Samsung, LG, and Pantech Prepare 1080p Smartphones For Early 2013 Launch


When it comes to Android manufacturers, competition is fierce. A modern day capitalist arms race, one could even argue the “spec wars”are maybe advancing mobile technology too fast. With the announcement of the Japanese HTC Butterfly J and its almost ridiculous full HD 1080p 5-inch display, the rest of the Android world said it’s game on.

According to MK News, Samsung, LG, and Pantech are next in line to introduce the new round of high-end smartphones superphones with 1080p displays to make your eyes bleed. These full HD smartphones are said to be arriving before the second half of next year, with Samsung sticking to their tried-and-true AMOLED tech, and LG going with their IPS LCD.

Looks like the Korean OEM’s will bringing the pain next year, and now we’ll have to wait for chipset makers to introduce new and more powerful CPU’s to push all those pixels. But what say ye? Are you guys excited for 5-inch 1080p devices? Does it even matter? Are your eyes even special enough to distinguish the new “unseeable” pixel density?

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  1. A-15 can handle that easily

    1. But batteries can’t really handle A15.
      Plus it’s the GPU that gets hammered by pixel count, not CPU.

      1. A15 handles battery power better with its 28nm process.

        1. WHAT?

      2. “But batteries can’t really handle A15”

        What the hell are you talking about?

        1. A15’s looking to be a battery hog which was designed for tablet/notebook work rather than phones.
          Besides, A15’s a CPU architecture, not GPU.

  2. Doesn’t really matter to me. An HD screen will always be an HD screen. I’m not going to put my face THAT close to the phone. Also, I really don’t want to wait for a new phone. Get the hot phones while their hot.

  3. Should be releasing higher capacity batteries instead…

    1. Yeah, I was hoping Motorola’s Razr Maxx would spark the race for higher capacity batteries…… but it didn’t. T_T

      1. IKR!? I actually thought that too.

      2. How could it, when the Razr Maxx is avaliable only on Verizon in the States. Motorola would do much better if they start to release their flagship devices on all carriers like Samsung.

        1. Well, not just with the Maxx, but was hoping other OEM’s would catch on. The One S is so tiny, they could have easily squeezed twice the battery and moved it up to “normal” thickness.

      3. Same here….

      4. The clear answer is that they need to do both

      5. The rest of the OEMs are sleeping on the battery size. These 1080p display device should at least come with a 3300mAh battery no matter how power conservative the cpu happens to be. I’m pretty sure that the next generation of cpu will consume less power but if the 1080p display chews through the battery as fast as the current display do what’s the point of having a 1080p display if you can’t enjoy it unless you’re plugged to the wall. HTC J Butterfly has a 2020mAh battery with a 1080p 5″ display, and I don’t see anything good between the 1080p display and this battery size. I just hope that HTC proves me wrong…

    2. not bigger capacity per se, rather long usage per mWh.

      1. Well, yeah. I don’t really care HOW they do it. It’s just that currently, the RAZR MAXX’s 3,300mAh battery is the only way to achieve super long life.

        1. I care in the form of:
          Battery technology will continue to improve (there’s got to be a generational leap coming soon, please GOD let there be),
          ODMs and component manufacturers strive for better battery life

          We could quickly get to battery life of pre-smartphone days where a week on a single charge with average usage will be a real possibility, perhaps in 2-3 years.

          1. A week? I would be happy with 48 hours -_-

          2. Hell I would settle for anything more than the 1.5 to 3 hours of continuous usage the GN gets on Verizon. :)

    3. They will after seeing the success with the Note II and its sales they will continue with 3000mah<

  4. yessssss

  5. Oh my gosh… I don’t need anything more than 720p. It’s not lyk I’ll be able to tell the difference. Where is my larger battery? I don’t want no 2mm thin phone. I actually hate how light my E4GT is. I miss the thickness of my G2.

    1. *like

  6. The smartphone of 2014: 6in 4K display, 20mp camera, 8 core CPU, 8GB RAM, 512GB storage, every antenna under the sun, same old 1400mAh battery.

    1. because samsung believe 1400mAh can survive our daily usage.

      1. Last time I checked the G-Note 2 and the GS 3 have a 3100mAh and 2100mAh battery respectively. You must be referring to the HTC devices and their puny batteries…

        1. I’ve got mad love for HTC phones & their build quality but their batteries… ugh.

    2. & it will last only 16.5minutes of light to moderate use

    3. iPhone 5 gets insane battery life with 1400mAh.

      1. Yeah, because after 5 minutes of use, there is nothing left to do with it and the user gets bored. ;-P

        1. That’s great!!!

      2. yea but the iPhone 5 doesn’t run more then 2 processes at a time unless its a music app cause it doesn’t support true multitasking.

