Google+ Hits New Milestone – 100 Million Active Users Per Month, 400 Million Users Total


One year since Google+ opened to the public, Vic Gundotra announced today that Google’s budding social network has now officially hit the 400 million mark in total users, with 100 million active users per month. While that number sounds impressive, it still can’t hold a candle to Facebook’s 955 million active users per month. There’s still a lot to do, and with the growing number of consumers choosing Android and finding themselves sucked into Google’s ecosystem, it’s just a matter of time before everyone you know is on Google+. Whether or not they’ll be active, is another question entirely.

How about you guys? Are you guys active on Google+ or any social network for that matter? Or has G+ begun to lose some of its luster?


Chris Chavez
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  1. and yet, none of my friends use it.

    1. I’ve been wondering why this is happening. I have like 3 friends on there, everyone else is simply refusing to leave facebook.

      1. because people already adapted to 1 social network already. the basic use of a social network is to communicate. FB and twitter offered that already. FB even got webcam before G+ came out.

        why people want another totally different social network just to chat with their friends?

        1. Plenty of reasons why not to use facebook, privacy being #1 but this is not the place or time for that discussion.

          1. so you trust google but not fb?

          2. It’s been made known that everytime you click “like” anywhere on facebook, advertisers buy those likes, and pry into them, to see what you like. As far as i know, G+ does not do this. But either way, I have moved away from G+, facebook, and twitter, they are all evil as far as i am concerned. I even disable the GPS device in my phone, which played against me once. I had my phone stolen, but i could not activate Lookout locate feature, because my GPS was disabled.

          3. wow you are sure protecting yourself from the internet. as for me, i already got an account on fb, twitter, google. they already knew everything about me. i also turned on all my gps on my phone, too. but once you are on the internet, your information will never be eased. your ISP can access it anytime they want.

          4. True, but i want to limit how much they can know about me. I am not comfortable with every single aspect of my life being stored on facebook. This is a reality for people all over the world. they are willingly exposing themselves to everyone.

        2. False. Facebook’s inferior Skype video chat solution did not come out until after Google+ was available.

          People would want another social network because the UX is really great, whereas the Facebook UX is truly horrid.

    2. They’re too busy iMessaging their iDiot friends about the iPhone 5 launch.

      DING…. DING…. DING!!

      Better answer, that’s Apple calling…

  2. i’m having a hard time getting familiar with it

    1. On behalf of Google I apologize for it being too complex for your Simpletonistic brain.

      1. Os Sorry, I didn’t say why. I’m just used to using other social apps and not many people I know have or use it so yeah

  3. Complains are from those who don’t even change their profile picture. Funny!

    1. What you mean?

  4. watch some videos and you’ll get used to it and try to use it on a daily basis. I hated posting on facebook and g+ , so I set my g+ send to twitter then to facebook and I dont even post on facebook anymore.

  5. I’ve been on it from the start. Love and and staying with it.

  6. I am googly active

  7. i freakin love google+! i use it everyday and try to get all of my friends too as well but it’s hard to convince them because not many others are on it. Eventually they will see the benefits!

  8. Managed to convince atleast 7 of my friends to use G+ after a sustained year long effort. Hangouts and privacy were the differentiating factors.

  9. Facebook… Google+ is lighting a fire under your ass… Just a little bit. Not too much longer when people will start to make the transition. That same transition that they made from Myspace to Facebook. Your day is approaching

    1. And you base these meaningless statements on what exactly?

      1. 400,000,000 users (100,000,000 active members a month) in a years time, give it time and see how many of those accounts from Facebook become inactive

        1. I’m an enthusiastic G+ user but i feel like those numbers are not so legit. It would be necessary to know what is need to define an active member and a user. Anyway i’m also hoping in G+ outplaying Facebook and more than Google Social Network i’m hoping in *Diaspora

        2. Note that all POI’s on Google Maps now take you directly to G+ after click. They say 100M/400M, but that’s probably hugely inflated. If they released a figure on what % of those users POST anything, it’s probably less than 5%

          1. The big challenge is you can only really measure public posts. I make so few public posts, most of my communication is very strictly defined within my circles.

