[Rumor] Tipster claims Galaxy Note 2 coming to Verizon


Brief Mobile are claiming that one of their “trusted sources” has confirmed to them that the Samsung Galaxy Note II is coming to Verizon. In fact, the above screenshot has been taken by the Verizon variant, the SCH-I605. They also claim that the phablet will make its way to all the major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Bell, and Sprint.

Personally, I’m not surprised. Though only AT&T picked up the Note last year, it still managed a significant amount of commercial success globally and is now on par with the Galaxy S III in terms of importance to Samsung. Though I’m not a fan of the device (I’m still struggling to adjust to the One X’s screen size) I’m really looking forward to seeing the sales numbers come in for the Note II.

While it’s tough to match the latest iPhone’s individual sales, I really hope the Galaxy S III and the Note II combined can come in the vicinity. If Samsung’s flagship devices can match Apple’s in terms of sales, it would be a big, big boost to both Samsung and Android as a whole.

[Brief Mobile]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. This will be my phone HANDS DOWN if it comes to Verizon. I am willing to fork over $800 to get this thing (since if I use my upgrade I lose my unlimited 4G)

    1. Hell y’all I’m waiting for this thing

    2. If it comes to verizon and xda gets it unlocked and some roms up and running on it ill definitely be getting it. I love my sgs3 but I have very large hands so an even larger phone would be great.

    3. I’m in the same boat, I’ll be able to sell my RAZR maxx for 300 then only have to fork over 400$ more for the note II

      1. better sell your maxx now b4 the hd version comes out

    4. I was just saying…my next phone will definitely be the Note 2 or something like it and I hope it comes to Verzion.

  2. It’s pretty cool to see 2 high end phones that are on all the carriers. Motorola and HTC better wake up.

    1. Carriers determine which phones they want on their networks, it’s not the other way around.

    2. I’m sure Moto going forward will change. It’s hard to alter your current product pipeline without completely scratching 6-9 months worth of phones.

  3. I think it’s safe to say Sammy is going to try and get this bad boy out to all carriers in a timely manner. I hope I’m not jumping the gun when I say that. I personally don’t want the device but it’s still a good thing to do that.

    1. They did it with the galaxy s3. So I can see them doing it with this phone. This is prob why T-Mobile stopped selling their galaxy note after just weeks

  4. I don’t care if Verizon is getting it. I’m still leaving them for T-Mobile when it comes out. At least they won’t rape me like Verizon is.

    1. Tmo’s got great pricing and unicorn-powered customer service. But coverage, though better than Sprint, is a fraction of Verizon’s or AT&It’s.

      1. They have great coverage where I’m at so that won’t effect me. And if I’m traveling anywhere, such as camping, I have no desire to bring my phone with as it seems to ruin the experience.

        1. Yeah that Nexus 7 ad bothered me a little. If you can’t survive your own backyard then you need to get out more.

        2. If you are in a T-Mobile coverage area, their service is great. My friend can almost get LTE speeds on HSPA+. It’s impressive.

          The only reason I won’t go T-Mo is because I travel outside of good T-Mo coverage regularly, so it would be a problem.

          Here’s to hoping Sprint LTE roll out picks up.

    2. T-Mobiles cheap. But Verizon has better service.

      1. No unlimited plan on verizon.

      2. Depend on the area you are in… I have VZW and their service not better than Sprint where I`m working or inside my house. But that`s not mean any of the three carriers are bad.

    3. T-Mo makes you add data to a line if you do an alternate upgrade with a smartphone that does not previously have data (in other words, both lines have to have it), and if you make any plan change, they renew the entire contract for two years, and have allowed their network (which was at one time tops) in our area to fight with Sprint for worst. They’ve also laid off the vast majority of their call centers as well as all TMo reps (and their supervisors) to third party agents. Any guy seems great before he slips ya a roofie.

  5. Let the carrier wars begin. The Note 2 will be an ALL IN ONE DEVICE! No need to carry a tablet and phone.

    1. I’m thinking about selling my nexus 7 when the note 2 comes out. Plus when I sell my RAZR maxx I should almost have enough to buy the phone outright .. whoop

  6. Question for Verizon customers…
    If I buy a data plan for Android tablet can I put the SIM card in a Note 2 and use just the internet?

    1. while this will work on gsm carriers, AFAIK it will not work on veriziono, because its cdma based.

    2. You need GSM (International) Galaxy Note II for that

    3. I do recall some people using their phone sim on a tablet, but I don’t think it works the other way around.

  7. I think its going to all carriers similar to the galaxy s3, best way to capitalise on profits

  8. This is for Mr. Ramos, I don’t think you can. I believe the Note 2 is considered primarily a smartphone so you are going to have to go with a phone data plan.

  9. I’m willing to fork over 750 for this baby. SO EXCITED.

  10. If you get his phone you can take my money Verizon!

  11. I just bought a Galaxy S3 from Craigslist…but if this happens…

  12. The release date would be on or before the IPHONE 5 date…. What do you think guys!!!!!

    1. I hope so but I think it’ll be shortly after.

  13. Would love for this to hit Big Red.

  14. Why would Verizon want to increase sales by having the Note II? “IF” Verizon does get the Note II then I’ll stay with them, but if they don’t I’ll be leaving them at the first of the new year.

  15. The first question about the Samsung Galaxy Note II : Who carries it?

    ANS: Just about everyone. At least 5 US carriers, so far.

    The next big question now remains:

    Which of the carriers which will have the Note 2 will cripple it the LEAST? And BLOATWare is a form of crippling.

  16. Please jebus, make this true!

  17. Been waiting on this for some time, I will be leaving Big Red if they dont carry it this time round!

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