Dec 14th, 2012

Those crafty software tinkerers over on XDA are at it again, this time introducing a simple hack/mod for the Nexus 4 that dramatically improves the device’s video capabilities. All you need is a rooted Nexus 4 (with an unlocked bootloader) and a root file manager application with access to your system partition. After a quick XML edit, the Nexus 4’s default bitrate of 12mbps can be increased all the way up to 20mbps. Nice. The instructions are relatively straight forward and are as follows:

  • Using a file browser (like root explorer/es file explorer etc) go to the /system/etc folder
  • Make sure your system is mounted RW
  • Search for the media_profiles.xml file and open it up in any text editor
  • Once you scroll down you will see the following:
    <EncoderProfile quality="1080p" fileFormat="mp4" duration="30">
                <Video codec="h264"
                       frameRate="30" />
                <Audio codec="aac"
                       channels="1" />
  • Change the bitRate from 12000000 to 20000000
  • Save and reboot.

The jump in quality is said to make for a clearer picture while shooting video, resulting in less noise and artifacts than the default setting. Of course, these newly outputted video files will be a larger in size and, as we all know, the Achilles heel for the Nexus 4 is its lack of storage space. Might have to better manage your media if you plan on using this mod.

The original thread can be found on XDA where the dev responsible has even included a handy zip file for the flashing. As always, make sure you back up your ROM before experimenting with hacks like like this. Let us know how you like the results!


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