Hands-On: Rearth Ringke Slim case for the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 [VIDEO]


With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and more recently, the Galaxy Note 2 on just about every cellphone provider with a network, I figured it’d be a good time to show you guys some protection available from Rearth, one of my favorite accessories maker. I honestly couldn’t be more clueless on how to pronounce their company name. No matter. They make some of the best cases on the market for a wide variety of devices, in a plethora of colors and finishes. I recently received a few of their cases in the mail — one in a matte finish for my Galaxy Note 2, and one glossy for my Galaxy S3. Let’s take a look.

Finishes and Build Quality

Because Rearth is a South Korean manufacturer, I feel like some things like descriptions tend to get lost in the translation on their site or on their Amazon store. So you don’t get confused, I’ll attempt to explain the 3 finishes they offer, often times represented with the SF or LF acronyms.

SF basically means the case you’re looking at comes in a “soft touch” finish, similar to the rubbery finish found on the OG EVO 4G, or the back of the Nexus 7. Because it’s soft touch and anything and everything will stick to it (dirt, grime, grease), Rearth only makes these in darker colors like black or dark grey. This type of finish provides the most grip in your hand or pocket.

LF refers to a finish Rearth calls “light touch” and more closely resembles the finish found on the polycarbonate shell of the HTC One X. It’s matte, but there’s no special coating. This is the case I received for the Galaxy Note 2 (pictured) and if you’re looking for the same finish on the Galaxy S3, Rearth addly refers to it as “Happy.” Because it’s non-gloss, it’s very slippery. Freshly washed hands make matters even worse, but it feels oh-so soft in the hand, like a little cloud. Hmmm… Maybe “happy” makes sense after all. Of course, white and matte aren’t always the best when matched up, but in my short time with the case, I didn’t experience much rub off or dye transfer from my jeans. The little I did see was easily cleaned up with some rubbing alcohol (something I make a point of wiping down my phones with daily).

Glossy are most likely Rearth’s most popular finish and in some instances, can be found pleasantly discounted from their Amazon store (more on that covered in “Value” below). These are the ones that come in a wide variety of colors like bright orange, yellow, or more subdued pastel colors like mint. While these can develop surface scratches over time, these are also the easiest for cleanup. Get these if you’re a dirty little piggy.


As you no doubt already figured out from the “Slim” name, the Rearth Ringke SLIM Cases might not keep your phone very safe if your’e working on the construction site. They will, however, keep your phone safe and in pristine condition for 99% of whatever life throws at your phone (as long as you don’t throw it). There’s still a minute chance your phone could fall from your pocket and land at just the right spot, shattering your entire screen. Again, you aren’t really paying for screen protection with these cases — you’re paying to protect the rest of your phone without adding to much bulk in the process. The Ringke Slim cases will protect the corners and back of your device from nicks, scrapes, bumps, and bruises.


It can be a little confusing but Rearth offers either “full retail” or “eco friendly” packaging with some of their cases. The discounted cases (typically around $10) come in the eco friendly packaging at the cost of the bonus screen protector and lanyard. Full retail versions come in at a little under $20 with all those little extras and while I’ll admit, that is a bit steep for a hard shell case, the quality of Rearth’s cases could be enough to warrant a purchase (just not multiple cases for the same device). If you’re frugal, there are thousands of cases that can be found for cheaper, but you’ll more than likely sacrifice overall thinness and craftsmanship. If you like what Rearth is cookin, hit up the links below to purchase from either their Amazon or official web store.

[Rearth USA | Rearth on Amazon]

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  1. this is a great case. i have a white one. Very close and fits really tight especially when its completely ghost armoured.

  2. construction construction site? extra word there

  3. Since I like both no bulk and no screen protector, I’m digging Samsung’s flip cover for my Note II. I realize it doesn’t do much to protect in case of fall but I can’t imagine these do either.

    1. I considered one of those for my Note 2 (have one on my S3) but they don’t protect the sides of the phone. If you look closely, you can see my Note 2 was dropped recently. Chipped 2 areas that would have otherwise been protected with the Rearth case, the corner and the S Pen :(

    2. I got a incipio flip case through a return for the note 2 should receive it by next week it looks a little more rugged

  4. Best case for the note 2 is the body glove case, I have that with a belt pouch and it’s perfect.

  5. Chris love ya bro, but I have no idea what the point of this video was ??

    1. To show off some cool cases? O_o

  6. U have ocd Chris? Good review

    1. I do. But I do a pretty good job of keeping it in check. Not so much when it comes to washing my hands :/

      1. So your hair reels the chicks in, but their cooties keep ’em at a distance? :)

        1. Unfortunately…. yes ._.

  7. I was looking for a good case, perfect timing. These cases look pretty thin, do they actually protect the phone or would the phone pop out in the event of a drop?

    1. the case will not pop off. it is very tight.

      1. Ok and the $20 matte finish for the s3, does it protect the sides? The cheaper $10 gloss case doesnt as chris pointed out and thats not something i want

  8. You should check out Urban Armor Gear for the galaxy s3 at least best case I’ve ever owned hoping they release a note 2 case soon. If you tweet for them several times you can get a big discount on a case or if you tweet enough you can get a free case. I have owned allot of cases.

  9. I purchased a case through Spigen, it’s the Neo Hybrid Lumi case, and I hate it. It looks nice but the case is so incredibly slippery that it makes the phone almost unusable. If I’m not firmly gripping the phone, it slips right out of my hand.

    1. Might have to check those out next :)

  10. I have one of these on my Note 2, love it. It feels like it adds a lot of protection without adding much bulk to an already huge phone.

  11. Is anyone else seeing the ‘related ads’ pop up at the bottom of the screen when browsing through

    1. yea, noticed it too…they need to make they monies!

      1. True but the tiny little x at the top doesn’t work most of the time and the ad ends up eating screen space… And it’s getting annoying already.

    2. I haven’t see that yet.

  12. I just bought from Amazon black case nothing sticks to mine nice case just wanted something slim for when im not working when at work it goes into a otter-box which still isn’t out says coming soon

  13. I have a white glossy finish for my S3. Never thought of using the case in place of the phone back. Thanks for the tip.

  14. I prefer protecting every sides of my Note2 with a silicone transparent case. I dont want the glossy light grey to leave ugly stains after several touches.

  15. like Robert said I didnt know that any body can get paid $9423 in one month on the computer. did you see this link jump15.comCHECK IT OUT

  16. I have the black for the Note 2. Love it.

  17. Your review prompted me to get the black SF case for my GS3. It’s being delivered today. But Chris….99% protection? More like 65% with the top and bottom edges exposed. Slightly more than the Rock Quicksand but nothing like a full wrap around bezel.

  18. they made the best slim case! when put it on my i5, it doesnt feel any bulky at all. but not on my gnexus…

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