Nexus 4 Bumpers back in stock on Google Play – Better hurry!


Great news coming out of the Play Store today. After they were wiped clean off of Google’s virtual store shelves within minutes of being released, the official LG Nexus 4 Bumpers are finally back in stock on Google Play. You may remember we gave you guys a quick review a short time ago, covering the bumper’s build quality, as well as the overall value offered. Our verdict? This high quality case is one of the best money can buy.

Remember — just as the name states — this is a bumper and only meant to keep your device safe from bumps and bruises, not a fall down a flight of stairs. For the truly clumsy, you’ll want to go with a 3rd party option. But, if you were looking on giving your device just the right amount of protection with minimal (read: no) bulk, you better act fast. We can’t imagine these will last very long.

[Google Play]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Now they just need to get the charging dock and hopefully a bespoke car mount out. Samsung really dropped the ball with accessories for the Nexus.

    1. lg?

      1. I think he meant the Galaxy Nexus.

    2. All Nexus releases have dropped the ball on accessories. I remember when I got my Nexus One the car dock didn’t come out until a month before the Nexus One was removed from

  2. Got mine Boom!

  3. I totally forgot all about the Page Monitor I left on the bumper page but as soon as it popped up, I bought it. Never been so excited to get a case that doesn’t even cover the most fragile parts of my phone :D

  4. Only in the US, not available here in Canada, still says “Out of Stock”

  5. pre-order. Says ships in 3-5 weeks. LOL @ eBay. They’re going for 50-70 dollars. They cost 20! Holy hell. Some trust fund kids are having a field day with electronics this year.

    1. It says “Delivered in 3-5 business days” for the bumper.

  6. GOT IT!!!!! Thanks Chris! You da man!

    1. UPDATE: It’s sold out…. :(

  7. Just ordered mine. I ordered the Nexus4 two weeks ago, and it hasn’t even shipped. This is expected to ship in 2 days. I’ll have a bumber guard well before I ever get the phone.

    1. Me too… :/

  8. Got 2 woot woot!

  9. I got one… I guess I need to buy one of the phones next.

    1. Cart before the horse? Get it while the getting is good, I suppose.

  10. Finally! I got 2. This has been my homepage for 3 weeks lol.

  11. Yes, a case for my invisible Nexus 4, suckers!

  12. By the time you add shipping and tax it is like $27. Yikes!

    1. Yeah, they really need other options for shipping. $6 shipping on something that costs $20 is a bit expensive.

      1. The hell? I only paid $23 total with taxes and shipping. lol go me!

        1. Really? Where the heck are you? I only had one option for shipping.

  13. Thanks for the article!!! I was able to get one. It looks like it is all sold out now.

  14. It’s a shame the N4 does not have full LTE support.

  15. 30 for a bumper….crazy but I brought one…only way to show off that sexy back…

  16. Is it wrong that I may not want to get one so that I don’t have to deal with google play?

    1. No.


    You’d think plastic and a bit of aluminum would be easier to manufacture in large numbers.

    1. This is what I can’t understand ? I recon that if Samsung had gotten the contract they would have been able to handle the orders much better than this complete shambles from LG.

      1. What makes you think it is LG and not Google that produced this fiasco? It’s a vendor problem, not a manufacturer one.

        1. Well there was an article that LG admitted to having a hard time keeping up with demand. But the lost orders and not shipping my November 13th order before sending people’s orders that came in on December 5th… well that’s definitely Google’s problem. This marks the last time I order from Google Play. Tomorrow marks 1 month since I ordered and I still don’t have my phone.

      2. Probably… but they would also make it an exclusive launch on Verizon subsidized on contract, not launch until the week before christmas, and include Verizon bloatware.

    2. What if they DID manufacture in large numbers, but they all sold out anyways? Ever think about it that way?

      In comparison, the Nexus 4 sold out in less than an hour compared to the bumper cases which sold out in 4 hours. Plus, the bumper cases had an increased limit of 5 per person.

  18. Got my order in and its already being delivered. Still can’t get my Nexus 4 order from November 13th, but at least i’ll have a case for the day google finally figures out wtf happened to my order.

  19. Mine is set for delivery tomorrow!

  20. Curious you all say you want N4 but just in my area on Craigslist I see 5 for sale at $380

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