Motorola Provides List of Eligible Devices For $100 Trade-In Program – Updates Jelly Bean Release Schedule As Well


It was last month during the Motorola’s Droid Razr HD/M announcement that the “new” Moto mentioned they would be giving their customers stuck with devices that would never see Jelly Bean, a $100 credit for their doomed existence. What Motorola failed to dive into were the details on exactly which of their older devices would be perpetually stuck with Android 2.3 and/or 4.0. Well, that and exactly how they planned on dishing out this $100 credit.

Today, it looks like they’ve provided a list of their now ancient devices eligible to be traded in for that $100 credit — you know, the ones that will never see Android 4.1 Jelly Bean — and a list of devices that must be upgraded to, covering a range of Moto devices on Sprint, AT&T and of course, Verizon. Unfortunately, this offer is only good in the US, although Motorola plans to make it available in other regions down the road. See the list of devices below.

You must currently own one of these You must purchase one of these

Now, to go along with all that, Motorola also updated their schedule on current devices in line to receive the J-Bean, with their entire Razr family making the cut, along with yes, even the Droid 4 and Bionic slipping in there (though no reference on even a general time frame). It’s all pretty black and white (and red). Take a look.

For those looking for a haggle-free way of trading in their old Motorola devices without having to deal with unsavory characters on Craigslist, you can visit Moto’s trade-in site here.

[Inside Motorola | Motorola Forums]

Via Droid-Life, TheVerge

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  1. Only one problem. I have no appetite for owning another Motorola after my one year old Photon 4G never got an update to ICS. Keep your credit. I am dumping this phone and you too!

  2. the question is, what’s the point? moto has screwed up so many times everyone’s lost count. some B2B of those phones can fetch for much more $$ if sold by user.

  3. So, not only did a LOT of people get hosed out of ICS/JB, you have to switch carriers/ETF to take advantage of the $100 credit & surrender your phone for trade-in?

    WOW, yeah,that sounds more than fair & equitable………

    Honestly,did the decision makers @ MOTOROLA eat the bad acid @ WOODSTOCK or what?

    1. U don’t have to switch carriers or eat an etf. you just buy a moto phone off contract and get 100 off

  4. OK, I see, you don’t have to switch carriers. The way the list is formatted led me to believe so.

    But still, if you’re on SPRINT, you got the biggest hosing out of the bunch. And I stand by my previous statement regarding MOTOROLA & bad acid @ WOODSTOCK.

  5. I had an Atrix 4g and got hosed, now I have a shiny new s3. I am not going back to Motorola because of this.

  6. MOTO has this FRIDAY SURPRISE @ quitting time routine down pat. Wonder what’s next a couple of FRIDAY’S from now…..

  7. @JEFF

    Same here,switched from the MO’PHO to the SGS III. Wonder how many THANK YOU cards SAMSUNG should send to MOTOROLA?

  8. Already sold my Atrix 4G for $175 on eBay. A $100 voucher is insulting. Bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. I’m never buying a Motorola product again!

  9. I’ll stick with my RAZR for now, but just wanted to say that there’s only one reason that could make me buy another Motorola phone – only if Google say they are taking over the control of Motorola mobility completely and irreversibly.

  10. moto suckered me in once, it isn’t going to happen again

    and no amount of nonremovable batteries, locked bootloaders, and last year’s technology is going to change my mind …

  11. why is a triumph offered? one prepaid alwaysnprepaid

  12. Thanks!
    I’m looking forward to the updates on my Bionic.

    Just don’t expect another dime from me in the future, Moto.

    1. Your getting Jelly Bean on a phone over a year old that was never promised it while it was sold by Verizon and yet you say “don’t expect another dime from me in the future, Moto.”? Really?

      1. You know, you make a good point, and it’s difficult to admit that.

        They ARE making good. Also, the Google influence has yet to show itself in future releases, but for my first Android smartphone after initially having a few Android tablets the experience has been…disappointing. I guess that’s why I come off bitter.
        If Moto makes another phone that I end up getting, I’ll cop to it, if for no other reason but to have something mildly interesting to comment about. ;)

  13. cool….d3 is worth more dead than alive….thanks mototots

  14. Finally, a little Bionic love! :)

  15. I will be sure to steer potential customers away from Motorola. Horrible support. Not even updates for minor bug fixes.

  16. Why would I ever consider another Motorola product after they broke their repeated promises for updates to my Photon 4G. I even waited to purchase my phones (yes, I bought 3 so the whole family would have the same phone) until after the updates were announced. I figured the Motorola / Google partnership would take care of me. My next phone will be from that other US phone company that actually updates all their phones with every release!

  17. The title of this article should be “Motorola provided us with a list of devices they no longer give a f*** about and wont be updating”.

    1. Well it’s better than them doing nothing at all. None of these OEMs are obligated to support devices outside of critical security and stability fixes. I’m not saying they should be let off the hook, but Motorola could have just as easily left us in the dark and forced users to go the ROM route to get the latest and greatest.

  18. So, those who got stuck with a Droid 3 because they wanted a keyboard can’t even step up to the Droid 4? Thanks. Bye Moto.

  19. I have a RAZR and soon to be Maxx HD.

    The Atrix 2 being on this list is insane. Same internals as the Bionic and RAZR, and it cant get updated? Like your phones Moto….but whats up with this?

  20. Once burned, twice shy…. no more Motorola for me!

  21. Chris – are you doing an Optimus G full review soon?

  22. So what they’re saying is I can’t dig out my Cliq XT and trade up? Shucks….

  23. Let’s see you lock my boot loader with your last update to the Photon 4g. Which I like an idiot allowed because of your promise of ICS then tell me you decided not to update it after all. While going on to say “Hey buy another of our phones and we’ll give you $100” Why don’t you just throw some KY in with that statement because that’s what you’ve done to us….

  24. So, just got the RAZR m in the mail- upgrading from D3. Wonder if I can still get the refund?

  25. I have an droid x2. So with the $100 gift card(can pay next bill with), what should I get off contract?
    razr M=450
    Hd razr= 500
    Hd razr maxx=550

    or wait for lg nexus for 600?-700?. What did the samsung nexus cost off contract when it came out?

  26. I have grown quite fond of my Photon 4G over the past year. I bought it because of its specs screen size and it’s cool design that set it apart from the other candy bars. I hope there’s another phone released soon that’s at least as eye catching

  27. so if you’ve got a device released in 2012, running gingerbread, and is on neither list… what’s that mean for you? (Defy XT – XT556)

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