Sep 9th, 2012

Brief Mobile are claiming that one of their “trusted sources” has confirmed to them that the Samsung Galaxy Note II is coming to Verizon. In fact, the above screenshot has been taken by the Verizon variant, the SCH-I605. They also claim that the phablet will make its way to all the major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Bell, and Sprint.

Personally, I’m not surprised. Though only AT&T picked up the Note last year, it still managed a significant amount of commercial success globally and is now on par with the Galaxy S III in terms of importance to Samsung. Though I’m not a fan of the device (I’m still struggling to adjust to the One X’s screen size) I’m really looking forward to seeing the sales numbers come in for the Note II.

While it’s tough to match the latest iPhone’s individual sales, I really hope the Galaxy S III and the Note II combined can come in the vicinity. If Samsung’s flagship devices can match Apple’s in terms of sales, it would be a big, big boost to both Samsung and Android as a whole.

[Brief Mobile]

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