Samsung S Pen SDK 2.0 Now Available – Supports New Galaxy Note 2 Features


Hot on the heels of the Galaxy Note 2 announcement comes Samsung’s S Pen SDK which was just been updated to version 2.2. The updated SDK lets mobile developers dive into all the new features shown off on the Galaxy Note 2, bringing new functionality to their own apps like S Pen hovering, context awareness (like when the S Pen is unsheathed), 33 new Image Effects, and an all new calligraphy brush tip. Here’s the full list of updated features:

NEW UX Scenario: Let your app interact with the S Pen while hovering over the GALAXY Note
  • Updated SPenEventLibrary enables S Pen recognition with no physical contact (Hovering).
  • S Pen can call Hover Pointer Icon (i.e. Pen, Text, Color Picker, Color filing) with preset.
Context Awareness: Launch pre-defined features while the S Pen/Earphone is used.
  • The package information of the apps used can be recognized while the S Pen is detached or the Earphone is attached to the device.
  • A newly added SPenDetachmentListener, recognizes when the S Pen is detached. Note: This listener does not support the original GALAXY Note
Easier & Expanded Drawing: Advanced features for your creative apps
  • ‘Calligraphy Brush’ has been added to pen input; 5 brushes in total.
  • Color filling features enable users to fill with the color selected at SettingView.
  • Improved SettingView function and UI; More Pen presets, New Fonts, Mini SettingView
  • Special Effects; 33 types of Image Effects including the Scratch Effect
  • Images from SCanvasView can be cut/copied/pasted using Clipboard

To help boost development of new apps that will take advantage of S Pen functionality, Samsung also reminds developers that their Smart App Challenge is still accepting submissions until Sept 30th, with $200,000 in cash prizes up for grabs. As you can see, Samsung takes the S Pen very seriously.

[Samsung Developers | Samsung Smart App Challenge]

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  1. SAMMSUNG NOTE 2 first hands on! watch it guys!

  2. nice..

    1. cool feature… has samsung filed a patent for this? hovering thingy on touch screen gesture on a device with innovative pen.. patent # 8379 LOL

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