Confirmed: T-Mobile Stores Now Receiving Galaxy Note 2 Shipments for Oct 24th Launch


Can’t say I’ve lusted this hard after a non-Nexus device in quite sometime (read: ever), but we now have confirmation that the T-Mobile has scheduled the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for this Wednesday, October 24th. This news comes after a tipster sent us these images from HQ officially announcing the release date, along with shipments of the Note 2 already arriving in store.

Can’t help but feel a bit blindsided by the release of what will no doubt be a hot selling item for the #4 largest carrier in the US. As far as pricing goes, expect to shell out $300 for the gargantuan smartphone in addition to tax (on the full price of the phone). Yes, that’s a lot of money upfront, but with some of the lowest priced plans in the country, hopefully you can make up some of that in savings after a few months. Anyone suddenly feeling under the weather? Might have to call in sick on Wednesday myself. ;)

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. T-Mobile was first to release the Galaxy S III in the USA and now they’re the first to release the Galaxy Note II, Magenta you’re doing alright! – D

    1. That’s the same day Sprint is releasing theirs. Just seen the front page it’s the 25th. Could’ve sworn I seen it releasing on the 24th. Oh well, A fine replacement for my GS3 anyway you look at it.

      1. @RahjerDat:disqus along with shipments of the Note 2 already arriving in store. ..Jive.to/US

  2. I’m going to have to come up with some creative financing to get this thing. :-)

    1. gtfo, I’m the original keller

      1. It’s keiier

        1. well thats just retarded af

          1. You mad bro?

          2. naa but you’re mirin

          3. sharpie or GTFO!

  3. I come from the Palm era, and I have to admit that at first I was like, “WTF, an electric STYLUS?” but this really seems innovative what they are doing with the s-pen.
    neat piece

  4. Off contact price?

    Oh, and it’s never a good idea to announce your intention to call in sick two days beforehand, especially when you do it someplace that your boss can hear (or read) you. Just a little knowledge bomb for ya. :-P

    1. $699

      1. Is that a guess, or do you have a source?

        1. I just called 3 T-mobile stores & they have no clue. They just said probably similar to the Galaxy S3. So to answer you question…confirmed ? That would be a…No.

          1. Well,I am going to assume about $650 then…way to do the homework, Thomas.

          2. Galaxy S3 32GB was $699.00 at launch…FYI

          3. Great source of information… call a carrier and ask for the sim free price!
            Try calling an indie phone store!

    2. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1271-samsung-galaxy-note-2/page__st__220__p__58620#entry58620

      That’s about the most concrete thing I’ve seen anywhere for any of the carriers. I don’t know that guy from a hole in the ground, but he seems to be well-regarded on that forum.

      If they get too cocky with retail prices, it’ll just push people to ETF, at which point they’re more apt to consider switching providers. If I can ETF and still net out cheaper, why wouldn’t I? Some may say that would invalidate the point about paying retail to keep unlimited data; that’s fine, but some have multiple lines to choose from when deciding to ETF.

      … and yes, I’ve turned ETF into a verb. :-)

      1. Hey, now can I tell people to go ETF themselves? O.o

        1. Sounds good.

    1. OMFG…That is GIF is so awesome….DEAD!!!!!


  5. Nice smartphone, but sheez 5.5inches!!!!!! Dang!!!

    1. It’s actually “skinnier” than the original Note. :)

      1. What are the full dimensions and weight?

        1. 5.94 x 3.16 x 0.37 inches
          Weight 6.34 oz

    2. or nice tablet only 5.5 inches sweet can be used as a smart phone.

  6. I think I just good a hard on. MAN! I’m so ready to buy this device.

  7. Verizon ? Hello ?

    1. You’ll be waiting the longest, watch.

      1. Bloatware alert and of course they will make their must have changes to make the phone less fun until rooted and rommed. after 3 months of waiting for that as well

      2. lol

  8. OMFG…Chris we are lusting together…Staring at each other….Ummm is that like weird or something??!! o.O

    1. Are you feeling what I’m feeling? O_o

      1. Yessss!!!!!!

          1. SCREAMS-n-FAINTS!!!!!

      2. Get a room!! xD

        1. Jealous :p

  9. I will be leaving Sprint’s crappyness and going to Tmo to get this. But since I will for surely have to pay an ETF, I will wait for those lovely holiday sales. LoL!!

    Can’t wait!!

    1. Same boat here. I have tmobile but will go to Verizon in December. Hoping for a holiday sale on the note 2. Now to resist the urge to by the note 2 until then:-(

      1. Grr!! IKR!? Just watch different unboxing and review videos and it feels like you actually have the phone.

    2. or wait a week and get it on Sprint?

