Official: Samsung made a record $7.4 billion in profit for Q3 2012


A few weeks back, Samsung gave us their Q3 earnings estimate and just now we finally have the official results: $7.4 billion in operating profits for Q3 2012. This is actually a hair above their original estimation of $7.3 billion posted earlier this month.

Compare these figures to the same time last year, and we’re looking at a 91% increase — almost double — what they made in 2011. So how did Samsung pull this off? Well, it has a lot to do with the company’s mobile business, which accounted for half of their revenue ($23.9 billion out of $47.5 billion). Guess those shiny, plastic phones are finally paying off for ‘ol Sammy, huh?

For those keeping track, Samsung raked in $4.46 billion in Q1 of this year, followed by $5.9 billion in Q2. We’ll have to wait and see how well Samsung does in Q4, during the busy holiday season, Galaxy Note 2 release, and a possible $1 billion payout to Apple over patent infringement.


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  1. sued in 3.. 2.. 1….

    1. its funny according to claims Apple screwed themselves when they Sued Samsung.
      Samsung offers them quality screens, Chips, flash in the numbers that no one else can.
      so without Samsung Apple is screwed. lol

  2. I’m glad with Samsung, you get what you pay for

  3. Gangam style!

    1. lol yup

  4. Damn… $7.4 billion… Word tho? Just pay off Apple, ($1 billion is apparently a flash in the pan) work out an agreement that this lawsuit bullsh!* is over, use some of whatever’s left over, $6.4 billion and design a Nexus Note 3 with some specs that would put the “J Butterfly” to shame, sit back, laugh at Apple, collect more profits.

    1. I’d agree, but if they give up that easily it’ll persuade apple to keep going after them for no reason.

    2. Problem is, if they just pay the $ its essentually the same as admitting their guilt and this case will set a precedence for all future cases. It wouldn’t just be a loss for Samsung but a loss for the entirety of the industry as a whole, Apple aside.

    3. They are asking for another 1/2 a billion…where do you draw the line. If they pay up, then it was not enough for Apple. F that.

    4. Why should they pay the $1 billion? Especially when some of those patents that Apple has been suing Samsung over are starting to be denied or found invalid? Look at the recent announcements of the “bounce-back” feature that Apple tried to patent… and if I remember correctly, that was one of the major patents that Apple was suing over.

  5. Winning!

    1. They must have tiger blood…

  6. Oppan Samsung style!

    1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s a picture of Samsung’s JK Shin. O_o

  7. Apple would probably sue them for making so much.

  8. Apple has a patent on profit margins, the injunction hearing with Judge Koh is next week.

  9. It’s good to be a briber, thief, and corruptionist

    1. You must be speaking of Apple>

  10. With that kind of money Samsung should offer any iPhone user a free device of their choosing to switch over, they would of course have to trade in their iPhone.

  11. silly Samsung only apple makes profit ..that note2 looks like mini incoming lawsuit

  12. Sammy – if you use your huge amount of cash and clout to stand up to the US carriers and keep them from crapping up your phones before we can get them, you will be my hero.

    1. They have started doing so with the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is the first phone since the iPhone to be the exact same spec wise across all carriers. Many carriers wanted their own features/look; Samsung, however, wanted to keep it all the same. With the exception of a few carrier exclusive apps, the gs3 is fairly untouched. When I got the Sprint gs3, most of the Sprint apps that came on my last two phones were not on there, just the most basic of Sprint apps were on it, like the Sprint Account app. Now if only Motorola could follow suit with the Razr. Not having a “SINGLE” flagship phone is what is killing Motorola. They would do better off if they offer the Razr HD Maxx across all carriers.

  13. So many tired jokes here WOW

  14. If .1 of a billion is just a hair, can I have Samsung’s shavings?

  15. Maybe they can hire some more devs to get updates to older phones. 4.1 on the GS2 maybe?

  16. Way to go Sammy…Keep up the good work :)

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