Sega discounts 5 of their titles for the holidays, Jet Set Radio included


It’s that time of the year when things start getting a little cold outside, and sometimes the best way to spend the holidays is in your Snuggie with a handful full of video games. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, Sega is hosting a holiday sale that discounts a plethora of their titles on both consoles — and Android.

Newly discounted titles in the Google Play store include:

If you’re a cross platform gamer, there’s even more titles listed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and even iOS over on the official Sega Blog. I think now’s my chance to pick up Jet Set Radio and the Sonic 4. Which ones are you getting?

[via Sega Blog]

Chris Chavez
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  1. 6 games, 4 of them are the same… haha

  2. Of course for you, Chris, cold weather is 50°F on a California night. While here in Minnesota, we battle Draco the frigging blizzard.

    1. It’s 46 here. I’m freakin’ DYING. Can’t remember it ever being this cold :c

      1. ha would love 46 at the moment. try 35 in az at

          1. Really fellas? I’m from Michigan where it often gets in teens. When I was deployed last year, it no joke got as cold as -29F. Currently this Delaware warm winter is killing me. I should not be able to step outside in December and not need a jacket :-

          2. In Canada, we just wrestle polar bears when it’s -29F outside.

          3. In Russia… nevermind :p

          4. Chris update your article as more games were added.

      2. 46.. lol, that’s like Fall/Spring weather in NYC. I’m over here freezing my nuggets off.

        1. Right I’m in CT so I know, when we get that weather you bust out the short sleeves no hoodies no jackets

          1. Bah! In Canada, we don’t put our shorts away until it hits 32 degrees Fahrenheit!

    2. I miss that kind of weather. I’m in KC now and they’re all freaking out over an inch of snow and 17 degree windchill. Never seen a bigger group of sissies in the Midwest before.

  3. discount on Virtua Tennis ?

  4. Enjoy your weather Chris, Draco is kicking our butts here in Omaha

  5. Pretty good deal for those with the Moga controller if their special offer wasn’t the Sonic games. (Mine didn’t have Sonic as a freebie.)

  6. Thx, picked up sonic 4 episode 2. Looked like the best one, plus I like it as it reminds me of sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis

  7. sonic games + GameKlip + PS3 controller = relieving my childhood.

  8. Which is better, Sonic CD or Sonic 4?

    1. CD is old school. I’d go with 4 cuz the graphics look HD and all that.

      1. Cool, thanks! I decided to compromise, I got both :)

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