Feb 5th, 2013

Sometimes you come across a game from the Google Play Store that really takes you by surprise. This was exactly my experience while perusing the Play Store’s latest Android games, then deciding to give Dungelot by Red Winter Software a download. Honestly, I didn’t think much of the game. Sure the art style looked fun and immediately brought back memories of Braveheart (one of my top 5 favorite Android games from yesteryear), but Dungelot was an entirely different horse.

You’d have a hard time finding a box to put Dungelot into. The game plays like a combination of minesweeper mixed with rougue-like dungeon crawling RPG. Personally, I love mashup genres and dived in head first. What I found was a surprisingly light — yet strategic — casual Android game perfect for sitting through movie trailers, waiting at the DMV, or any activity in need of time killing. Watch my hands-on video (above) for a complete walkthrough of Dungelot.

Now, I invite you to simply give the game a download for yourself. There’s a free Dungelot Lite version currently available in the Google Play Store and should you decide you want the full version of the game, it’s only a paltry $.99 cents. Nothing to lose, and you might find Dungelot your next go-to game for those quick (or long) bathroom breaks. Just don’t forget to windex your phone after. Cheers.

[Google Play link: Dungelot | Dungelot Lite]

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