AT&T Galaxy S3 now receiving Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update via Kies


After months and months of waiting and watching smaller carriers like T-Mobile push out their Jelly Beans, Samsung Galaxy S3 users on AT&T can finally get in on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. The update, which should start rolling out over-the-air any minute now, is currently available via Samsung Kies and weighs around 738MB. I wont even pretend I’ve ever updated using that method, but just be prepared to install some extra software on your computer. Here’s some of the goodies you can look forward to in Samsung’s TouchWiz’d Jelly Bean:


  • New camera/camcorder filters: warm vintage, cold vintage, black and white, sepia, color highlights(blue, green, red/yellow), and many more.
  • Pause and resume recording
  • Low light mode (uses HDR)


  • Pop Up Play can be resized and paused
  • Introduction of Easy Mode: large Easy widgets (for first-time smartphone users)
  • Introduction of Blocking Mode: disable incoming calls, notifications, alarms, and LED indicators for a designated period of time
  • Introduction of Swype® Keyboard (bundled)
  • AllShare® Cast Wireless Hub support
  • NFC One Touch Pairing Support: pair a supported Bluetooth device via NFC

Give us a shout if you are prompted for an over-the-air update on your device. In the meantime, crack open Samsung Kies! Godspeed.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Dumb question, but should Verizon customers expect this for our gs3 anytime soon?

    1. Probably before the end of the year……end of 2013 that is

    2. Nope. I think Q2 2014. Big Red would rather take it’s time and fix all the kinks and bloat it up.

  2. Finally!!! just updated …works amazing

  3. Yay! Oh…. I have Verizon…

    1. Root and install CM10, problem solved.

  4. my samsung kies quits after the firmware downloads. no error message but doesn’t move to the actual upgrade process. any ideas?

    1. same with mine. dont know what to do.

      1. still didn’t get it to work. spent like two hours on chat with idiot from samsung and finally when it seemed like it was working…it just froze. now I installed kies on another computer…and it no longer says there’s an update available.

        1. dustin go to setting. Apps management click all apps scroll down to see dms app click and clear data go back to all app find google service farmework click clear data restart device. That way it will pop up update.

          1. are you saying this to get the phone to download update OTA? b/c it’s not being made available OTA, only through Kies. now the phone just says connecting to DM server with the two directional arrows…and staying like that.

    2. if you’re still having issues, when it asks you to accept the agreement and if you want to Save your phone number on their server (choice is right above the accept button) change the answer to No… as soon as I did that, it flew thru the setup… before that, same scenario you described where everything suddenly stopped…

      1. thanks for the suggestion but it didn’t work for me. this is just strange b/c I used kies before to update my old AT&T Galaxy SII from 2.3.6 to 4.0.1, that worked fine. now the update doesn’t even appear available anymore. something is definitely up with it.

  5. Yes verizon should get soon ..very soon actually prob within this week

    1. You’re new around these parts, huh?

  6. If u have experience with Odin you caN download official JB from a link in xda and flash same thing

  7. Just updated! So glad to have an official Jelly Bean Update. Now to enjoy the new software. One bad thing of updating through kies was that it erased most of my personal information :/

  8. Just finished the update. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of Kies….but wow, Jelly Bean is awesome!! Everything on my phone is running slightly quicker and MUCH more fluid! There is virtually no lag OR skipping when moving between home screens or scrolling through contacts/pictures etc. This may seem small, but I am SO GLAD that you can now rearrange the apps/widgets on your home screens by simply dragging them over another app which will now make them flip places automatically. This update seems to be bug-free so far.

  9. Just updated, Glad to have Jelly Bean!

  10. When i factory reset laat month and started ohone from scratch using official release firmware my phone updated OTA to a more recent firmware and I no longer was able to use Kies to update firmware fory device. How do I enable Kies to update my firmware if device isnt compatible?