      1. I said that Sprint is crappy. Why would I get it on Sprint? LoL!! They’re network is horrible. My friend with Simple Mobile has more 3G coverage than me. And I don’t want to take the risk of trusting Sprint in having a reliable LTE coverage. Am I suppose to believe that Sprint has LTE if they don’t even have 3G in certain areas? Or I should say their 3G is lyk .1Mbps in most areas I’m in. Tmo will give me 2G at least giving me .5Mbps speeds.
        Hope you enjoyed my rant. LoL!!

  10. This is the ONLY android phone that has the right NOT to be a Nexus. And if this was the iPhone 5, I’d say Android is dead. Seriously, this phone is just that good. After seeing this video, I am not even thinking about the Nexus phones coming out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6OSBxT9DQU&feature=player_embedded

    1. I know, right?!

    2. ” And if this was the iPhone 5, I’d say Android is dead.”

      1. He meant it as iPhone is so far behind Android right now.

        1. Thank you!

      2. Don’t worry iPhone 15 won’t have half the features this has. I said what I said, because of the sheer popularity of the iPhone and its following would have a frenzy if this was the iPhone 5, and media would crown it as the greatest thing mankind has ever seen.

    3. Kinda crazy that I feel the same way. I think the only phones that should be a non nexus device are those that bring something to the table like the s-pen. Unless your are doing something so specific that it needs a skin they should just leave Android alone. Give consumers a blank slate and let them customize the way they choose. Throw you skin into the Pay store as an option and call it a day already.

      1. Totally agree with you.
        I don’t even understand why they don’t put their stuff on the market anyway, perhaps someone wants the Note II but also wants some of HTCs widgets, HTC get nothing as is, whereas they could get SOMETHING given they’ve made the thing anyway.

        1. I’ve always longed for those HTC widgets when I stopped using HTC (blame the Thunderbolt).

          1. Indeed, I’m on an HTC phone, but it’s CM’d.
            Check out factory widgets https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Factory+Widgets#?t=W251bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLDIxMiwiZmFjdG9yeS53aWRnZXRzLlN0YXJUcmVrQ2xvY2tTZXQiXQ.. they do some good clones.

          2. Thank you soooo much, I just found my favorite widget thanks to you, the motorola circle widget.

    4. I agree in that I’m not looking at Nexus phones now because I’m spoiled by my s-pen and knowing what’ll be on the Note 2 and the stuff Samsung put on the GS3. #nerdgasm

    5. you will when Sammy drops support for it for the note 3 and older nexus devices are still getting updates. no matter cool any new phone is theyre just not as future proof as nexus devices. just saying. awesome device tho.

  11. I hope the 32GB or 64GB Titanium grey will be available on launch date. I’m buying the thing for full price.

    1. I have the horrible suspicion that there will only be a 16Gb version available on all carriers….partially mandated by the carriers to push more data usage due to cloud storage and also partially due to keep the perceived pricetag “low” and no sticker shock on retail shelves. I really, really want a 32Gb or even 64Gb Note 2 across the board but I am afraid it’s not going to happen domestically. Look how much more popular the SIII 16Gb is across all carriers in comparison to the 32Gb SKU. Apple seems to be the only company that actually gets people to buy their higher-capacity offerings. Android users seem to always want the cheapest-available option.

      1. Go buy a 64 gb sd card on Amazon for $43……problem solved. 80 gigs is plenty

        1. or I could have a 64GB phone with a 64GB card in it. 128 is plenty.

          1. Or you could carry around 10x4TB USB drives
            128GB in a phone, pfft I say!

      2. That CANNOT be true, the carriers reason for scraping unlimited data was because the strain on the network was unfair for some people and why data prices are so high.
        You trying to say the carriers lie dude? :o

  12. HTC G2… you been my friend and my companion for two faithful years, but starting Wednesday your caretaker will be my 9,6, and 4 yr old sons.

    1. You’re going to regret not putting it away somewhere safe so you can take it out and play with it and reminisce whenever you want…get the kids a puppy instead. ;-P

  13. Tips from AndroidPolice: $600 for International Version 16GB White

    But you only get 2G on T-Mo. And if you’re lucky, T-Mo has some limited 1900 freq in few area.

    1. oh how i wish that listing was for a tmobile note 2…i woulda bought it right now. haha

  14. T mobile usually has great sales after the midnight hour. Also look for deals on black friday and cyber monday.

  15. Why so late to release in the states?
    Had in the UK for a couple of weeks atleast already, had a play on one last week in store.
    You lot generally get stuff before us, sometimes many months early.

    1. US carriers ruin everything, that’s why.

      1. I KNEW there was someone other than my parents to blame for this face!

  16. Galaxy S3 or bust dammit!


  17. $370? Why such a huge initial cost? Especially when the REAL cost hits you when you get your first monthly bill, and then the next monthly bill, and the next ….

    By the way, it is already available for under $300 elsewhere.

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