Dec 13th, 2012

With Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram, you’d think the world of social networking was all but exhausted. Not so. Seems the folks at Viddy have found a new way of sharing your life with friends, this time with video. I know what you’re thinking — there’s already YouTube for that. Yes, and no. With YouTube, there’s a lot of headache involved when creating a channel and keeping up with video comments, channel comments, messages, etc., etc.. While the YouTube mobile app makes it easier to upload “vlogs” or street fights, there’s still a lot of commitment involved.

Enter Viddy. If YouTube is more like Facebook (full fledged networking), Viddy is more akin to the Twitters and Instagrams of the web. Users can only shoot videos, but only up to 15 seconds in length. Genius, right? This makes for easier to digest, quick and painless content you’ll actually want to watch. One of the beauties of Twitter has always been the unique way status updates max out at 140 characters. Sometimes, short and sweet is easier than listening to someone blab on, and on, about the dude with rubber testicles hanging from his truck who cut them off in traffic.

If you guys are smelling what Viddy is cooking, you can download the free app right now from the Google Play Store. While it’s generally a ghost town (aside from a few paid off celebrities), you may run into a few of your iOS buddies who have had access to the service for eons now. Have at it and maybe I’ll see you on there. Maybe.

[Viddy on Google Play]

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