Jan 16th, 2013

Whether it’s the display, or a funky memory chip, there’s hundreds of components that go into making our smartphones, all of which that need to work in perfect harmony with each other to keep everything running along smoothly. Just like an automobile, when one part goes wrong, you’re sure to notice. For Samsung Galaxy S3 users, this seems to be manifesting itself by way of a “screen flickering” issue plaguing some devices. Performing a quick Google search will bring up a long list of results, letting us know this could be a little more widespread than just an isolated case.

Reading over various posts from affected S3 users across various forums, it appears that not all issues are identical (you can see one type in the above video). Some report artifacts appearing when scrolling, others only have it when opening their keyboard. In fact, my own Galaxy S3 — that I purchased brand new around 6 months ago — is giving me similar problems. My issue? Well, it seems to only appear during the transition from one app to another (even when opening the keyboard). I wouldn’t call it “flicker” as much as a graphical issue where the image on my screen is displayed in horizontal stripes. It’s only a split second, and hardly noticeable but still could be cause for concern if it somehow gets worse. Some are saying it’s a problem with the digitizer in the display, others are saying it could be a GPU issue, either way — it needs to stop.

So now, we’re taking it to you guys. If you’re a proud Galaxy S3 owner experiencing display problems, we’d like to know in our quick poll. Go ahead and voice your concerns in the comments as well. We’ve reached out to Samsung Mobile for comment and once we hear back from them, we’ll update the post with their official statement.

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