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It wasn’t too long ago I told you guys about an accessory for your Android device that, when combined with the power of your Sony PlayStation 3 Sixaxis controller, transforms your device into a self sustained mini-console. It’s called the GameKlip and I know I wasn’t the only one anxious to get my hands on one. Many of our readers were also intrigued by the idea of the GameKlip, even though some were a bit more apprehensive about throwing down their hard earned money on a piece of plastic. Would it even work? How do you get the Sixaxis controller paired with the Android device? These are all questions I’ll be in answering in my review for the GameKlip.


When you order your GameKlip, it will arrive inside a simple ziplock bag and if you’re real lucky, Ryan French — the guy who makes the GameKlip — will even throw in a complimentary roll of sweet tarts. It’s a nice, down-home touch and reminds you this ain’t some big, cold, corporate corporation that just wants your pennies into their bucket.

The GameKlip is available only for a handful of devices (detailed on their site) and comes in 2 versions — wired and wireless. The wired version works out-of-the-box with a few Android devices and quickly connects your device to the Sixaxis controller via a USB on-the-go cable. Once connected, everything will/should work like magic without the need for root or other funny business.

The wireless model, however, is a bit more tricky. Wireless requires a separate paid application from the Google Play Store (not in any way affiliated with GameKlip), another program you’ll need to install on your computer (to pair the controller), and root permissions on your device in order to get everything up and running. It was a long drawn out process and definitely not the most user friendly set up ever. But as I mentioned in my review video, can’t knock the GameKlip for a finicky app they didn’t create.

Design and Build Quality

I can’t stress this enough: the GameKlip isn’t being massed produced by some large accessory manufacturer like MadCatz or Nyko. Definitely more of a mom n’ pops operation, think of this more like that old timer who grows and bottles his own jam at the county fair. When it comes to build quality, essentially the GameKlip is a big hunk of crude plastic, molded to fit onto a PS3 controller, without clasps to secure your phone to it. There are no moving parts or joints, it definitely wont fit in your pocket, it’s not the best quality plastic, there are no soft touch finishes or padding — just a simple solution that solves a problem with Android gaming. So how well does it function? Let’s get to that.

The top of the GameKlip where you’ll be mounting your device features felt along the clasps to keep the plastic from scratching your device, and to provide for better hold. I can’t help but wonder if rubber wouldn’t have been better suited, but the felt gets the job done (just barely). The glue that holds the felt into place is far from permanent and it’s easy to imagine that somewhere in the future, they’ll fall off and get lost forever. Of course, replacing the felt isn’t exactly difficult and just about everyone’s got some super glue in a junk drawer should it ever come to that. I didn’t like how some of the gooey glue transferred onto my device, but it came off without too much fuss so it’s hardly worth mentioning.

The only real problem I had with the GameKlip’s design is that it didn’t hold onto the Galaxy Nexus as shown in the creators promo video (using a different device). GameKlip’s website has you choose your specific Android device for best fit, but that didn’t seem to matter much when it came to the Galaxy Nexus. The left handle of the GameKlip was never able to get a very good hold of the Galaxy Nexus (where the top of the device tapers off and gets really thin) and with a little shake, the Nexus slips right out of the GameKlip. The only time this would ever be a an issue is if holding the controller and device upside down, which unless you’re a trapeze artist — will probably be a rare occurrence.

Again, it’s only because of the odd shape unique to the Galaxy Nexus that this was even an issue, but could have been easily been fixed if the grips were just placed up a little higher on the device and/or made of rubber. Keep it upright and all’s fine.


For those that don’t want to be bothered by the hassle of carrying around (or losing) a separate USB dongle, wireless is definitely the way to go. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before — you’re going to need a rooted Android device for it to work. If yours fits that bill, the Sixaxis controller can be paired using a variety of methods and with a few apps found in the Play Store. None are really as simple as “install and go,” with most requiring the downloading of separate software to a desktop computer in order to pair the controller with your phone or phablet. Ultimately, going wireless involves more steps and some additional money as well; given apps like “Sixaxis Controller” cost around $2 to download from the Play Store. Stay tuned for a full walkthrough video and post in the future for getting everything set up (I’ll also update this review with the video).


While the GameKlip is far from perfect, in a way, it’s almost not meant to be. It’s simply a quick and easy solution for Android gamers who need a little more precision from their smartphone while gaming on-the-go. Really, the the design and concept of the GameKlip can only go up from here. Can’t say I would be surprised to find other, big named manufacturers jump on a similar design of their own. Honestly, I’d recommend the GameKlip to anyone who plays more than the occasional Angry Birds on his phone. If this review sold you on the GameKlip, you can get your own — $15 for the wireless, $22 for the wired w/dongle) via the GameKlip website (linked below).


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now available in the UK from Three, O2, and Vodafone

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  1. Funny how I just bought this 5 minutes before you made the review. What really sucks is the 17 bucks I had to pay to get it shipped here to Chile. I hope it’s worth it.

  2. You can get a Galaxy Nexus in white??? I want one . . .

  3. I bought one for my Galaxy Note I717 and I love it. I use it almost every day to play Shadowrun, Dead Trigger, Nova or Modern Combat. As you can probably tell, I like to play first person shooters, the only problem is I hate touch screen controls. The GameKlip has completely changed my gaming experience on my phone. The Six Axis Controller app costs a couple bucks, but it is well worth the cost to be able to pair a PS3 wirelessly to your phone. I highly recommend this product for mobile gamers.

