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Make your screens jolly with Google’s Happy Holiday Cards!


Christmas is almost here! The family is getting together and all the kiddos are screaming over their gifts, but what about us Android fans? We deserve a little joy too, right? This is why Google has put together a few Nexus-themed Happy Holiday Cards.

They feature our very favorite little green robot, along with all of his holiday friends – including polar bears, penguins and… Big Foot? Either way, you can print them, share them, give them away, use them as wallpapers or do as you please with them. Download them straight from here if you want them. Merry Christmas, guys!

[Nexus Google+]

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  1. HAH! That’s funny! I’ll use one of those cards to give to someone who was gonna get a N4 for Christmas, but will be waiting because they can’t launch a product!

    1. I’m really tired of these comments. I bought one from each wave that was launched, and besides the whole backordering thing, it wasn’t that difficult. Especially the second time they launched it, it was available all freaking day. Your friend has no excuse.

      Edit: Unless they live in a country where it is not officially on sale.

      1. lol wut? I’m referring to their horrible shipping/stock/wait time of them.

        1. its still getting really old. you would think a month or two would be long enough for you to get over it.

          1. Go ahead and order one for yourself. See how much you like sitting around for a month without any communication about something you ordered, especially when others are getting shipments out of order.

            Oh wait, thats right, you cant! They made it sold out again because of that issue.

          2. Yeah, I’m guessing those who are “sick” of hearing the comments probably either already have theirs or aren’t interested in one.

  2. Yup grabbed these from Google+ earlier today. Very nice.

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