Sep 5th, 2012

It was only last Tuesday we showed you guys the abomination that was the GooPhone. Getting the jump on Apple thanks to leaked parts and pieces, the Chinese were able to manufacture an Android-powered iPhone 5 knockoff that could easily find a home next to the bearded lady on some traveling freak show.

Well, here’s the fun part — the manufacturer of the iPhone 5 knockoff, GooPhone, has reportedly patented the design and is warning Apple that they will sue them for patent infringement in China, if the upcoming iPhone 5 resembles their newly patented design. Sounds backwards? Here’s the logic: because the GooPhone was released first and was successfully granted a patent on their design, anything that comes after is by legal definition a copy infringing on said design patent (and possibly trade dress).

This is the sort of backwards thinking, crazy-pill-taking, madness we’d expect from Apple and one could even argue it was Apple was the one who started the Patent World War to begin with. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t put a smile on my face to see the tables turned. Even if GooPhone doesn’t stand much of a chance at winning, maybe Apple will settle and they’ll get a decent buck out of it.

Thanks, bmg314!

[Giz-China | Gizmodo]

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