Nov 28th, 2012

Reading the headlines these past few months, you’ve no doubt heard talk of HTC landing on tough times. Losing their market share to Samsung, they’ve been forced to come up with new ways of reinventing themselves. We seen some of that with their more focused device releases which launched their “One” line of devices. Met with mixed fanfare, the One series wasn’t quite the golden ticket HTC had hoped for in 2012, but they’re not stopping there.

Today HTC has announced a new chief marketing officer, Benjamin Ho, to replace current chief John Wang. With CEO Peter Chou’s help, Ho will lead HTC into its “next phase of brand marketing and awareness,” transforming the company into a household name with their all new “Marketing 2.0,” as it’s being called internally. Peter Chou said in a statement:

“We welcome Benjamin to HTC and look forward to integrating the global marketing capabilities he brings to the company. Our growing brand, centered around our world-class innovation and design capabilities, will provide a global platform not just for HTC, but for Taiwan culture and innovation.”

While we can only speculate what this will mean for HTC and their future. It’s clear their “quietly brilliant” slogan may be in need of a refresh. Especially when rival Samsung has been anything but quiet, targeting Apple with a marketing blitz of print ads and tv spots. HTC, if you’re listening. Just make an ad to a dubstep soundtrack. The kids love dubstep. Oh, and make sure you’re chosen again for the next Nexus. Thanks.

[via TaipeiTimes]

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