Dec 20th, 2012

Alright, it’s crunch time, folks. Christmas is fast approaching and unless you want to be stuck in a smelly ‘ol line at Walmart this weekend, why not do some last minute shopping from the comfort of your home? While you still can.

Today is pretty much the last day you can make an order from Amazon Prime and have something delivered in time for Christmas (Christmas Eve, actually). So what should you get for that special little Android in your life? Well, here’s something every Phandroid needs in their arsenal: a portable external battery charger. Okay, while not entirely profound, here’s why.

Chances are, your quad-core phone eats up your batter faster than Honey Boo Boo at a Hometown Buffet. And with the current trend of phones releasing without removable batteries, you’re only hope to keep your device charged is one of these bad boys. But, while you can find a portable battery charger just about anywhere — there are some factors to keep a look out for:

  1. Look for a charger with 1A or above output
  2. Just because the mAh’s are double your smartphone’s, doesn’t mean it’ll charge your device twice.
  3. The more slots, the better (sharing is caring).
  4. Look for a portable battery pack/charger that can be charged using a standard smartphone micros USB cable.

This things being considered, I’ve already done the work for you. Check out this New Trent external battery pack/charger for Android and even iOS devices. This puppy features dual USB ports — one outputting at 1A, while the other outputs at 2.1A (perfect for a tablet or Galaxy Note 2). Also, if you’re traveling solo, it’s got a built in micro USB cable, so you wont have to bother lugging your around. Again, the best part of this charger is that you can be at a party, friends house, or even on your couch watching the game — all while keeping your device fully charged and within arm’s reach. No more leaving your phone on the kitchen counter, wondering if you should get up and check that text message. It’s like having a wall outlet with you at all times. Beautiful.

I’m currently a happy customer of their previous model and use it almost every day. 7,000 mAh gives me about 3 charges (but not a charge more), and I make sure I never leave home with out it. This will become your Nexus 4’s best friend. Best part is the price, at $42, it’s one of the cheapest — yet highest quality — chargers on the market. Order it in the next 20 hours with Amazon Prime, and it’ll arrive by Monday. Just in the nick of time.

[New Trent NT70T $42 on Amazon]