Pink Galaxy S3 Unveiled For South Korea – Targets Women and Men Confident In Their Masculinity


Samsung has unveiled an all new color of their flagship Galaxy S3 line, this time rounding their lineup in an all new pink hue. I suppose you can also call it “salmon” seeing as how Samsung hasn’t officially named the color just yet (previous colors were called things like Garnet Red, or Marble White). This brings the grand total up to 7 colors that the Galaxy S3 is now available in. Pretty impressive for those that like their options, and if you’re an Android officianado, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a pink color option presented by Samsung (and wont be the last) but when it came to other pink devices, those never made it anywhere near the states. We’re not positive, but we’re sure the same will go for this model as well. But you never know. Any men in the audience who’d love to have pink as a color option when buying their next smartphone?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. i just preordered the red itouch 5….

    1. 1/10 that’s the best I can do.

      1. The red itouch 5 is too damn sexy haha. Beside, gaming and music on itouch will help my gn save battery life.

        1. You have a nexus 7 and you are buying an itouch?

          1. Gn = galaxy nexus. I don’t like tablet because it can’t fit in my pocket haha.

          2. Ditto. Not into tablets at all. The PadFone 2 is intriguing and probably the only way I’d ever consider a tablet purchase.

            But I’m also thinking I will ask for the iPod Touch for Christmas that way I can have the best of both worlds. Android for my phone, and iOS for gaming : )

          3. #NoToBoycottApple

          4. THE SHAME!

          5. i feel betrayed.

          6. Weren’t you the one that posted the article about boycotting Apple on G+?
            What happened to that?

          7. I posted articles to them, but nobody is boycotting Apple. Nobody.

          8. Sadly, you’re right.

          9. I am very disappointed in you, young man. Shame on you, Christopher Aloysius Chavez.

          10. Wow dude

          11. How about Vita for gaming?

          12. I already own the Vita and 3DS. I have a problem =/

          13. Funny… my Nexus 7 fits in my back AND front pants pockets. Not PERFECTLY, mind you, but well enough that I carry it around every day and, personally, don’t have a problem with it.

            Even so, I guess each device does have its strengths and weaknesses and NO device can be everything for everyone.

          14. It seems that those of us that wear our pants like they are supposed to be worn, and not all feminine and ball hugging are in the minority all of a sudden, suppose a pink one is good, they would also be the “manly” bunch to buy it

          15. Wicked… but funny…

            …because there’s a certain degree of truth. :-D

          16. Yeah, maybe there has been some progress so that there are enough men, who are not so insecure and so foolish as to believe women are weaker, that they can buy a pink phone if they like it.

          17. Women weaker? That’s crazy talk. Some of the strongest figures in my own life and in the history of mankind, as I see it, have been and continue to be women. Without women whispering in the ears of some of the greatest male historical figures behind the scenes and/or calling them out in public, what passes for civilization in this fuster-cluck of a world might not even exist.

            I’ve got nothing against women. In fact, to the contrary, I genuinely love and appreciate them and respect their contribution to humanity as a whole. I’ve also got nothing against pink. Not my color, but then, I’m fashion challenged as Henry Ford and have a repertoire of favorite colors that includes any and every shade and hue of black in the known universe.

            If a dude wants to carry a pink phone, its his business. I’ve seen stranger things. I’m not concerned, much less hateful about it. Please… Loosen up those skinny jeans and try not to hate me be cause someone made a funny and I laughed. Hate me because you know enough about me to hate me.

          18. Ok, sorry I got carried away, and sorry if I offended you. Also I pretty much answered the wrong comment. And it was not my intent to target any specific individual; I don’t know any of the commenters, and I would be a fool to judge based on a few comments. You seem to be one of those men do not believe women weaker (also I never said you weren’t :-).

            I don’t get the thing about the jeans, though (it could be a cultural reference I am missing, since I am not a native english speaker or because I don’t own even one pair of jeans).

            Thanks for answering and for keeping a civil tone even though I obviously came across as a lot more offensive than I intended.

          19. The skinny jeans comment just means let’s please keep it light and not get too serious or be hostile. Its just a phone and there’s no need for us to get crazy and rude and hostile about it. Its really no problem. And although I did use the words hate, you didn’t really come off as hateful, so let me apologize for that. I made a poor choice in wording. In fact, I posted another comment but deleted it because the issue is really not that serious and I’m not really offended. Just always up for a little bit of debate. That’s all.

