I feel like digital makes so much more sense than paper for magazines and other visual media, and 7″ is just too small.

          1. You’re welcome!

          2. Hey, if you remember this, can you let me know after you get it if you like it or not? I’m sure you’ll like it, but I just want to know if I helped you in making the right decision or not…

          3. Sure thing.

      2. Just had another look at magazines and yes, a lot better than the Nexus 7… It’s like looking at a printed photo with a back light… You can read the text without even zooming in, but it is tiny, but still seeable… So you’ll still need to zoom, but not as much… The photos look awesome, no need to zoom them!

    7. I had the Nexus 7 for several months and had every intention of keeping it after getting the N10. Once I got the N10 I couldn’t look at the Nexus 7 screen anymore. The N4 and especially the N10 screen is way better than the Nexus 7. Also, with ~5″ screens on most Android phones now days the intermediate N7 really isn’t needed. Funny enough, a 7″ tablet makes more sense for Apple these days than Google because their phone is so small. Anyway, I sold my N7 about a week later. I think the N10 is better in every way and I found it is plenty portable, light and easy to hold. I wasn’t really shoving the N7 into my pants pockets anyway. The industrial design of the N10 is far superior, it almost looks like the perfect tablet I always pictured in my mind. Everyone should be doing front facing speakers. I’m over the small amount of light bleed that I can only see during boot up. I found the N7 not very pleasing to the eye and of worse build quality. I liked it much better when I put it in the Asus travel case. N10 is my favorite nexus device with the N4 in a close second. I loved my N7 before getting the N10/N4 and thought 7″ was the money spot. Not so much anymore.

      1. I totally agree!

        Although, I was shoving my Nexus 7 in my pockets, but my Nexus 4 does that job better…

    8. the 10 has a nice display…. and yeah. The Android 4+ on-screen keys are a real disservice on a device this size, it’d be much more functional with the honeycomb keys in the lower left. The centered keys from Android 4+ are better on the form of the 7. So right there alone I’m in complete agreement. But ultimately, right now the Note 10 is the best tablet for my needs.

    9. I traded my N7 for N10. That screen….

    10. Nexus 10 for sure! I loved my Nexus 7 before it died in a flood, but I bought a Nexus 10 to replace it… (I bought another Nexus 7 for my wife later on…)

      I read your review the other day, before reading this review of your review and I have to say that I didn’t agree with some of your points…

      First of all, you don’t need to root to install flash… The browsers I use to get it to work are Dolphin for Pad (Nexus 10) and Firefox (Nexus 4), but yes, it kills battery and doesn’t work properly for all flash on the web…

      You had a problem with the way widgets look ”janky”, all I can say is at least Android has widgets and you don’t have to use them if you want the ‘iOS’ look…

      Google Now works better for some people and not others, it’s all about the amount of interaction you have with Google products… and it’s getting more features all the time, but again, if you don’t like it, don’t use it…

      ”The only hardware feature of the Nexus 10 that truly stands out is the screen” and the front facing stereo speakers, HDMI out, the magnetic pogo charge connector…

      You said the back on the Nexus 10 feels cheap and tacky… I love it, grips to my hand very well, I can turn it to about a 75-80 degree angle before it starts to slowly slide out of my hand… (My Nexus 10 also has a clicking noise)

      “Third-party software or rather the extreme lack thereof” because they don’t scale properly?
      The Nexus 10 is the first Android device for sale to consumers that supports it’s high resolution, of course it’ll take time for apps to be updated or developed that show off the great screen… It also doesn’t help that the Nexus 10 is/was being sold in limited supplies (Why do devs need to code for the Nexus 10 when it has a limited amount of users? But that will change…

      Also, in reference to portrait-only apps, there are rotation controllers in the Play Store, I know it’s not ideal, but they’re a good band-aid until updates for apps come along…

      Awesome screen, great sound available at a cheap price… What more could you want?

      One question, where’s the file manager in iOS?

      Sorry about my rant, but you asked…

      Now I’ll just patiently wait for Google IO to see what Key Lime Pie will bring to my Nexus 10… Can’t wait!

  13. Android devices reviews on an iOS news site?
    So, that’s all Neverstill Media found to bring readers to iSource… desperate?

