Blood & Glory: Legend Now Available In The Play Store – As Beautiful As It Is Violent


It was last week Glu Mobile teased us with a short video from their upcoming title Blood & Glory: Legend and today, the sequel to last year’s Blood & Glory is now ready for downloading in the Play Store. Might wanna grab a slicker, cuz it’s gonna be a blood bath.

If you’ve played the first, you pretty much know what to expect. Players engage in 1-on-1 battles with a computer controlled opponent and using carefully time button presses and gestures (ala Infinity Blade), will navigate and slash their way to victory. To progress in B&GL, equipping the right gear is the key to survival. How that’s done is by earning money by fighting more battles and — if you should choose — spending real-life money via in-app purchases to stay ahead of competition. There are daily bonuses given to players who return to the game every day and upon first boot — B&G2 will ask if you want to be notified of such deals outside of the game. Glad to see Glu learned their lesson from part 1.

Glu Mobile really out did themselves for Blood & Glory 2. Character designs and visuals are breathtaking. It’s a testament to their dev team that the game was able to look so good, yet run so smoothly on the aged Galaxy Nexus. Stories for the characters are told through a “motion comic” cinematic sequences which give the game a 300 graphic novel like feel. There’s tons of new enemies that are ugly as they are ferocious, and loads of new environments outside of the gladiator arena.

The game requires a sizeable download (it was so big, it caused my phone to crash) but once you get through the lengthy install, it’s all down hill from there. It blows my mind that mobile games are actually starting to look this good, and Blood & Glory: Legends is more than able to hold its own against visual heavy weights like Shadow Gun or Dead Trigger. Instant. Download.

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  1. Confused me with “it’s all down hill from there” lol, In England at least that means things will get worse, Google say’s it can mean thing’s will get better or worse though.

    1. hmmm
      It’s easier to walk downhill than climb uphill. On the other hand, a car that goes downhill may crash.

    2. It generally means getting worse in the United States as well. I have no idea why they would phrase it that way XD

  2. :( Incompatible with my Evo 4G.

    I need a new phone.

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