          20. Thanks for the clarification. I agree a phone is nothing to get upset about. The reason I responded so fiercely is that I live in a country that, according to the UN, is the most equal in the world, and still I see great inequalities every day. Having three daughters it makes me angry and it friggin breaks my heart to know they will not be given the same possibilites as they would have had they been boys; I am a bit sensitive about these things.

          21. Well… I TRIED to delete that second comment. It didn’t work. So, there’s a lesson in this for me. Sometimes you can’t take it back.

          22. By the way. I read this article then forwarded it to my wife because she loves pink and I thought this development might possibly pique her interest and lure her away from her iPhone….

            Are you going to assume its because I blindly and ignorantly hate Apple and iPhones or could it be that I’m simply not interested in constantly being tech support for two different OSes and their various iterations?

  2. damn…..my Mom would so convert from her iPhone for this……she has been on the fence but this would do it!!!! Sammy need to get this to the U.S.

  3. since im very confident in my masculinity i would NEVER get a phone that was pink.

    1. Which kind of is a stereotypical characteristic of a man insecure in his masculinity. People sure of themselves would not be afraid to show traits commonly associated with women. So, given your comment, you seem concerned that you are seen as masculine rather than being sure of who you are. I would not mind having a pink phone, I don’t care that others might think it girly or whatever, because if they think it’s bad to show feminine traits if you are a man they are idiots anyway.

      1. except men today dont display feminine traits because of gender security. quite the opposite actually. they do it out of cowardice and shame in this post-modern, emasculated society masculinity is looked at as bullheaded and sexist. feminism has taken over and everything is backwards.

        why even mention that a pink phone is for “men confident in their masculinity”? its all a result of the butch feminist movement of the post-modern era. look how TV shows portray the man of the house. weak, stupid, incapable, gay. guys wanting a pink phone is the side effect of that mentality of men looking down on and being afraid of their masculinity. most men dont know what it means to be man anyway.

        and i love salmon, just not as a phone color.

        1. Perhaps you should not have dropped out of high school.

    2. It’s not pink…. it’s salmon O_o

      1. Not how I make salmon. I take cumin, paprika, chili, salt and pepper and then I put it in the broiler until both sides are nice, black and crispy.
        I will not eat cold poached salmon with dill sauce.

    3. I love pink!

  4. Samsung had a pink flip like the original Razor and also a pink Instinct. I had them both… Just cuz they were pink. They were more metallic than this one shows. Damn, I’ve my white S3 but I’d love to get the pink one too.

  5. If it were in support of breast cancer (AWARENESS?EDUCATION/ETC) maybe. I do not want to see a man with that color phone. You couldn’t give it to me. (waits to be downgraded for her honesty)

    *who edits this many days later. ME*

    1. Your comment is bad, and you should feel bad.

      1. Futurama reference? Lol

      2. Wait, reference or not, what is wrong with the comment? Im just curious, as I didn’t see anything wrong with it

        1. nothing really, she expected to be down voted for her comment so I went with it.

    2. umm why would anyone be in support of breast cancer? I want it to be eradicated.

      1. If it was pink AND in support of the work for breast cancer awareness, health assistance and education is where I was trying to go. Ah failed once more…

  6. this will help getting many young girls to hop from iOS to Android, smart move.

  7. I need help…
    My girlfried GS3 from Sprint came out in Safe Mode, I have been tried everything reboot, master reset, take out the battery and nothing happen, it still is in safe mode. How can I put the phone back to the normal mode…?

    1. While powering it on, hold the volume up button. Hopefully that helps.

      1. Thanks, but nothing happened and the people in Sprint store have not idea…

  8. I don’t give a crap even if a dude is confident in his masculinity. What guy actually wants a pink phone?

    1. Who knows? Nokia thinks there are people on this planet who want a bright yellow phone.

  9. This was such an obvious color that I’m surprised we haven’t seen this before.

  10. Personally I love different colors for smartphones…not only do they stand out but it adds personality..or character. I like Garnett red that’s on that one subscriber. Pink is the new black bruh.

  11. Sure. It would go nicely with my pink 1955 Eldorado convertible!
    Oh wait I’m not Elvis…

  12. Sweet, guess my girlfriend can finally get a good smartphone that fit her.

  13. quite frankly my initial comment was tongue and cheek as this pink phone has nothing to do with masculinity either way.

    pink works with business dress shirts but not on a phone. looks like a barbie phone from toys r us.

  14. This post has really done a good job of illuminating the misogynistic and homohobic beliefs of the uneducated people that walk among us. If you like pink as a color, get this phone. If not, then don’t get this phone. Does it have to be any more complicated?

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