  14. Chris! I too love peanut butter on my pizza! I am not joking! My whole family bashes me for spreading a little PB on my pizza! I thought i was alone on this one. When i was in elementary school, my friend dared me to put the PB from celery sticks unto my pizza and the rest was history!….oh yeah nice article btw…

  15. Typically a person who has little interest in technology, or does not work in the field, buys and likes an iPhone for it’s simplicity. Android on the other hand, is for people who are advanced users. Android unfortunately does not cater to the average Joe with a beer gut. There should be a basic version, and an Advanced mode.

    1. There are scores of Android users who have no idea what they are doing and simply buy buy the device because it is cheap–they aren’t “advanced” users. I have plenty of interest in technology, I choose to use an iPhone, and I’m an advanced user. I am considering buying the new HTC One when it comes out this month, though. I thought I’d give Android a spin and see what it’s all about.

      1. You reaffirmed my statement.

        1. No, I’m open minded, and I don’t believe in labeling or generic statements about why an individual uses at certain operating system, mobile or otherwise.

          1. The majority of Apple users are not advanced, nor do they actually care about technology. They only like it cause it’s shiny, it’s hip, and it works. You don’t have to agree with me, this is my opinion that I have formed over the last 6 years.

          2. I definitely don’t agree, and that’s ok. But to say that Android is for advanced users is just as silly. You might be advanced-sure. I’ll bite, why are you advanced? What about using Android makes you an advanced user? Seriously, respectfully, I’m curious.

          3. Now, I would agree with this. The majority of iOS users are not advanced. This is true. However, since us techies are such a small minority in the grand scheme of things, I would be shocked if the same weren’t true for Android, as well. Lots of people just buy whatever the guy at the carrier store tells them to.

          4. This is true. The part about store employees pushing product. And this is why I say there should be a basic mode for Android, so that non-techie folks will have an easier time with it. Then Android will take over iOS once and for all. But the OS in it’s current state is too advanced for basic users.

          5. Your “basic mode” comment makes a little more sense in context. Just realize how incredibly condescending your original comment comes off to someone like myself.

            That said, unless Google or their OEMs copy the Apple Store and end-to-end support model, they won’t stomp out iOS just because of a tacked on basic mode.

        2. No, not really. Your statement is incredibly closed-minded. I work “in the field,” as you say, every day. I use iOS to do it. I can tell you that the Nexus 10 sure as HELL wouldn’t cut it in my workplace. For anything.

          The argument that advanced users won’t use anything other than Android is just tired. Not being able to use a system, and choosing not to for the sake of valid reasons are two very, VERY different things.

          Oh, and I don’t have a beer gut, either.

          1. I understand you’ve used Android since Jelly bean right?

          2. Hey Max, James wrote the review this review is reviewing… So yeah, he’s used Jelly Bean…

          3. my bad, didnt get the reviewers name at first

          4. All good… ;)

    2. I think you are wrong, people knows what android is, and in every tech site you will hear a history that x persons mon or dad saw a guy with an Android doing something he would not do with an Iphone and bought an Android. Go to The Verge for example and you will hear they saying that on their podcasts all the time.

      We have to remember that the majority of people use Gmail and Google Maps for example, and they know that having and Android will get better experiences on those places, people are not that dumb, give them some credit.

  16. For me, price alone completely rules out apple devices. If there are two devices that are very close in quality, and one is half the price, that’s the one I’m going with, even if it’s SLIGHTLY less than the other.

    With that said, I don’t think it is slightly less. Even if price was equal I’d choose an android. I just like the look and functionality of android much better. With iPhone I have ONE choice, a 4 inch rectangle slab. With android I can buy a phone that better fits my style physically. And also get a bigger screen, 4 inches is tiny.

    And even if I don’t like the look of the icons on, say, a Samsung skin, I can get a launcher to change them. Of which there are many. If the keyboard isn’t working for me, I can get a different one. You can’t do these things with apple. You just have one size fits all, no other option, better get used to it. IMHO apple launcher is ugly as sin.

    All this is without even getting into rooting and custom Roms, which I’m not into. I like simple. And custom. Simple customization, like what’s found in the play store. That’s way more than apple has, and that’s all I need.

