Samsung GT-I9400 pops up in NenaMark benchmark, but is it really the Galaxy S4?


It’s that time of the year, guys. Now that the Nexus 4 has passed (and fizzled?), we look towards the approaching new year. Tech blogs are already abuzz of the next, next generation of smartphones, the most noteworthy of those being Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S4. If Samsung follows their yearly launch schedule — and we have no reason to believe they wont — the device could be a mere 6 months away (give or take). That means any minute now we can expect the leaks to start trickling in and today, we may have the first by way of a benchmark popping up on NenaMark’s website.

Known only as the GT-I9400, the device’s model number as revealed in the benchmark hints that it could the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300). Of course, one look at the reported specs from the device and its low-end 800×480 resolution display and 1.2GHz Mali-400 GPU (found on the current quad-core Exynos) leads us to believe that this could also be nothing more than the rumored Samsung Galaxy Grand (Baffin), the phone version of Samsung’s 5-inch Galaxy Player which passed through the FCC a few days ago.

While we’re still a ways off from the actual launch of the device, these specs could be nothing more than (extremely) early test hardware. It’s possible Samsung is simply using lower-end hardware to test out a new version of their TouchWiz software running on Android 4.2? That or someone is pulling our leg here. No way to be sure, but in the meantime, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more deets.


Chris Chavez
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    1. agreed,

  1. I read somewhere that Samsung might launch a galaxy s 2 Plus with those exact specs

    1. Yeah, Samsung milks their hardware. Offers countless variants, in almost every part of the globe. Keeping up with every single one of their products will only give you a headache. Lol

      1. Well… Better than milking the same exact hardware for multiple years. With Samsung its just weeks or a month with Apple they’ll give you the same thing next year and make you use your upgrade for it.

        1. I don’t see the need for upgrades, I never use them really. I buy phones full price and resell them 6 months later. I usually lose 200 each time, which is the same price as an upgrade except I get to do it every 6 months.

  2. How has the Nexus 4 fizzled? Sold out in 15 minutes. Watch it sell out again!

    1. How many did Google have to sell in the 15 minutes?

      1. That’s the real question.

    2. Nexus 4 has no LTE or CDMA therefore it’s completely irrelevant to over half the US population.

      1. …and completely relevant to most of the planet.

    3. I would love the Nexus 4 if it was CDMA and had LTE, an sd card slot (or at least 32gb) and a removable battery, but I’m happy with the SGN2. :)

  3. I hope with the next iteration that Samsung will get rid of the lone dedicated hardware button. The buttonless design of the Nexus with on-screen buttons is so much better looking, and functional, imo. Obviously, it will not be stock Android, but I see no reason to keep that unseemly home button.

    1. If they do forgo hardware buttons in the S4, I hope to god they’ll make the display an even 5-inches to make up for the loss of screen real estate.

      1. 10 inches, but thanks for asking ;)

    2. Actually I want them to keep that button and add a track pad like the sidekick slide and nexus 1

      1. Oh, to hell with it. Let’s just throw in a physical QWERTY keyboard and have the touchscreen be on the inside of a flip-phone. Toss in a telescoping antenna and we have a deal.

        1. Screw it why the heck not?

    3. typed a long msg and accidently touched the home key…. all gone. it happens all the time on my gnexus.

      1. All gone? Hit the task button, should bring it right back.

      2. Am I the only one who likes physical buttons and TouchWiz?

    4. totally agree with you – this is why i won’t buy any of the current Samsung products even though i love the N2 – apart from the Home/Back/Menu keys which are the same on ALL of their phones – the S1 S2 S3 GN & GN2.

      FFS change the bloody record Samsung and get rid of the horrible egg shape used on the S3

      1. Love that shape

  4. They are saying the nexus 4 fizzled because of jardware and shipping issues. As far as this benchmark, couldn’t a rooted user spoof their hardware id? It seems very plausible. Thats how we used to get jailbroken banned ps3’s connected to psn :P

  5. Why must you flood the market, Samsung…

    1. Because it’s paying off?

  6. I hope the a Galaxy S V will have a 16 inch supper amoled 1080p screen. Any smaller and it will be too small a phone for me. I just happen to have big hands like that

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