Nov 29th, 2012

Competition is good. It’s almost always good. And while you wouldn’t be able to convince Apple of this, it seems the streaming movies space is about to get a little more crowded thanks to Redbox. Brought to you by Verizon (but not limited to only Verizon subscribers) Redbox Instant is the company’s latest joint venture, and it looks to challenge Netflix as the online streaming king.

Tonight we get our first peak at what the Android app will look like, thanks to a few images dug up by GigaOM, as well as the web version (at the source). Let’s address the biggest questions, already running through your mind: when and how much?

How Much

There’s a bare bones option starting at $6 a month and covers streaming of Redbox’s smaller-than-Netflix’s online catalog, although you can see there are a few movies offered that Netflix doesn’t (let’s hope it’s also better curated). The $8 a month package includes all the streaming you can… stream, along with 4 free physical Redbox rentals (no roll over) at one of their kiosks located in every convenience store, grocer, and back alley you can find. Both the $6, and $8 plans include streaming on up to 5 devices, of which apps will be available on everything from smartphones, tablets, Blu-Ray players, televisions, and consoles.

If you’re looking to rent something a little more recent, Redbox instant will also offer online VOD rentals of newer titles for — wait for it — 99 cents. (Thank, geebus!) It’s this part alone that I find the service the most enticing. As someone who shuns the outside world, I’ll no longer be forced to wait in line at another kiosk in my bunny slippers with 2 minutes left before I’m charged for another day. (Happy dance).


Already in private beta, the service could go live as early as December 17th. While that hasn’t been confirmed, it’s entirely possible it could launch a little later in the year if bugs or other issues are discovered. You can either mark December 17th down on your calendar, or sign up to be notified when the service goes live over at

What do you guys think? If Rebox (and Verizon) can successfully offer low-priced, 99 cent movie rentals, will you bite? For $6 a month, will you really drop Netflix to save yourself 6 cents a day?

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