    4. LMAO!!!!!!!!! Now this was funny as hell.

    5. That would be an HTC device with the puny battery…

    6. I would rather have a more sufficient processor and display then a huge battery, you don’t want to carry a brick like phone around cause the battery is too large.

      1. yeah but they don’t make the battery huge.
        Look at the Galaxy Note II’s weight and battery dimensions and even the new iPad Mini’s battery. Ultra slim – both

        1. The galaxy note is a 5.5 inch screen phone but they can’t fit the same battery in a galaxy s3 and the iPhone can only run one app at a time, compared to Android running as many as you have open at one time on top of the system processes and background widgets. The iPhone doesn’t need a bigger battery cause it does less so it uses up less. its easier to fit a big battery in a bigger phone but why not improve the rest of the technology so you can use the same size battery and get more use out of it, which is exactly what they are doing, they are making more power sufficient proccesors and displays so you still get more battery life with out having a bigger phone. If all they did was add a bigger battery every time they got a more powerful proccesor and a higher res screen then we would be using phones an inch thick. with a 2100 mAh battery my nexus barely gets 4 hours on LTE but the galaxy S3 with the dual S4 get almost 6 hours

    7. With 4K televisions looking to be $25,000 starting out I don’t want my wallet hearing a word of a device like this. It would probably dissipate into nothingness.

  7. This is stupid. My qHD 4.3″ is FINE (a little bigger… MAYBE), 720p would be exceptional.
    1080p is stupid, why can’t these manufacturers stop squeezing more performance per daily charge and target performance per bi-daily charge instead, allowing for the occasional missed charge, evening/weekend away usuage.
    STOP COPYING APPLE for crying out loud with their “we know what people want better than them” and start realise that not everyone is a sheep.

  8. Irrelevant as the new Nexus comes out Oct. 29.

    1. Exactly.

  9. Sad news….
    “Samsung sticking to their tried-and-true AMOLED tech”

    1. I LOVE Samsung’s SAMOLED screens. I only wish they would start using SAMOLED Plus more.

  10. Isn’t the S3 Samsungs flagship? So they are going to release a better phone than the S3 before the S4 is released? I doubt it.

    1. They already did.
      The S3 LTE (i9305). Quad Exynos, 2GG, LTE, JB out of the box

      1. And the Note 2

        1. I was referring to something besides their S3 and Note series.

      2. where was the i9305 released? I’m guessing it’s an international device that will never come to the top 4 major U.S. carriers.

  11. if Tegra 3 can handle 1200p in a tablet than next Tegra can do it better and with less power usage! bring on the 1080p phones,

    next year standard 1080p resolution 13mp camera, A15 CHIPS. Tegra 4 omap5 , Exynos 5000 series

  12. I can’t wait to hold a butterfly….. I’ve not been this excited since the one x and regardless what people say, the screen on my one x is gorgeous. I’m glad HTC stuck it out with its screen tech and we will all reap the benefits.

  13. Seems silly to me. My current phone has fairly low pixel density (comparatively), and I have fairly good eyes, but I can’t see any pixelation at all. 1080p looks great on my my 40″ TV, I can’t understand why my 4 or 5 inch phone would need the same resolution…

    1. Because it’s about using buzzwords to get people to buy new phones.

    2. What is not to understand? It all comes down to view distance. How far from your 40″ TV are you? 40″ 1080p is 55 PPI. If you want to shoot for 60 pixels per degree (not everybody’s number, but it is commonly used as a resolution limit for human eyes), then the view distance is 62.5″ {from d = 1/(tan(1/60 deg) * PPI) }. If you have a 1080p 5″ (441 PPI) display, you need to be 8 times closer or 7.8″. This is pretty close, but not crazy. I personally need glasses to see this close, but many don’t.

      I think 440 PPI is getting close to the end for phones and tablets. Perhaps they’ll push 1080p down to 4″ (551 PPI), but somewhere around there the returns for higher density will be too diminishing to be worth it. We’ll see UHD (3840 x 2160) for TV I’m sure and with that, there will be recommendation for bigger view angles (60 deg perhaps) so TVs will have to be big since no one is going to put a couch 3′ eye to TV. There is even work to quadruple pixels one more time (7680 × 4320) but I don’t know if we’ll see that popularized – that is a pretty tough video sensor I imagine. I’ll be very surprised to see those resolutions on a phone or tablet, but you never know.

  14. Ofcourse it matters

  15. I called this last week on the J butterfly article

  16. 1080 is the screen resolution that is the sweet spot for me. The 5 inch screen is not. Lets wrap this resolution up in a 4-4.5 inch device with a 2 day battery life and we have a deal.

  17. “modern day capitalist arms race, one could even argue the “spec wars”are maybe advancing mobile technology too fast.”

    Its a good thing PC’s are starting to roll out with six and eight core processors and 8-32gb’s of ram. We still have much room to grow.

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