Redbox Instant leaked for Android along with subscription pricing and expected launch date


Competition is good. It’s almost always good. And while you wouldn’t be able to convince Apple of this, it seems the streaming movies space is about to get a little more crowded thanks to Redbox. Brought to you by Verizon (but not limited to only Verizon subscribers) Redbox Instant is the company’s latest joint venture, and it looks to challenge Netflix as the online streaming king.

Tonight we get our first peak at what the Android app will look like, thanks to a few images dug up by GigaOM, as well as the web version (at the source). Let’s address the biggest questions, already running through your mind: when and how much?

How Much

There’s a bare bones option starting at $6 a month and covers streaming of Redbox’s smaller-than-Netflix’s online catalog, although you can see there are a few movies offered that Netflix doesn’t (let’s hope it’s also better curated). The $8 a month package includes all the streaming you can… stream, along with 4 free physical Redbox rentals (no roll over) at one of their kiosks located in every convenience store, grocer, and back alley you can find. Both the $6, and $8 plans include streaming on up to 5 devices, of which apps will be available on everything from smartphones, tablets, Blu-Ray players, televisions, and consoles.

If you’re looking to rent something a little more recent, Redbox instant will also offer online VOD rentals of newer titles for — wait for it — 99 cents. (Thank, geebus!) It’s this part alone that I find the service the most enticing. As someone who shuns the outside world, I’ll no longer be forced to wait in line at another kiosk in my bunny slippers with 2 minutes left before I’m charged for another day. (Happy dance).


Already in private beta, the service could go live as early as December 17th. While that hasn’t been confirmed, it’s entirely possible it could launch a little later in the year if bugs or other issues are discovered. You can either mark December 17th down on your calendar, or sign up to be notified when the service goes live over at

What do you guys think? If Rebox (and Verizon) can successfully offer low-priced, 99 cent movie rentals, will you bite? For $6 a month, will you really drop Netflix to save yourself 6 cents a day?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’ll stick with Netflix. The selection is large, it’s built into my Google TV and Roku box, and the Android app is excellent.

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll skip Redbox Instant’s subscription, but still rent the occasional online movie for 99 cents.

      1. I like renting newer movies on DVD at the Red box kiosk as it’s fairly convenient to stop after buying groceries. Netflix just has a more attractive streaming package. It’s so ubiquitous you can watch on a browser, Roku, Google TV, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Apple TV, etc. That will be Redbox’s biggest hurdle to adoption.

        1. Well, with Verizon’s backing, I’m sure we’ll see it come to all those devices..

          1. It will certainly be interesting to see if Verizon counts this content against your data cap (I still have unlimited data with VZW but I’m in the minority).

      2. Ya if they have the $1 and u see one I’d go for that
        Subscription no way!

  2. i’m in. give me it now.

    1. That’s what she said.

      1. More like what he said in a 3 way homo fest

        1. He’s going in for the rusty trombone!

      2. i approve

  3. Um… I’m watching Supernatural right now. Does Redbox offer TV shows? If not, then begone.

  4. 99 cent New release rentals??? Heck yeah…… but I don’t even use Netflix streaming, just pay them every month just in case I want to watch something I guess. Always use red box rentals though. I’m mean it’s only a dollar a day.

  5. I don’t need no stinkin’ TV Shows that’s where Netflix has tanked for me. It should be called NetTube if you want streaming TV shows. Give me the Flixs!

  6. No. F-this. I want it to stream on my Xbox. Netflix has all of the capability in the world. They just need a better selection.

    1. Xbox is one of the consoles. O_o

      1. Sorry. I just skimmed the article. It was at work. I assumed that since Verizon is a partner, it’s exclusive to VZW handsets first.

        1. Well we all know what happens when you assume.

  7. I wonder how long before disc are obsolete?

  8. Netflix has been losing worthy content by the droves. Time for competition to force that back the other way or take their place as number one.

  9. Once this comes to google TV bye netflix! Netflix sucks lately on my galaxy nexus (not sure if its the slim rom im using).

    1. Might want to look at the rom — Netflix rocks on stock ICS Rezound & stock Jelly Bean Xoom.

  10. 99 cent VOD is NOT confirmed for new titles! Rather, prices are said to *start* at 99 cents for VOD…

  11. I’m very skeptical that they can really offer new releases at 99 cents. I can’t believe this would be during the ppv Window. Nor would hbo, etc allow them in their window. So is this just a couple indie studios or post premium cable windows. In which case 99 cents is not that cheap for a 2 year old movie.

