HTC EVO 4G LTE, One X+, and One XL are the latest PlayStation Mobile certified devices [DOWNLOAD]]


It was back in early October that Sony finally released their long awaited PlayStation Mobile app for a few certified HTC devices — the HTC One X, S, and V. But as many of readers pointed out in the announcement post, there were a few notable exceptions curiously left out of the PlayStation party. Today, Sony is fixing that by adding a handful of new One cousins to the mix, adding the HTC One X+, One XL, and EVO 4G LTE to the list of officially certified PlayStation mobile devices.

Download: PlayStation Mobile App

I’d say that’s a pretty sweet selling point to owning an HTC device, one the manufacturer could definitely do a better job of advertising. Also, new to PlayStation Mobile tomorrow is a new title called Surge, a head-ache inducing puzzler that involves matching up colored blocks in a fun new way. Here’s a quick trailer you guys can marinate over while you’re installing PlayStation Mobile.

[PlayStation Certified Devices | via AndroidGuys]

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  1. what does PlayStation know about android? lol

    1. Why post nonsense?

    2. Their Xperia line (U,TL,Play,ect.)

  2. Why hate on Samsung? Give the Galaxy Series some love.

  3. One X *2

    *2 Please update your firmware to Android™4.1 or above
    :( so I still gotta wait until I get the jellybean update to play.

  4. Now if only LTE worked on my Evo LTE I’d hop back to it in a heart beat

  5. Evo 4g is certified but the inc 4g isn’t? lolwut?

  6. Region locked, useless in most of the world. Too bad.

  7. Just installed on my EVO 4G LTE and getting an error code. Not working

    1. you need the jelly bean update to run it, i have the same issue too. no word on when the update will be released, but it should be very soon

  8. Haha. Can’t use this app on the EVO 4G LTE until its updated to Jelly Bean. 4.1. Says right on the website.

  9. I was so confused. All those HTC One devices. My goodness. It was kinda hard trying to read that. I also got lost on which one are the higher ends.

    I think they need to change that. =.S
    Or maybe I just need to learn the difference. =.[

    And is the HTC One X+ and the HTC One XL the same phone, but the XL is the larger one? But the HTC One X+ has a plus, so would the HTC One X and XL be the same phone? Or does the HTC One X even exist? I guess it does since you have the HTC One X+. Oh my gosh. -_-

    1. If I am correct, the XL is the international model of the One X….but X+ is on its own I believe.

      1. HTC One X is the international model. I have Jelly Bean on my One X ( Norway )

    2. I think it’s harder to keep up all the names with the Galaxy and Razr line-ups.

  10. is this the international version or att version? or for both?

  11. Yep at&t htc one x and the evo still gotta wait until 4.1 update to use it

  12. So… Jelly Bean coming to the EVO LTE soon!

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