  17. I am an avid Android fan. Owned one since the EVO 4G (OG). Recently I started a job that gave me an iPad and iPhone. I still rock the EVO LTE as my personal device. I didn’t have an Android tablet when I started the job and loved having a tablet. Still IOS left me cold and bored. Made me rush out and get a Nexus 10. I rarely pick up the iPad anymore and use the Nexus 10 more than my phone even. I could never switch to IOS as a daily. Although, I do see some things as benefits to it. However, overall, Android is the clear winner.

    1. Maybe I’ll write a full review of my experience with IOS from a Fandroid’s perspective.

      1. Send me a link when you’re done.

      2. If you can stay awake long enough because ios is the most boring os on the planet.

  18. I had a ipad 3 i liked it had to sell it needed rent money sold fast on craigslist that’s one good thing about apple products easy to resell.I like flashing roms so ill will always have a android tablet im also going to pick up IPAD mini 2 when it hits might as well love gadgets. I would never own a iphone though not big enough no real choice

  19. Really the nexus wouldn’t cut it? I’m not sure about the nexus 10 only being dual core, but if it does have the same power as the 7 I’d like to know just what the iPad can do that a nexus can’t? Power-wise.

  20. Eino you either had a faulty device or you’re lying your as off. I’ve never experienced a single second of lag in ANYTHING I’ve ever done on my Nexus 7.

  21. I have an N10 myself and the reason I got it was what some have already commented on, that being the N7 was too close to my phone size. I feel the N10 is a solid tablet that fits what I need and sits right in the middle of my S3 and my 16″ laptop. I use mine for magazines, books, movies. I’m not that much into games so apps true to size are irrelevant in that sense.

  22. Before I read the review on iSource I pretty much outlined that this guy is less interested of tweaking the ui with launcher setups, or even rooting and applying a different rom. He must also value the built quality as all true Apple fanboys. Both of these things were facts of course.

  23. I think that’s a pretty fair review.

    The build quality/cheapness feel is something that seems to be in common with Samsung tablets – at least the 10 inchers. I’ve have the Tab 10.1 and tried out Note 10.1 and they both feel cheap and plasticy, especially the back.

    The apps thing gets me down with the big tablets – like he said I can get by with my Nexus 7 because phone apps scale pretty well but for the big 10 inch tablets there’s still a dearth of really good targeted tablet apps.

    I agree somewhat about the widgets thing – I’d like to see the developers step up and allow resizing. There’s still far too many that don’t. I’m not too down on them having different looks – I’d like them to follow the holo guidelines a bit more but that’s probably me being a bit OCDish.

  24. As a long time android user I tried to make the new ipad my daily driver but I kept falling asleep.

  25. Few reasons i like my “android” toys:
    1. their are not all overpriced
    2. OS gives a lot of opportunities
    3. big community (software, support)

  26. What are those crappy widgets he tried in his case? I don’t use any of them, even the calendar is different. And only for 3 of my widget apps I had to pay.
    This is the major flaw of this review – the person had not have enough experience with the OS.
    In my view, the best review would be made by an iOS user, who lived with an Android device for at least 2 weeks, and didn’t hesitate asking an Android power user any question on his mind. With Android not being dumbed down, a noob would really need some help to kickstart the experience.
    Oh, and I don’t place apps icons on the screen. It’s dumb.

  27. So… instead of just using it LIKE an iPad by putting rows of icons on the screen and just clicking them when he wants to run stuff, he doesn’t like it because it can do more than just that???

    Gaye! (which has nothing to do with sexual preference)

  28. Actually I’d rather lick a toilet than BUY a iOS device given the price, I’d use one for a fair price and non propriety chargers and connectors.

  29. I would own this tablet if it were 4:3. That’s the only reason I own an iPad. Widescreen tablets at this size are awkward and uncomfortable. I own an HP TouchPad but it’s uncomfortably heavy. Why won’t Android manufacturers make a light iPad-shaped tablet? It might outsell the iPad.

    1. you’re dumb. why make a 4:3 tablet. 16:10 is far more desirable. widescreen tablets are not awkward to hold, you just have retarded hands.

    2. Agreed completely, I’ve owned a couple Android tablets and absolutely hate that none of them are 4:3. Magazines and web browsing especially benefit from it. 16:9/16:10 is well suited to the 7″ tablet though.

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