Aug 28th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:16 pm

Ask and you shall receive. Maybe that’s what was going through Shane’s mind — a Canada resident and verified Samsung fan — when he commented on Samsung Canada’s Facebook looking for a free phone accompanied by a picture of an MS Paint-style fire breathing dragon. We’ve seen these guys before on various social networks. Heck, our inbox is full of people requesting free devices on the blind hope that maybe, just maybe us, or someone else will actually agree. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Well, a few months have past since Shane’s absurd (but totally awesome) request was posted on Samsung’s Canadian Facebook page, and although initially he was turned down for a free Galaxy S3 (to be fair, he was offered a pretty nifty picture of a kangaroo riding a unicycle as a parting gift) it seems Samsung’s America Jr. branch may have had a change of heart. Fast forward to today where Shane found a package on his doorstep. Inside was a custom made Samsung Galaxy S3, emblazoned with his “artwork,” not only the outside of the device, but a custom launcher background matching up with the artwork also adorning the bezel. Pardon my French but: Holy sh*t balls.

That’s right, Samsung clearly went out of their way on this one. PR stunt? Of course. Totally silly and completely unnecessary? Most definitely. And that’s what makes it so damn awesome. Now, I can’t help but wonder, would any of you guys — for an extra fee — pay to get yourselves a custom made Galaxy Nexus similar to Shane’s “RAWR” dragon? What would you put on it?


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