Jan 16th, 2013

Call us big kids (or maybe just kids at heart), but we can’t get enough of our beloved Android mascot. Better known as the world famous “Bugdroid,” I think I’ve lost count on the number of articles we’ve written up highlighting the many iterations of Andrew Bell’s Android Collectibles — a line of figurines (don’t you dare call them toys) designed by a plethora of talented artists.

Where those typically feature the Bugdroid in variety of fun outfits and wacky designs, none of them really instill a sense of terror in their owners. Guess that’s why Android fan DethBecomesYou decided to come up with his own, putting his talents for designing horrifying creations into birthing one of the most terrifying Android collectibles to date. His latest work is inspired by the 80’s classic “Nightmare on Elm Street” and features a Bugdroid handcrafted into one of the best villains in film history: Freddy Krueger.

If you’re an Android lover who also happens to be a horror fan, these might find the perfect home on your shelf. As Deth describes on his Etsy post, Andy Krueger is an Apple’s worst nightmare. We’d be inclined to agree.