  12. i can see them charging 99 cents for new releases IF you are also a subscriber of their service. Otherwise, It cant just be 99 cents as their dvd are like 1.20 or 1.30. Still this has me looking forward to their new service. 4 dvd rentals included with their 8 subscription is pretty awesome.

    1. I would imagine it’d be a lot cheaper for them to get a license to a movie and stream it, versus stocking kiosks with thousands of DVDs :T

  13. He said a “peak” at it…not “peek”…lol

  14. How can it be so cheap with $Verizon$ on it

    1. That’s what I’m saying. I won’t believe 99¢
      until I see it being that big reds name is on it ツ

    2. Because they will count it against your data cap — hello overage charges.

  15. I’m all in if they do new releases!

  16. I hope they can procure more licensing deals than Netflix.

  17. 6 Cents A Day = A Little More Than $21 A Year… Means More Money For Apps On The Play Store!

  18. I keep hearing everyone complain about lack of selection on Netflix’s part — while I agree that I want more selection, I just hope you’re aware it’s also outside of Netflix’s scope of control right? These content-holders are increasing their demands for the content, which is why Netflix is in the process of losing content that they once had because the agreed pricing schedule increases something like 300% while subscriptions obviously do not..

    1. While I was a netflicks subscriber my rates DID go up a few times, all while losing content.

    2. You are right. Basically the movie industry is robbing us all
      Greedy bastardos!

  19. Awesome. I’ve been waiting for somebody to do this. Got rid of Netflix a while ago and haven’t missed it at all. They’ve been screwing customers over for years.

  20. I don’t do Netflix or Hulu. Amazon Prime baby! :-) This Redbox app will be great though. Definitely will bring some pricing competition to the table. I’d definitely rent a video at 99¢

    1. +1 If you notice on the first image most of those movies we already get for free on Prime

      1. wait you get prime for free?

        why does everyone else have to pay money for it?

        1. Haha good one! I never understand those amazon prime guys. Pay out the ass they say everything is free? I just keep a wish list and buy bulk for free shipping from amazon warehouse. No prime subscription.

        2. No, what I said is most of those movies they show in the image we already get free streaming on Prime, making it a bit pointless to get Redbox streaming.

          Sidenote I did have Prime for free as a student, no streaming. And I got a reduced price when I decided to get streaming.

  21. To answer your very last question: $.06 x 365 = $219 per year…or a new Nexus device and bumper every other year. So, yes. I’d totally be willing to save $.06 per day. :)

    1. You mean $21.90 per year?

      1. This is why I hate math.

  22. It makes am ass out of u?

  23. I’ll be disappointed if its not in HD with 5.1.

  24. I don’t use Redbox much at all but I’d go in on this if that $8/mo deal lets you keep the physical rentals as long as you want (and keep paying, obviously) and also includes video games. If they have at least a decent movie/tv library then this will work out fine for me since I get free Netflix from a friend and we can share this too.

  25. I would think about getting it if they create an AppleTV app (yes, I use AppleTV, but really only for Netflix HD and $4.99 new movie rentals). I doubt they will though, because Apple, as greedy as they are, will not want the competition of 99 cent rentals verses their $4.99 rentals of new releases.

  26. Awesome. I have never understood why companies think we will pay 3-5 times more to rent movies online rather than physical disks. About $1 is the price I am willing to pay for an online rental.

  27. Had Netflix for a very long time back when it was being pushed by Best Buy assosciates (I was one of them). Not too thrilled by it now. The problem is the movie studios killed it by tightening there reigns on new releases. The Netflix software works well, just not as polished as Id like for mobile devices. This may be a good alternative.

  28. Gotta love “the box”! I stopped using Netflix about 2 1/2 years ago….when you can rent BluRay titles for 1.50, you simply can’t go wrong! This new app looks great and the pricing structure is awesome! I don’t see Netflix lasting that much longer.

    1. You get a larger selection with Netflix and unlimited bluray titles per month for what $10? I use both services.

  29. It would depend on the line-up. I currently rent at Redbox for films that will take a while to arrive at NF or that cost a bit more on VUDU or Amazon (unless I just can’t wait). I sometimes use Redbox for films that will have extras such as commentary or to avoid heavy traffic on weekends and holidays where rebuffering may occur on NF.

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