PSA: Classic Or Value Plan Customers Can Switch To T-Mobile’s UNLIMITED Unlimited 4G Data Plan Without Extending Their Contracts


Isn’t it silly that we can’t just say “unlimited” and have it mean what it says? In any case, T-Mobile’s recently announced unlimited Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan is now live on their official site. The new plan offers unlimited data without fear of data caps, overages or throttling. Now there’s nothing holding you back from consuming all the lewd content the web has to offer.

For those T-Mobile customers currently on T-Mo’s “classic” or “value” data plans, it may behoove you to know that you can switch to this new unbridled unlimited plan without extending your contract. I’ve just spoken with countless T-Mobile customers who successfully made the switch, and even got verification from a T-Mobile rep themselves. The more you know. (Queue the rainbow).


Chris Chavez
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  1. are you allowed to switch to it without extending your contract?

    1. I am also looking for more confirmation on this matter.

      1. It is a service add on. No contract extension required.

      2. nah u could add it up no renew contract nothing i spoked with them a week ago bout this

        1. palomo

    2. yes.

    3. no contract extension required

  2. They are trying to stay relevant, good for them! First Sprint, now T-Mob? Say Whattt??!?

    1. Any chance of this coming to prepaid?

  3. Sadly, Verizon will probably never bring back this plan.

    1. Why would they when they have millions of customers willing to pay more for less?

      1. We, as mindless consumers, only have ourselves to blame for that… and gas prices.. and inflation .. etc ..

      2. I dropped their asses this summer. I wish more would do the same.

        1. I’d drop them in a heartbeat if they had real competition in the areas that I live and travel. Rural America sucks.

  4. Any chance of this coming to prepaid?

    1. isint that the value plan

      1. No. Value plan means you get cheaper plans but they don’t subsidize your phone costs.

        1. and I was concidering getting a nexus unlocked or note2 I would not mind signing a contract with the except for they insist I owe $1000 on a bill witch is a mistake on their part but they wind let it go

  5. If only I could use my Verizon galaxy s3 on t-mobile…….

    1. if i could have done that with my nexus i would still have it well financial aid check comes next month i guess ill be buying an unlocked one unless i decide to go with the note2

  6. It’s too bad Sprint bungled up 4G with the wimax distraction otherwise they’d have a competing offering.

  7. Nice now I wonder how much tethering is going to be …anyone know if the tethering apps on google play will let me bypass this ?

    1. Supposedly, tethering is not allowed. I’m sure the apps in Google Play will work. I’m not sure how T-Mobile will try to stop it.

    2. What about those phones that have built in tethering/hot spot? I wonder if those will work?

      1. You can easily block those. My G2 had tethering blocked when I was on Tmo. Now if you root…

  8. I want to know how the author faired out. I’m a T-Mo customer eagerly awaiting a response. Thank you!

    1. so what you try a Do Ms lady? change your plan to unlimited…

  9. not truly unlimited because they dont allow tethering on the unlimited plan

    1. use foxfi in the andriod market!! problem solved

  10. I just switched from Sprint to t-mobile. this was before the unlimited plan was introduced. I called today and switched me over with no extra cost or issue. I was on the 500 minutes 5GB HSPA+

  11. When you go to T-mobile’s site it says you only get 100 MB of 4g… Doesnt seem like true unlimited to me…

    1. With all the talk and people talking about a truly unlimited plan, you didn’t think to yourself that you just may have missed something before you decided to write this?

    2. Adam… Really?

    3. it is unlimited because you can use all the data you want. you just have 100mb at 4G speeds. then your reduced to basic 2G but its still unlimited. just not truely unlimited meaning with speeds

      1. So its not unlimited, Wat’s the hoopla about?

  12. I switched this morning, no extended contract needed.

  13. As a t mobile rep.. No contract extension is required. Its just an add on feature (value is $20) (classic is $30) and yes there isn’t no hotspot/tether included with this…

    1. “isn’t no,” is that a double negative meaning there is? O.o

  14. No contract extension is needed. Its just a feature (im a t mobile rep)

  15. I got it today.. and I have 9786.4 Gb to use(that’ the limit)more than I need

    1. That sounds like you got the $65 10GB plan, not the $30 unlimited 4G plan.

      1. Can you count ? Its almost 10000Gb not 10

        1. Imagine using that all. LoL!!

        2. Can you not be an @sshole?

  16. And I can hotspots my phone (my touch 4g) no problem what do ever

  17. it’s so cute how this author keeps trying to sound smart by sneaking in “big” words

    1. “lewd” is a “big” word? O.o

  18. Does anyone know if they also created a new trulyuunlimited data plan for phones that’s not bundled with text and voice? I only use voip and Google voice. I guess the only base price would be higher but I’m willing to pay it.

    1. Yes, $30. It is the plan I am using, I also use GVoice.

  19. This is good. I’d like to have more options if I import a phone from Europe or buy a Nexus right from Google.

  20. If you are on the the old even more plus plans they make you sign a contract.

  21. see this is why competition is good.

  22. Thanks so much for this. I went from a 2gb limit, to a 9765 gig limit. yes. I get almost 10,000 gigs a month, with no contract extension

  23. Loving tmo abit more for this and for saving me five bucks per line and 20 of my bill for three months!

  24. I love T-Mobile!…good bye red(you cheated me one too many times)

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