            If you looked at me youd think I only go on there once a month and post something about Atlanta but I am actually using it quite frequently.

      2. James – that is the “exact” comments ppl made about Facebook when talking about people leaving myspace. Why couldn’t it happen again??

      3. I know you all like to downvote me but there’s no evidence at all to suggest people are going to leave Facebook and move to G+. Yes, it could happen, but there’s nothing to suggest that it will. Sure, Google+ is growing, not by much though. Just because it happened to Myspace doesn’t mean it will happen to Facebook.

  10. So Google+ is a ghost town, eh? Must be a very big ghost town.

    Seriously, though. I love Google+ but most of my friends are more active on Facebook. It’s easy getting them to join but not to be active.

  11. I can’t be active on something nobody else has. I’d literally only be blasting out posts to NOBODY I actually talk to. lol.

    1. Maybe you need an introduction to some folk?

  12. Yet practically no one I know uses it

  13. I’d been an active G+ consumer until recently. I have never been an active social media producer on any site. Lately, I’ve noticed that some posts by even well-known people get very few comments. So I may give up on G+ soon. If I do, I won’t have any social media involvement — I hate FB and I’ve never understood how to use Twitter.

  14. Growing numbers of my friends have been becoming active on it, even iphone/facebook types I know have been dabbling because people they know are starting to use it too. Seems to me to be picking up momentum, but that’s just in my circles. No pun.

  15. If you’re gonna hand the nsa all your pictures willingly you might as well be on Facebook lol just kidding, big brother is a myth

  16. No offense Chris, but as far as public posts go, you’re kind of dead on g+ also. I check it daily and I’m following you but kinda disappointed on updates from you what’s up with that?

  17. G+ is far better than FB .. it may look like a ghost town to many who do join, and that’s because people don’t see everything that is posted in streams or individual circles. And that’s the beauty behind it all. I’ve been active on there for a year already and have made and met lots of people in real life, had a few good meet ups and parties too. As such, we dumped FB a long time ago.

  18. I’m on G+ and really like it. It’s not without it’s problems but far fewer than facebook. I still use facebook but mainly to receive profile pictures for my phone and also to receive event invites from friends.

  19. I enjoy G+ a lot more than Facebook but it has been slow getting people off of Facebook. I’ve taken weeks off of Facebook due to their horrible app, but can’t fully cut the cord.

  20. I use Google+ almost exclusively. I try to remember to cross post on Twitter, but I usually forget. I refuse to get a Facebook account, so that’s a moot point for me.

    This has been my experience with Google+. I got an invite on day 1 and invited all my friends and family. The first couple of months, most people I invited used the service a few times a week. Then their use started dying down. Admittingly, I was also using it less. I started using the mobile app more and would post with my location. Before I knew it, I was interacting with a few local people. That continued to grow and I have made a lot of GREAT friends on there. We have done a bunch of Hangouts In Real Life that include cookouts, ball games, concerts, beer tastings, billiards, etc. Some have even become close friends and we’ve gone to each others family get togethers. When people say “none of my friends or family use it” I say “make new friends!” You might just be surprised by all the great people you will find! That said, find me on Google+!

  21. Im more active on G+ than facebook because of the hangouts and the integration with my Android phone/calendar/etc.

    I schedule all of my events and hangouts on there because updates and such update people’s google calendars. As for the typical “social” stuff like posting my last bowel movement I dont really do that on either network so Im one of the ones that could be blamed for the lack of public content on it.

  22. I use it in order to win Phandroid contests. =)

  23. I use G+ everyday, most for news, cause none of my friends use it. I post here and there, but I really don’t post much on social networks anyway.

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