Aug 30th, 2012

You gotta give it to the Evernote development team, they’re constantly refining their Android application, providing consistent updates every few weeks or so in the Play Store. Well, they’re at it once again, this time around adding new enhancements for the few us running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with all new expanded notifications. Once a note is saved, a notification will appear where the user can further share or edit their recently modified/saved note. They’ve also added a few goodies for ICS users and below by way of performance improvements.

  • Notifications improvement [Jelly Bean only]
    – Displays thumbnails and text snippets
    – Share and edit the note from the notification
    – Groups similar notifications
  • Improved performance:
    – User interface refinements
    – Notes containing images load faster
    – Faster notebook scrolling
  • Numerous bug fixes

As my personal favorite Android app for keeping my notes organized and synced in the cloud, I recommend everyone give Evernote a try if you haven’t already. You guys can download the updated Evernote right now from the Google Play Store.

[Play Store]