    1. check to make sure there isn’t a newer version of Kies available… and use the Samsung USB cable…

      1. After a million tries, disconnecting and reconnecting, server issues, reseting phone and pc…i finally got it working. Android 4.1.1 is finally live and running on my galaxy s 3. Wish it were 4.2 but im grateful. That will be another year if that before we see 4.2+ on GS3

        1. What is it about 4.2 that you want it on the GS3???

          1. I kinda liked the sphere photo feature. Its kinda gimmicky but i can making some cool photos to show people. Kinda like art. Thats one thing that caught my eye from the press event on 4.2 other than that im not really sure. I know my GS3 can handle the processing with its 2gb of ram and dual core processor etc. Just saying…why it takes so long to intergrate it once carriers get hold of it is beyond me. If only galaxy phones get the same treatment as googles nexus devices…shrugs

  11. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. In Germany we still waiting for Android 4.1.2 for this Smartphone ;-)

  13. AT&T galaxy s 3. In US also receive jelly bean update yesterday via samsung pc kies .it was 4pm cst when I connect my device with kies I saw update available immediately I disconnect the device and tried several time ota but was not able. After updating via kies I saw the battery going down faster ram always more then 900 where it use to be maximum 650 earlier. I have no any other apps installed accept those came with device. If this continues I have to carry extra battery haha.

  14. Congratulations at&t owners. I’m jealous because HTC failed to deliver jb for my One X.

    1. … or the EVO LTE.

  15. Got it in the middle of the night last night. How do you kickstart Google Now?

    1. hold down the home button to bring up multitasking, there’s a new little bubble at the bottom of that screen for Google Now.

  16. VZW, always late to the party and trying to overcharge the doorman and the venue.

  17. Maybe Verizon just wants everyone else to be the guinea pigs first…so they can provide an even more awesome experience to us – you know, their loyal customers……


    Hey! Who drank all the Kool-Aid?!?

  18. and the note?

  19. Got it, but can use voice search, keep getting a captcha on 4g.
    NM working now

  20. Can’t get Kies and my GS3 to connect to each other. Tried on Win 7 (64-Bit) and on Win XP (32-Bit). Kies just keeps saying ‘Connecting…” but makes no progress. The ‘Troubleshoot connection error’ tool did not help. Did anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions on how to proceed?

    1. yes first time, I had plugged in the phone while kies was installing. Unplug phone, restart the kies, pluged in phone and it started update and completed

      1. I tried your suggestion on both computers, but still am still unable to make the device and computer connect. I also tried rebooting the computers and the GS3 before re-trying to connect.

        1. YES !!! Kies was finally able to connect. Total time to upgrade was about 1 hour : 10 minutes. It appears to be a total success (so far, at least). Now I’m diving in to the new OS and learning the new features.

  21. Anyone who hasn’t left this slow system of official updates is missing out.

    Install CM10 and Apex. You’ll be glad you did. I love the ability to theme the heck out of it the most.

  22. Connected witrh Kies and was informed that installing the new firmware would nuke all my data and settings. By the time I’ve reinstalled all my data and apps, the OTA will probably be out. WAITING.

  23. Awesome!!! Upgraded it and works great! I love the ability to create Folder in the App draw, it lets me organize my apps. It’s the feature I’ve been waiting for for a long time. Google Now is also a big plus.

  24. I’m getting a lagged response from the home button, when I hold it down to access the task manager and the new Google now feature.

    Anyone else have this problem? Running it on a stock Rom as well.

  25. Is there Google now with this update?

    1. yes

  26. wouldnt get pass the “connecting ” screen after two attempts…and now the second window doesnt even pop up . only the window that shows the sync’d files…trouble shooting function also not working. anyone have any pointers?

    1. Kies software is a piece of junk. I have had to re-install several times over the past year to get it working right.

  27. Will this update erase my phone conents like pictures, videos, etc…?

    1. It shouldn’t, but you should always keep regular backups of data.

  28. took about an hour to obtain but definitely worth it!

  29. I just bought my first Smartphone last week. Yes, I cried when I let my classic Motorola L2 go. I just loaded up the Cable connect Kies version (because you don’t get offered the upgrade via KiesAir). Saw the upgrade. Did a backup. Upgraded flawlessly. Did my restore. All went as planned. No errors and phone is still function, just has Jelly bean on it now. Point is, it’s easy to do as long as you follow directions.

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