    P.S. for other Note owners out there, I did a review of this product a while ago on XDA which shows a couple of Note specific issues that the GameKlip has. Link =

    1. I was thinking of getting one, being a note user you made my decision that much easier ;)
      I’m going to get 2 one for the note and the other for the note 2

  4. I believe this is a better option, all be it, more expensive.

    1. This is a good option. However the whole idea here is using your sixaxis /dualshock controller you currently own! :)

  5. I believe the Sixaxis has been replaced by the Dualshock 3 for quite a few years, I assume it works with both.

  6. My only problem with the gameklip is not the gameklip itself but the amount of games that actually work with it besides emulator, there’s less than ten

    1. You mean work out of the box with the separate app? Yeah, you have to go in and map it yourself which is a huge hassle :/

    2. I really wish more game devs would see the potential of adding built in support for dual shock 3 pads. At least Mad Finger games have a controller option and a very simple button mapping setup. I just wish Gameloft would see the light.

  7. Have the wireless one for my Nexus. LOVE IT. Gotta get one for my S3 now bc it falls out. haha

  8. Nice review thx Chris
    Alrdy bought the USB otg cable so with the galaxy s3 I just need the $15 clip
    Very cool!

    1. I have this for the One X and my only gripe with it is the clip covers the headphone socket meaning I can’t clip the phone in fully if I want to use it with earphones. Other than that, no complaints, it’s a totally simple, yet genius idea and the Ryan guy was a gent when I had some queries too.

      I paid more to ship it to Scotland than I did fur the actual clip itself, but it’s still more than with it. :)

      1. I meant that too be a standalone comment, not a reply to yours. Sorry!

      2. Hmm I wonder has anyone tried the otg cable with BT headphones?

      3. Can you not flip the phone over? I don’t have a One X so I don’t know where the jack is.

  9. I love my GameKlip! (albeit it holds my One X just a bit crooked)

  10. It seems like they support samsung well so I’m guessing the Note 2 will be supported. Definitely on my buy list. does anyone know if six axis/dualshock 3 is compatible with minecraft pocket?

  11. In completely unrelated news, a vulnerability in the Android OS was uncovered where users would unknowingly activate a malicious code by clicking on what appears to be a phone number, after clicking it, it activates a code that will wipe your device. No Android device was able to tell the difference between phone numbers and USSD. Google has issued a fix, although I’m not sure how many, if any devices received the fix yet. For those who would like to read more information, I came across it here:
    EDIT: It was brought to my attention that this was covered a week ago regarding TouchWiz, not sure if the same info applies as I missed it in the blogosphere because at the time, I was working and internet, phone calls, photos, texting and any outside communication was restricted.

    1. Same thing, already covered. Move along.

    2. My Galaxy S3 is on the stock firmware. Never taken an update and it’s not vulnerable. I checked with the test site. Plus this is old news and there are apps that can protect against it and other workarounds.

  12. They should make the clip adjustable so you can use it for anything from 4″ to 7″, or at least from 4.3″ to 5.5″. I don’t want to buy a new clip for every new smartphone I buy.

    Design wise it shouldn’t be hard at all to make it adjustable. They either didn’t think of it or want you to buy more clips from them.

    1. Like I mentioned in the review, small time operation not a big corporation. He literally made these in his basement. But I’m sure a bigger accessories manufacturer will jump on this idea and make a foldable/adjustable one. Would be nice :)

      1. That, and it would be more expensive/less compact. $15 is pretty cheap… if you want, I’m sure he can make you one that you can attach your own dock/phone grip to.

  13. This is why I love my Galaxy S3, it sorts the DualShock 3 and Sixaxis controllers natively. Plug in Vita USB and play controller enabled games.

    1. One bad thing about the One X is there is no native support. Between the game pounding the processor/GPU, the screen on, and the bluetooth, my One X loses battery life even when plugged in 0__o. I’m sure bluetooth isn’t the biggest drain, but it sure isn’t helping.


  15. Hey Chris, have your balls dropped yet? You sound like a very girly 15 year old boy. LoL!!! I wouldn’t waste money on crap like that. PEOPLE! THINK FOR A MINUTE. How childish would a grown man look playing with something like this especially when car pooling or catching the train? Answer: VERY. You wouldn’t catch me dead with some crap like that and is the main reason I am waiting for Ouya to come out than gaming for Android will actually be fun. Good luck to the fools who purchased that stupid peripheral. I guarantee it will be in most peoples drawers and closets by the end of the month. LOL WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY HA!

    1. So you are calling people who game on the train childish, but you hang out at home playing console games?

      Let me hear more about how grown up you are.

    2. Just because your a judgmental @$$ doesn’t mean everyone else is.
      I personally don’t think less of anyone for gaming on their phone. It’s actually a rather common sight these days.

  16. FYI, just buy the wired version. You can then temporarily hook up the USB cable to your phone and controller, and bind over USB within the SixAxis app on the phone… no need to do all this “desktop application” bull. I’ve never used my computer to bind my controller to my GS3/N7, just the OTG cable. Super simple…

  17. When they start making games that are worth playing I might consider buying this.

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